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Complete E-Journal Access Solutions

Complete E-Journal Access Solutions. Steve McCracken Serials Solutions, Inc. Serials Solutions. Serials Solutions helps librarians and their patrons find and use full-text, electronic journals. A-to-Z Title Lists. Single, comprehensive list of an institution’s e-journals Enhancements:

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Complete E-Journal Access Solutions

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  1. Complete E-Journal Access Solutions Steve McCracken Serials Solutions, Inc.

  2. Serials Solutions Serials Solutions helps librarians and their patrons find and use full-text, electronic journals.

  3. A-to-Z Title Lists Single, comprehensive list of an institution’s e-journals Enhancements: • Searchable by ISSN and title • New tools in Client Center & Library Resource Center • Variety of formats • Links to Ulrichsweb.com • Includes Journal Linker

  4. Journal Linker • Delivers context-specific linking – a key benefit of OpenURL resolvers • Link from an abstract, index or citation to the full-text of the journal, anywhere in a library’s collection. • Included with A-to-Z title list

  5. MARC Records Allows Libraries to include e-journals in their OPAC • Bibliographic data from CONSER • Holdings data from Serials Solutions • Extensive customization for each institution • Updated every month or every other month

  6. Data Management Services • Serials Solutions provides configuration files to significantly reduce amount of time required to configure knowledgebases. • Delivered at request of libraries and other link resolver vendors • Third party knowledgebases are customized, but are usually not comprehensive. Many differences remain.

  7. Serials Solutions’ OpenURL Resolver Full-Featured OpenURL Resolver • Accepts context-specific OpenURLs • Provides links directly to the article • Provides links to extended resources • Easy to install and maintain • Integrates with A-to-Z lists and full MARC records • Best Value • Available in May

  8. OpenURL Linking System 3. Patron selects best option for full text. Results page OpenURL Full-text Resolver Citation 2. Link resolver compares data in OpenURL with data about library’s collection. Data about your library’s collection 1. OpenURL carries data about desired object.

  9. Three Key Ingredients • Content provider participation • Key question: What types of linking do your content providers support? • Data about your collection • Key questions: Is the data used by the resolver an accurate reflection of your collection? Is it easy to install and maintain? • Resolver software • Key questions: Will it deliver the features you need and use?Is it easy to install and maintain?

  10. The Role of Data • Accurate data is critical for a link resolver to deliver real value. • Missing data requires duplicate searches, or directs patrons to more expensive and time-consuming options. • Inaccurate data leads to dead links and frustrated patrons. • Journal-level links are far more common than article. Accuracy here is critical to getting patrons to content quickly.

  11. “Garbage in, garbage out”

  12. Superior Data Acquisition Serials Solutions provides the most accurate data available Coverage of virtually every full-text English language database • More than 400 databases and more than 100 content providers Direct relationships with aggregators and publishers • Our entire database is updated every month • Non-full-text and non-serial items are removed • Embargo dates included • Best available URLs • Limited error correction -- “We aggregate data. We rely on accuracy of content providers.”

  13. Customizing Article Linker • Data is easily customized using the online Client Center • Include print holdings • Add proxy-server prefixes • Add Library-specific, journal-specific URLs for ProQuest and Gale (Sitebuilder and InfoMarks) • Edit journal holdings in “select databases” • One profile can configure your MARC records, A-to-Z list, and Article Linker • Changes in Online Client Center are updated overnight • No need to customize and maintain a knowledgebase for your library

  14. Article Linker Software

  15. Article Linker – Multiple entry points

  16. Print and Non-Linked Citations Browse A-to-Z title list or search for individual journals Select “Additional Full Text Options” or “Search for Article”

  17. Citation Searching with Article Linker Enter appropriate citation data into the citation search page. Best possible links will be displayed on results page, along with extended services.

  18. Software Hosted by Serials Solutions • All of the resolver software is hosted on Serials Solutions’ servers • No complex servers to purchase, install and maintain • No software to install and maintain • Existing subscribers install in under a day • No maintenance

  19. Future Product Development • Federated searching • One search across multiple resources • Target release date: Beta available at ALA Annual • Significant functionality enhancements for existing products • Subject Data from Ulrich’s • Many more…

  20. Business Considerations: Vendors • Link Resolvers trap data that could be useful to content providers: • A library’s database subscriptions and terms • Click-throughs to different content providers, databases, and individual journals • Link resolvers have the ability to steer patrons towards or away from specific content providers • Priority placement of links • Best available URLs

  21. Complimentary Products -- for whom? Comparison at a mid-sized academic library:Estimated price for an A-to-Z list: $2,200Estimated price for an OpenURL resolver: $7,200Estimated budget for e-journals: $100,000+ Can’t forecast what will happen, but we think this opens the door to place more power in the hands of a few content providers. “Knowledge is power.”

  22. Business Considerations: Vendors Serials Solutions is an unbiased advocate for libraries • Not a content provider. Our sole purpose is to help librarians and patrons find and use their electronic content. • Serials Solutions does not and will not provide priority placement or give content providers access to library profiles without explicit instructions from the library to do so. • Serials Solutions does not and will not provide usage information to content providers

  23. Role of Consortia • Communication Channel • Our strategy is to offer great value and products, get our information out there, and then let the libraries decide • We post features, prices and terms on our website for all to review • We do less “push” marketing than others • Communication about new features and new products • Allows travel to be more effective

  24. Role of Consortia • Administrative efficiency • Billing services • Coordination during renewals • Consortia as trusted partner for libraries • Alternate feedback loop • Monitor vendor performance

  25. Role of Consortia • Potential Pitfalls • Communication can be delayed • Prevention: “cc” field vs. “To” field in emails • Additional administrative overhead • Prevention: Minimize or coordinate subscription agreements for individual libraries • Summary: • Consortia have been critical to our success, and will continue to be an integral part of our overall strategy.

  26. Pricing List Prices: Valid through Dec. 31, 2003. • 10% discount for subscriptions of two years or more • 10% multi-product discount for MARC and Article Linker • 25% introductory discount for Article Linker until 7/31/03 • Consortia discount of 15% for 5-19 libraries • Consortia discount of 25% for 20 or more libraries • International sales handled through Bowker U.K.

  27. Serials Solutions Serials Solutions helps librarians and their patrons find and use full-text, electronic journals.

  28. Contact: www.serialssolutions.com 1 - 866 - SERIALS Steve@serialssolutions.com Peter@serialssolutions.com Chris@serialssolutions.com

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