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SJS Ltd. Electronic commerce mode PowerPoint Presentation
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SJS Ltd. Electronic commerce mode

SJS Ltd. Electronic commerce mode

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SJS Ltd. Electronic commerce mode

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  1. SJS Ltd.Electronic commerce mode Team members :朱骏、张锦文、张国良

  2. Directory • First Company profile • Second SJS electronic commerce • Third SJS E-commerce implementation status • Fourth The implementation of benefit and existing problems

  3. Company profile • SJS is a joint venture between Chinese JHPA and American SERVAgroup. It is located in Jingzhou, a well-known historical and cultural city near the Yangtze River in the central part of China. SJS limited is an integrated manufacturing and engineering company recognized for its technology and quality products. Founded in June 1992, the company has focused on developing products for the oil and gas industry by designing and manufacturing oilfield high pressure triplex and quintuplex pumps, cementing and fracturing equipments, downhole oil tools, clutches and brakes. Our mission is to develop products to service the global markets and to become the recognized leader in quality, innovation, value and customer satisfaction through the integration of the people and technology throughout SERVAgroup.

  4. SJS manufacturing plant is a complete manufacturing facility covering 23,710 square meters of shop area and 5,400 square meters of office area consisting of engineering department, machine shop, fabrication shop, assembly shop, rubber shop, electronics shop, paint shop and testing facility. To insure our constant improvement and performance is maintained, our employees are committed to extensive training programs conducted at the plant as well as at noted training centers. With team efforts, we have established ourselves as a world leader in the automatic control systems of the oilfield cementing and fracturing equipments. We are also recognized as a professional pump manufacturer for well service plunger pumps and centrifugal pumps throughout the global market. Our engineering technology, quality workmanship and customer service have helped us be able to provide a wide range of diversified products, particularly custom engineered products and systems. SJS Limited is registered under the ISO 9001 quality program and certified by DNV since 1999, We obtained API 11D1 certification for the downhole oil tools since 2005. Our TPD600 triplex pump is the first triplex pump designed for intermittent high pressure well service that has been ABS type certified after one million of cycle test at maximum rod load.

  5. SJS electronic commerce • SJS Business model • SJS E-commerce mode • SJS E-commerce support systems • SJS E-commerce system integration development system

  6. SJS Business model • SJS draw lessons from foreign petroleum equipment supplier of advanced business mode, the mode of operation and organizational structure of strategic change: change in the past mainly processing, their processing complete all parts of the traditional model, focus our business on the market, the development, test and assembly, on the organizational structure of big sales service department, engineering department, assembly department, and match with small and exquisite manufacturing department, corresponding change most of the parts to outsourcing, outsourcing, make full use of form a complete set of advanced technology and manufacturing, for social collaboration, thus make the SJS has more power in product research and development, to the introduction of a number of U.S. fully digesting and absorbing advanced technology, and combining with the characteristics of its own technology, and the characteristics of the Chinese market, improvement and innovation, to ensure the quality of products in the market of technology advantage.

  7. SJS E-commerce mode • 石油机械行业市场具有产品结构复杂,市场交货期短等特殊性,为了更好地适应市场竞争,保证配套供应、降低零件和成品的库存量,减少流通环节、降低成本,增强企业核心竞争力,SJS确立了企业内部电子商务+BtoB的综合电子商务模式,SJS通过三年的信息化改造,已经基本上完成了企业流程改造与ERP系统的导入实施与工作,建立了以ERP为核心的企业电子商务系统。

  8. SJS E-commerce support systems

  9. SJS E-commerce system integration development system • SJS in the construction of the electronic commerce system, combining the reality of enterprises and market characteristics, to a large number of secondary development and system integration work.

  10. SJS E-commerce implementation status • SJS present e-commerce system structure • SJS ERP system function structure • The relationship of ERP system and other information technology unit • The character of the SJS electronic commerce system

  11. SJS present e-commerce system structure • SJS electronic commerce system covers the enterprise's strategic management, business management and production management, achieved from outside to inside, from top to bottom of enterprise information management in an all-round way. Inside the ERP management system, through the internal interface between each subsystem design, database technology and network technology, to realize the integration of the ERP management system, information sharing and distributed processing. Through the ERP system of external interface, technical information of the external interface, network information technology is combined with human-computer interaction, implement ERP management system to share information with other systems.

  12. SJS ERP system function structure

  13. The relationship of ERP system and other information technology unit

  14. The character of the SJS electronic commerce system • The repair order design manufacturing module as the core, innovation, a lot of manpower material resources saving. • Inventory module as the key, optimize the goods classification, to stabilize the logistics support normal production. • Financial management module, in order to ensure accurate data of financial decision-making science. • Human resource management module, pay attention to the integration, and strengthen the cost analysis. • Internal integration with B2B electronic commerce mode.

  15. The implementation of benefit • Practical • Inheritance • Reliability • Open • The advanced nature SJS electronic commerce system, adhere to the principle of "appropriate is the best", not showy, not blind pursuit of the concept, the latest technology, latest too pursue the full integration of information; But the emphasis on the system is practical, according to the requirements of enterprise strategic target and the shortage of enterprise reality, and to solve them. Through a year of system implementation, the enterprise has obtained the good effect and benefits: company sales revenue grew 37%, 22 species of years to develop new products; New product ChanZhiLv by 75%; Product design cycle shortened 60%; Process design cycle shortened 50%; Product design and quality improvement, and parts of a product design success rate was improved, make a design change less 50%, management more efficient, perfect, fast. SJS in CAD/CAM and MRPII, etc have a good base for application. According to the development of the enterprise management mode, combine today's computer technology new achievement, reforming and deepening; Inheriting and fostering of the original system reasonable. SJS electronic commerce system of enterprises, design, production, procurement, marketing, personnel, inventory, quality, finance and so on each link, the system safe and reliable data, system management, monitoring, diagnosis, and in the Internet also has enough safety and reliability under the network environment. SJS electronic commerce system has good openness, can continue to learn computer technology in the enterprise application of new ideas, new techniques and new methods, and according to the requirement of enterprise development constantly improve; System upgrade is easy, not for the application. SJS electrical system design absorbs the lean production, concurrent engineering, rationalization of technology management, engineering and other advanced technology and management thinking, to develop advanced, reasonable function and technical solutions, the use of advanced design methods and tools, to realize people/organization, technology, the organic integration of information, to achieve optimization of whole enterprise. In technical reference to the United States SERVA company's advanced technology, through the secondary development localization; System based on Internet network, which can be convenient to release information and access to information.

  16. The main problems • SJS import in the electronic commerce mode and electronic commerce system construction, the problems mainly embodied in two aspects: one is the ability of raw materials and spare parts purchasing and payment online; 2 it is timely information exchange and cooperation manufacturers cannot pass system. The main cause of this problem is production involves material variety; Purchase way for small batch and specifications; Informatization level is uneven between supplier and other factors.

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