amazing facts about the legend behind cutting birthday cakes n.
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Birthday Cake | Cake Delivery In India At Best Price PowerPoint Presentation
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Birthday Cake | Cake Delivery In India At Best Price

Birthday Cake | Cake Delivery In India At Best Price

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Birthday Cake | Cake Delivery In India At Best Price

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  1. Amazing facts about the legend behind cutting birthday cakes What is the one thing that makes people excited about birthdays? Undoubtedly the answer is the cakes that one wants to gobble first in any party. Be it own or a friend or a relative, pair of eyes always find the most creamy and delicious piece of chocolate drowned cakes in any occasion. While gobbling down the biggest piece with all romantic feel, no one ever thinks that there can be an ancient history behind birthday cake cutting.

  2. Cake cutting Origin: If history sounds boring, then one should know the cakes in earlier days were even more boring to talk about. But at least we should thankful that it came into picture. What makes the cake delicious to anyone? The chocolate, melted butter, the taste of sugar coated dolls on the cakes and what not. Unfortunately all these were not there when cake cutting was started for the first time during 15th-16th century in Ancient Greece.

  3. Ingredients The main ingredients in a cake we crave for are chocolate, nuts, butter, vanilla, chocolate chips and sugar coated fruits mostly come with immense satisfaction and huge calories. However Greek inhabitants seemed to be health conscious. Originally it was cereals, grains and wine or water used as primary ingredients for birthday cake. They must have followed the quote ‘Health is wealth’.

  4. Shape Round, square, triangle, heart, batman, superman, spider man and many more shapes we see for birthday cake these days. However it was only round shaped cake that was originally made. It was the way to worship moon by the civilians. In Germany it was believed that life is a circle so when you start a new life, cut a round shaped cake.

  5. Cake Cutting Chinese civilisation and German civilisation too had celebrated cake cutting like Greek people. Mostly cakes were being cut on kids’ birthdays. It was known as Kinderfest. As people say we all have a kid inside us, we too crave for kinderfest on our birthdays too. Cake cutting depicted the celebration during 18th century when it added tastes and ingredients like nuts, fruits, essence, sugar and other mouth watering items.

  6. Candles The biggest wait while cake cutting is the time gap between ‘make a wish, blow the candle’ to ‘now cut the cake’. Those fractions of second feel like ages when you have to wait for another moment to have that piece of happiness on the table. To bring lights in your life candles were being put on the cake. Hoping you are not thinking if candles are to bring lights in life, blowing them means inviting darkness.

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