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Ideas for Children Party Themes-Online Birthday Cakes Mumbai PowerPoint Presentation
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Ideas for Children Party Themes-Online Birthday Cakes Mumbai

Ideas for Children Party Themes-Online Birthday Cakes Mumbai

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Ideas for Children Party Themes-Online Birthday Cakes Mumbai

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  1. 10 Children Party Themes We as parent are always looking for innovative ideas to make our kids Birthday Party special. We are very selective with the cake, party menu and return gifts. In this post I aim to provide you 10 unique party theme ideas. Publisher :

  2. Lego Theme Lego Theme You can use bright colors in a Lego birthday party theme. Children can sit on colorful homemade Lego boxes. You could give a Lego toy as a return gift. There are many online cake delivery shops where you can custom make your Lego birthday cake.

  3. Rainbow Birthday Theme You can play with colors right from the cake to the curtains. You can decorate candies, cookies and fruits in the shape of a rainbow. Kids love bright colors, it may be a good idea to get party hats and return gift bags in bright colors. Even paper plates, spoons and glasses can be in colors like orange, red, violet and so on to suit your rainbow birthday party theme.

  4. Water Park Theme Party No need to get expensive tickets for the water park, instead create one at home. Water pools are easily available in the market. You can ask the children to come in their swim suits. You can also have sand pits and an Ice cream stall for a beach effect.

  5. Cricket Birthday Party Theme Boys love sports and what’s better than having a cricket birthday party where children can actually play cricket in your garden. You can get 3D bat and ball cake from an online cake shop. You can replace birthday caps with cricket hat and watch your little ones have fun.

  6. Disneyland Theme Children love cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse. You can name the room you are having party as ‘Disneyland’. Children can dress up as characters from their favorite cartoon series. You can easily buy Mickey Mouse cake online.

  7. Super Hero theme You can have a theme dress party where children can dress up as their favorite super hero. You can get party superhero plates, spoons and glasses. Superman or Spiderman cakes are easily available from any online cake shop. Many cake shops will happily go the extra mile to customize your order.

  8. Art Party Theme Children love to mess around with colors. It would fund to watch them work together to make a big painting. You can have food in various colors white pasta, green cookies, blue drinks and so on. You can give away painting kit as a return gift to each child.

  9. Butterfly Garden Party Make your princess feel special with a Butterfly garden party theme. You can decorate the garden with butterfly wings. You can use little fairies as garden hangings. Butterfly shaped cakesare available online and can be delivered to your doorstep.

  10. Rock Star Party Theme If your child loves music and likes to sing you can have a rock star birthday party. You can give each child a guitar cutout which they can decorate and take away with them. Have some toy music instruments like keyboard, drum and trumpets. Kids love to make noise. The cake can be in the shape of your child’s favorite music instrument like a guitar or trumpet.

  11. Pirate Party Theme Kids love to look for hidden treasure. You can keep chocolate gold coins or cookies wrapped in golden foil as pirate treasure. You can also have a cut out of a ship with a pirate flag made for the party.

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