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India Tours and travels Inspires People to Visit PowerPoint Presentation
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India Tours and travels Inspires People to Visit

India Tours and travels Inspires People to Visit

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India Tours and travels Inspires People to Visit

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  1. Invites You!!

  2. India Tours expects to see very ten million international tourists in the approaching year. Plenty of would be the first time visitors to the country. The India tours and travel will take them to captivating hills of Shimla and Mussoorie, historically in the past significant destinations at Jaipur, magnificent forts and palaces of Rajasthan built by different rulers over the centuries in their creative but functional style, culturally rich retreats on Himalayas, & beach dwelling in coastal areas of Kerala and Goa. The adventurous zealot can be seen in the majestic Himalayan destinations at Kashmir, Shimla, KulluManali, Kalimpong, etc engrossed in sports. India Tours and travels Inspires People to Visit

  3. All tourists are not holidaymakers some are on business trip while others require checking their adrenal glands in adventure tourism. Yet others find tranquility in wildlife tourism. A few come for treatment, which is why they call them medical tourists.

  4. Religious minded come here for pilgrimage tourism. Still others come to live and breathe in the fresh air of a village on an eco-tourism tour. India has myriad attractions for cultural tourists and artistic minds too. No tourist visiting India requires missing The Taj Mahal at Agra. They are stuck by the symmetrical marble beauty of this superfine architecture, of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is no wonder that three million tourists come to this location of world fame every year. India is with the world in preserving wildlife.

  5. It's vitally located animal habitat rich national parks at Ranthambhore, Sariska, Corbett, Kaziranga, Kanha, Pench, Panna, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary as well as a few dozen less significant ones. The government attitude in conserving nature is reflected in the conserved park & the eco-tourists are staggered by the concern. The sacred temples of past and present dedicated to the different Gods underline the cultural heritage of the land. Lots of tourists visit Varanasi, Khajuraho, Pushkar, and Tirupati for solace and blessings. All destinations accentuate the underline philosophy of unity in diversity. Indian population practice different religious faith but they are a unified whole.

  6. The Indian culture for hundreds of years has been of extending hospitality to visitor. That is the reason the tourists find the native responsive and helpful. The 3000 years elderly custom of the country is seen in fine arts of music, painting, temples, dance, craft, architecture, sculpture. All this encapsulates a culture, which attract and mystifies foreigners. The smooth arrangements for their transition & the comfort of accommodation startle them to amazement. The tours and India travel meticulously plan and organize group, individual and relatives holidays of international travelers; they leave the country with happy memories.

  7. India Tours is a massive country and cannot be covered in stay. You may miss the performing art from South, or the desert in the Kutch of Gujarat, the elevations of Ladakh in far North, & the kaleidoscopic tribal life in northeast states of India namely Nagaland, Tripura, Manipur & Mizoram. The heart of India - Madhya Pradesh - has a lot to offer by way of tourism. Tourists who come to here one time need to visit India again & again because of welcoming cordiality & heat of reception as well as originality & novelty of places that hold people spell bound.

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