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WAC Awards

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WAC Awards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WAC Awards
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  1. AWARDS AGENDAI. History A. W.A.C. B. DXCC 1. recognition 2. counting countries 3. Clinton DeSoto W1CBD 1935II. Why Awards? A. challenge B. individual achievement vs competition C. stimulate activity D. good looking wallpaper

  2. III. Sponsors and Directories A. ARRL 1. DXCC, WAS, etc. B. CQ Magazine 1. WAZ 2. WPX 3. USA-CA 4. FIELD 5. and more C. IARU 1. WAC D. K1BV Directory: E. ON4CAS: Tracking your contactsV. Personal examples and experience

  3. The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) is an international confederation of national amateur radio organizations that allows a forum for common matters of concern and collectively represents matters to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Following an informal meeting in 1924 of representatives from France, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Canada, and the United States, a plan was formulated to hold an International Amateur Congress in Paris, France in April, 1925, for the purpose of founding an international amateur radio organization. The Congress was attended by representatives of 23 countries in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. A constitution for the IARU was adopted on April 17, and the formation of the International Amateur Radio Union was ratified on April 18, 1925. As of February, 2009, the International Amateur Radio Union is composed of 162 national member societies.

  4. WAC Awards

  5. DXCC - Mixed

  6. DXCC - History I. First DXCC set of rules published in QST, October 1935, pg. 40 II. W.A.C. already being heavily pursued. III. Response due to ongoing demand “How do we count countries?” A. use a “standard list” B. development of the list begun in 1932 C. number on the list soon exceeded the number of actual countries D. new countries would appear; existing countries disappeared. E. basic rule defined: each discrete geographical or political entity is considered to be a country. F. what about island groups? 1. Ascension vs Amsterdam, but Maui vs Oahu? 2. Tasmania and Australia G. “countries” now are known as “entities” H. DXAC and ARRL HQ handle new entity requests IV. Driving Force? A. competition B. recognition

  7. Why Awards? A. Challenge 1. 26 Swiss Cantons 2. 80 Polish prefixes 3. 25 African countries plus 6 South African districts B. individual achievement vs competition C stimulate activity D. good looking “wallpaper”

  8. Sponsors and Resources A. ARRL B. CQ Magazine C. IARU (ARRL) D. K1BV Directory [] E. ON4CAS []

  9. Tracking your contacts • logging programs • B. spreadsheet or Word table Helvetia 25 HF Award

  10. Sample Application

  11. Wrap – Up