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How to add coupon codes in Magento 2.0 PowerPoint Presentation
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How to add coupon codes in Magento 2.0

How to add coupon codes in Magento 2.0

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How to add coupon codes in Magento 2.0

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  1. There could be many promotion or marketing strategies for your ecommerce store intended for attracting customers. Among them, offering coupon codes could be the best possible approach for your store. It is one of the most used profitable advertising methods as discounts and attractive offers are always accepted by the customers. There are many benefits of using coupon codes like selling a product for flat 20% off alongwith free shipping or something like that.

  2. Coupon codes aren't wasted as there are customers who save their coupon code even if they can't buy that product. You might be thinking like “Why would someone do that!” but coupon codes have certain ages say a month or a year. They won't purchase it from your competitor’s website but will use that coupon at a later date and unquestionably buy it from your store. So, let’s begin adding coupon codes in Magento 2.0 All further mentionedsuggestions are general guidelines. Results may vary between different Magento installations.

  3. First of all, let’s add rule information: 4

  4. STEP 1 Login to Magento admin and click Marketing > Cart Price Rules

  5. STEP 2 Click “Add New Rule” - give it a name, status and select customer groups

  6. STEP 3 Select the “Specific Coupon” option and enter a code in the “Coupon Code” field.

  7. Adding conditions to your coupon code:

  8. STEP 4 On the left sidebar, click conditions tab

  9. STEP 5 Click the “+” button to add some conditions to the coupon

  10. STEP 6 Select the desired condition

  11. Adding actions to your coupon code:

  12. STEP 7 Select the discount percentage and other required fields as per your coupon

  13. STEP 8 Add Rule Labels if required and save it

  14. NEED MORE ASSISTANCE? Now you’ve successfully added coupon codes to your magento store. If you have any further doubts, drop us a mail at and we’ll get back to you with the best possible solution. Infigic is a Magento development company and we are always there to solve your queries. GO SOCIAL WITH INFIGIC Not sure where to start? We’re always there Contact usvia email