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Best Free WordPress Plugins You Must Have PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Free WordPress Plugins You Must Have

Best Free WordPress Plugins You Must Have

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Best Free WordPress Plugins You Must Have

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  1. 16 OCt, 2015 Saurabh Mehta

  2. Best Free WordPress Plugins You Must Have WordPress is very popular open source platform to built your ecommerce website, here are some very useful WordPress plugins for free. They are easy to install, upgrade and customize with useful functionalities. Here is the list of free wordpress plugins for your website. 1. User Blocker User Blocker plugin provide the ability to admin to block or unblock user accounts quickly and effortlessly. User can be blocked by Roll or username for specific day & time OR date range Or permanently. When someone tries to log in, and if that user blocked then a friendly error message is displayed on the login screen. You can unblock accounts at any time you want. Also admin can view blocked user list and quickly search user and unblock account if require. 2. Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect Do your site have more content editor / authors who upload contents? Does your site content managed by team of multiple person ? Do you run a site with user submitted content? Finally ended up with duplicate content on your website or blog ? Duplicate content divide traffic and may be penalized by google for SEO ranking. So, You must remove duplicate content (post , pages etc) and also you have to take care of removed content URL to redirect to main URL. Now, with help of this amazing plugin called “Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect” you can find and remove duplicate content. Also permanently redirect removed content URL to main URL to divert traffic to one URL and be safe from being penalized by google for duplicate content. 3. User Activity Log Do your site have many users for various admin side activity? Do you stuck with issue to track user activity on your website admin side? Do you want to secure your site by tracking log of all user activity ? Do you want to get notified when particular user logged in ? Just relax, Now with the help of “User Activity Log” Plugin you can track all users activity on your website. 4. Blog Designer We always stick with one blog layout as per theme, but its not easy to change or modify only blog layout very easily, only you can do it by modifying code and css files. Using Blog Designer plugin you can design your blog layout as per your choice to give it WOW factor. Also you can modify various settings very quickly from admin side. Blog Designer plugin is very easy to integrate using shortcodes. Source: