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TAC Vista Security

TAC Vista Security. Target. TAC Vista & Security Integration Key customer groups Existing TAC Vista users Provide features and hardware for security expansion. Existing TAC Vista Customer. Benefit Targets Provide an integrated security solution Provide a common alarm and events viewer

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TAC Vista Security

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  1. TAC Vista Security

  2. Target • TAC Vista & Security Integration • Key customer groups • Existing TAC Vista users • Provide features and hardware for security expansion

  3. Existing TAC Vista Customer • Benefit Targets • Provide an integrated security solution • Provide a common alarm and events viewer • Provide a common graphical user interface

  4. Solution • TAC Vista and the security components interact by two means • With pages generated by a TAC Xenta 527 • With a security tool embedded in TAC Vista • There are two versions of the tool • The TAC Xenta 527 and the tool work concurrently • Method is transparent to the user

  5. Solution • TAC has enhanced TAC Xenta 511, 527, 911, 913 • TAC Vista Server communicates directly to these devices • Connect TAC Vista to TAC Vista Security using • TAC Xenta 527 version 2

  6. I/NET and Vista Integration

  7. Methodology • Daily tasks • Pages and editors are provided from TAC Xenta 527 • More complex tasks • Vista launches the security tool at a relevant editor • This is not apparent to the user • Editors present automatically based on user context • The security tool and editors are Vista look and feel • The user can start the security tool independently

  8. TAC Vista Security in Daily Use

  9. Daily Operation • Daily tasks achieved through interactive configuration pages • Pages present automatically • Launched in the TAC Vista client with context • Pages provide • Daily Security tasks in the TAC Vista workstation • Adding, modifying, deleting point extensions • Point control and point configuration • Door release • More, see table of functionality

  10. Security Configuration in Vista • Access to alarm configuration now possible • Security message routing and masking from TAC Vista • Re-prioritize Security alarms

  11. Operation Benefits • Benefits from improved daily operation • Includes all daily operator tasks • Less to learn, focus on single client • Access to all needed features • Common look and feel, TAC Vista and Security tool • Simplifies training, broadens system usage

  12. Alarms and Events • Improved Vista alarm and event viewers • Columns added for all key Security attributes • Filters enhanced to include Security attributes • Alarm/event data goes direct to Vista through the Xenta 527 • Enhancements include the addition of the following • First name • Last name • Tenant • Group • Card number • Unique key • Link name • Station name • Point name • Alarm text • Logical address • Physical address

  13. Alarms and Events • User profiles • Administrators can limit who sees what in events • Configured by user • Allow or deny view of selected event items • Improves the usage of Vista in a hosted environment with multiple customers in the same server • Users get personal view of alarms and events • Default views available • System starts at users personal view

  14. Alarms and Events • Web viewer • Web resource and reports now open in workstation • Users do not have to keep track of as many open applications

  15. Alarms and Events Benefits • Improved options in TAC Vista • Common viewer for both Security and Vista • Simple easy to use interface

  16. Engineering OperationSystem Configuration • New security tool for more complex tasks • Uses I/O-Server through the TAC Xenta 527 • Provides • System engineering beyond daily operation • Adding controllers • Adding new points to existing controllers • Event sequencing • Network configuration • More, see table of functionality

  17. Security Host Tool in Vista

  18. Security Host Tool • Two types of licenses configured to • Show all options for HVAC and Integration • Primarily used in Americas or • Hide HVAC options for Security use only • Primarily used in Europe • Tool launched in two ways • From tools menu in TAC Vista • In context from TAC Vista, based on user actions

  19. Engineering and Configuration Benefits • Common approach between HVAC and Security • Access to all Security features • TAC Vista look and feel with Security functionality • TAC Vista customer familiarity • Security customer ease of use • Proof of concept for future integration

  20. System contents • Vista CD includes • Security host tool • I/O Server • I2V graphics migration tool • Trend data migration tool • All relevant documentation • License required to use Security host tool • Regulates use • Allows TAC to determine usage

  21. System Implementation • Resides in any existing PC system • At least one TAC Xenta 527 v2 must be installed • Does not effect the existing system function • Any existing TAC I/NET system unaffected • Any existing TAC Vista system unaffected • Existing TAC I/NET users can use • Full TAC I/NET client to manage the system • TAC Vista with the Security tool • Existing TAC Vista users can use • The Security tool

  22. Table of Functionality

  23. Remaining Tasks • For some security customers a digital video interface will be required in TAC Vista • Potential solutions are under review • Integration with the new TAC Vista graphics will be required • Requirements are under review

  24. I/NET and Vista Integration

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