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  1. AROUND THE WORLD Dan Moritz

  2. North America Located in Manitoba, the worlds largest known Coke Can. The familiar plastic 20oz U.S. Coke Bottle. Coke’s 2 Liter Bottle. The also familiar U.S. 12oz can.

  3. Central America Still commonly served in Glass bottles, Mexican-made Coke (served throughout Central America) is preferred by many because, unlike it’s counterparts worldwide, it is sweetened with real Cane Sugar, not corn syrup; though it is not usually served as cold as in the U.S.

  4. South America In South America, they do not have “Diet Coke”, instead they call it “Coca-Cola Light”. In South America, much like Central America, it is common to find Coca-Cola bottled in traditional glass bottles. Pictured are some new aluminum bottles recently released in Brazil. A Chilean Coke bottle shaped like a soccer ball for World Cup Promotion.

  5. Europe A french Half-Liter aluminum Coke can. An arrangement of British Coke Cans. Similar to the U.S.’ 20oz bottle, Europe typically sells smaller Half-Liter plastic bottles. An older glass Coke Bottle from Spain.

  6. Russia The Coca-Cola logo translated into Russian, though it is usually marketed with it’s traitional label. A Russian stubby Coke can, 330mL. These Russian matrioshka dolls are an example of how much Coke has become a park of Russian culture.

  7. Middle East A coke can as sold in Iran. These 330mL cans usually feature both the native language and the English logos. A glass 1L bottle with a plastic top. Arabic Hebrew An Israeli Coke Can

  8. Africa An egyptian Coke Can, again 330mL, a common size overseas. Throughout most Africa, clear glass bottles are the norm for Coke, usually without label. Coke is served at this “Jesus is the Answer” ‘Cooling Spot’.

  9. South Asia South Asia’s Coke Sizes: Glass Bottles: 200 mL, 300 mL, 500 mL, 1000 mL Plastic Bottles: 500 ml, 1.5 L, 2 L, 2.25 L, Can: 330mL A contoured 1.5 and 2L bottle. The recurring glass bottles and 330mL cans.

  10. East Asia Coca-Cola is almost as common in East Asia as in North America. A giant coke bottle, towering above a four story building in china. A 1995 Chinese Coke ad which says “forever happy and free spirited”. A high-tech aluminum 400mL Coke bottle from Japan. A Coca-Cola 6-pack from China

  11. Southeast Asia Though coming in many different shaped and sizes, Southeast Asian coke comes almost exclusively in glass bottles; with a few plastic bottles being introduced only in recent years.

  12. To conclude Coca-Cola’s shape and size, and even recipe may change around the world, but it’s cultural infulence really does not. It is a staple product across the world.