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  1. FERROCEMENT Sakhali type Bandhara CAN DO MAGIC. This is a material of next millennium

  2. Ferrocement, a versatile material, involves thin construction elements ranging from 20-25 mm. thickness using layers of continuous /small diameter steel wire meshes, impregnated with a very rich cement mortar. Ferrocement is the most inexpensive--using few resources, less energy, less polluting, generating less waste and protecting the environment and an attractive alternative construction technique Ferrocement elements can resist high impacts or undergo large deformations before cracking or high deflections before collapse There has been an increasing activity with ferrocement construction throughout the world including Canada, USA, Australia, China, India, Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia and other developing countries Introduction

  3. Govt is serious about helping villages. Govt has issued guidelines and GR Govt has alloted funds for Famine. ZP and Jalsandharan Department can do magic in a short time. ZP and JalsandharanGOM

  4. Ferrocement Structures Worldwide Small Sports Palace in Italy Sydney Opera House in Australia The deMenil Museum in Texas, USA

  5. Ferrocement Structures INDIA Mansa mandir,Ghaziabad Kanyakumari Parashuram- Maharashtra

  6. Water Retaining Structures using Ferrocement • Water Tanks • Swimming Pool • Boats and Marine Structures

  7. Advantages in Ferrocement Flexibility in Construction to Thin section (or) any complicated or desired shape • Requires less or • no formwork • Simple Fabrication process • Low cost of construction • materials • Requires no skilled labour Ferrocement Mesh for Dome

  8. Pondicheri-Building research centerMotor garage shed fully in ferrocement.

  9. Sakhali type Bandhara Objects To store rain water To recharge ground water To stop erosion of nalla To increase retention time of water in villages. NALLA

  10. NALLA Sakhali type Bandhara

  11. NALLA FLOW Sakhali type CURVED Bandhara

  12. Ferrocement with Double chicken mesh Steel bars skeleton Then Mortar to be pressed In the gap. Thickness 40 to 50 mm 1m to 2m Sakhali type Bandhara

  13. Ferrocement Anchors in the sides of nalla 1 meter Bandhara is stable as there no tensions zone in the wall due to curvature Sakhali type Bandhara

  14. Cross section Of ferrocement curved bandhara Filling by available boulders In nalla Sakhali type Bandhara

  15. Cross section Of ferrocement curved bandhara Local soil or sand Filling between two walls Filling by available boulders In nalla Sakhali type Bandhara For height 2 to 2.5 meter

  16. Advantages • Fabrication of skeleton and mesh can be done outside and all the 10 or 15 meshes can be brought to site at a time. • 2. Fixing will take one day. • 3. For mortar we use 1:2 cement mortar. • 4. Skilled mason will fill the mortar in the meshes • 5. On both sides of the curved ferrocement wall • We will fill the locally available boulders by hand packing. • 6. 12 bandharas can be built in 12 days. • 7. This can be done up to 2 meter height. • For more heights we can have double walls and filled by soil.

  17. Ferrocement now applied for cavity walls and hollow floors of buildings also. For more information visit Email