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  1. Make a Presentation BSBCMM401A PatriziaDabraio

  2. Communication As a company one of the main winning ways is Communication Communicate means; make sure you know what you are talking about say it clearly and using not many and difficult words check that your audience understand

  3. Communication happens between a minimum of two people to a maximum of a million. The message we communicate is always the same, what changes is the target people we want to communicate to. According to the target people we chose the way we want to communicate Communicate helps us to compare and exchange ideas, point of views and opinions

  4. The strength of a successful company lays on a tight communication within it and involves; the whole management the whole staff external advisor/ freelance

  5. When it comes to business, communication has to be skillfully and persuasively A good communication can be a good advertising campaign to make sure everyone; knows about what you are offering wants to buy it is curious about it

  6. Negotiation Negotiation is the part of coming to the “closing of a business or a deal”. When it comes to negotiation it is always important to; Analyze a negotiation to identify the obstacles to achieve the results

  7. Prepare for a negotiation toincrease; the confidence the ability to plan strategies Create solutions to avoid loosing the business

  8. Manage relationships to avoid to compromise proper objectives Transform hostile negotiations intoa problem solving collaborations

  9. Make clear and rational decisions to decide when to; accept reject or walk away from a proposal Learn from each negotiation to keep improving your skills

  10. Selling Selling is the most important part for a company because it will increase; money power popularity

  11. Not everyone is good at selling, to become a good sales person you should; Set the target work to achieve what you planned Self management manage your time and work accordingly

  12. Listen be a good listener, it shows respect for your client Ask questions To know what is important for the clients and give them a suggestions/solution

  13. Language use a register according to the people you are talking to, make sure they understand Handling objections be diplomatic, easy going and show you care

  14. Practice rehears until comes/feels natural Presentation great presentation of the product your product is the best “prove it” (pictures, videos, testimonials, feedbacks)

  15. Up selling create incentive and rewards for the best seller (vouchers, extra money, lieu/duvet day) show your staff “you care and appreciate them” share the success of the company with them don’t be greedy

  16. Your staff has to feel honored and happy to work for you because it will show otherwise. Your success is in the hands of the people who works for you and represent you. Work shop to suggest up selling techniques Vouchers for the best one!

  17. Let’s discuss… Any question?