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SAP Business One

SAP Business One

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SAP Business One

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  1. SAP Business One Maciej Fuchs, Solution ManagementOctober, 2011 Confidential

  2. Agenda Remote Support Platform for SAP Business One Mobile Solutions for SAP Business One

  3. Remote Support Platform

  4. Key Features at a Glance RSP provides: • System Monitoring – Scans your system readiness to ensure smooth daily operations • Health Checks – Checks various areas of your application against data consistencies, alerts you of potential issues • Repairing – Fixes detected problems to prevent productivity slowdowns • Upgrade Support – Assures a smooth Upgrade to a new version • System Maintenance – Performs scheduled database operations, including back-ups, size optimization, re-indexing or integrity checks How you can get it: • Contact your channel partner to get it installed • Find out more information on the SAP Business One Customer Portal

  5. Remote Support Platform for SAP Business OneKeep Your ERP System at Its Best Around-the-Clock • Interested in optimizing the performance of your system and increasing employee efficiency? • Try our new support tool, remote support platform (RSP) • RSP provides: • Peak performance through proactive maintenance of your software system • It prevents, detects, and repairs performance or database related issues by continuously scanning your system • RSP is simple to install, use, and best of all, FREE for customers on maintenance

  6. Remote Support Platform 2.3 for SAP Business OneWhere we are? Release 2.3 in unrestricted shipment since November 2010 Monitor, Protect, Keep Up To Date and Heal with one easy to use application Single UserInterface SystemMonitoring Software MaintenanceServices Health Checks &Corrective Tasks • Dashboard with key information required • Full management and monitoring of installed components • Wizard based approach for user communication • Repository of reports • Traffic lights indicating readiness of application for operations • Overview of hardware and software configuration • Overview of business setup and customization level • SAP Business One Patch Downloads • RSP Self Upgrade functionalities • Portugal Software Certification Distribution • System Data Service to simplify administrative work • Over 60 Health Checks in 6 categories to check data consistency • Corrective Tasks to prevent cure system proactively Remote support platform and key functions for ensuring smooth business operations.

  7. New User Interfaceto ease navigation and find all neccessary info on the main screen

  8. Initialization Wizardreally fast deployment of the platform (1 minut is far too much) • Offering for Partners • Initialization wizard to guide you through entire setup process • Configuration templates to speed up setup process at multiple installations • Connectiont tests to various services, to ensure everything will work after setup • Potential to setup application in less than 1 minut (for simple environments)

  9. Customized Solutionstright handling of Customer Message issues

  10. Minor changes – security updatesmake your application more secure

  11. Implementationat Partner Environment and release 2.4 B1i B1i Partner Customers RSP RSP Studio RSP DB internet Other Apps: B1, Ticketing, etc. Customer – distributed environment with many RSP installation world wide Interaction between Customer and Partner via secured internet connection for notifications, alerts(CP) as well as shipment of software packages, configuration scenarios (PC). Partner – one single access point to all events at Customer side. Central Point for managing B1 Installed Base

  12. Remote Support Platform Studio for SAP Business One define tasks

  13. Remote Support Platform Studio for SAP Business One manage tasks

  14. Customer Data Security Taken Seriously 1 • In application: • Execution of each task delivered from SAP to end-user installation requires by default manual approval for execution, unless setting has not been changed • Execution of task does not send data automatically to SAP. Sending of data to SAP needs to be by default approved by end-user of RSP, unless setting is changed • No data is sent without end-user knowledge 2 • Internet connection: • To connect to SAP user need to provide his credentials as well valid system number for accessing SAP Service Marketplace • Data is set to SAP using 128bit SSL encrypted protocol • More details on SAP Service Marketplace in SAP Note: 124743 3 • Data Protection at SAP: • Data is being analyzed by SAP employees only • SAP employees come into contact with customers' personal/secret data. According to the German Data Protection Act, these employees are bound to secrecy by §5 • More details on Customer Data Protection in SAP Note 35493

  15. Mobile Solutions

  16. SAP Business One Mobile Application for iPhone/iPad This mobile app lets managers and sales team stay in touch with their business and customer data while away from the office. It enables them to instantly connect with SAP Business One application via iPhone and iPad to check on inventory and customers, access reports, receive alerts, look up sales documents and process approvals. • Download from Apple App Store v1.3.1 • 25,000+ installations for iPhone and iPad • Free app • Support iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch • Based on SAP Business One 8.8 PL12 and above with B1iC mobile enabled • Public demo system

  17. SAP Business One Mobile Solution Overview • Complete • Solutions covered most of your daily operations in mobility from managing business partner datato processing approval requests, from monitoring inventory levelsto looking up sales documents • Intuitive • Browse your business by easily navigation • Take actions within your fingers • Real-time • Up-to-date data access • Action taken effective on the fly

  18. SAP Business One Mobile Approvals and Alerts ThompsonSales Manager SusanneSales Representative • Approvals • In-time approve/reject • Document check • User-defined fields enabled • Alerts • Stock Deviation • Credit Limits • Discount • User-defined SAP B1 SAP B1 Create a Sales Order with special discount 30% Request sent to approval workflow Review request with detail info approve it with 30% discount Request appears as Approved Receive a new approval item Order Created in B1 system

  19. SAP Business One Mobile Reports and Dashboards ThompsonSales Manager • Reports • Based on Crystal Reports • User-defined reports enabled • Email your reports • Permission controlled • Dashboards • HTML5 based • Real-time rendering • Touch to drill down • Double tap to zoom SAP B1 Import customized Monthly Sales Crystal Reports Assign the report for mobile Zoom in and rotate to check by region Send the report by email Open sales report on iPhone

  20. SAP Business One Mobile Sales Documents • Sales Opportunity / Quotation / Orders • Pull down to refresh in real time • Search by business partner or inventory • Look up logistics, contents and accounting • User-defined fields enabled • Permission and data ownership controlled SAP B1 Create several new sales opportunities Check the latest opportunity status Search opportunity by lead name Give lead a call for negotiation SusanneSales Representative Check his sales order history Open a customer profile Search for the doc with printer purchased

  21. SAP Business One Mobile Customer Relationship Management • Customer address, email, telephone, web site, … • Contact person information • View, log and sync meetings, conf-call and tasks • Special prices and related sales history • Create, update business partner data • User-defined fields enabled • Permission controlled Log to-do list and sync to calendar Create a new potential lead Calendar notification for a meeting Check special price list during the meeting SusanneSales Representative Search a customer to be visited Locate on map and routes Open to check BP credits Dial a call or send an email

  22. SAP Business One Mobile Inventory Management SusanneSales Representative • Description, manufacturer, shipping type, spec, … • Stock by warehouse • Price lists • Pictures • User-defined fields enabled • Permission controlled SAP B1 SAP B1 Input stock data Maintain item picture Click to show Picture for customer Search and open printer detail Check stock by warehouse Create a sales quotation with discount Check latest item price list

  23. What’s new in upcoming release? ? • Create your sales documents such as opportunity and quotation • Look up service contract and customer equipment card by product barcode scanning • Define your own KPI via user-defined query with permission controlled • Deliver new dashboard content such as purchase quotation and support draw and email dashboard • iPad layout with new style

  24. SAP Business One Mobile Extensibility

  25. Data Security on Highest Level

  26. Thank You! Contact information: F name MI. L name Title Address Phone number