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AGAINST Online gambling

AGAINST Online gambling. Cindy Nguyen Section 007. Problem with online gambling?. Too easily to have access it can be just as easy to spend more time and money than planned . Easy to be zoned out or out of track S pend all your money and later don’t know how it happened

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AGAINST Online gambling

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  1. AGAINST Online gambling Cindy Nguyen Section 007

  2. Problem with online gambling? • Too easily to have access • it can be just as easy to spend more time and money than planned. • Easy to be zoned out or out of track • Spend all your money and later don’t know how it happened • Negatively affecting your responsibilities • Betting with credit make you feel like the money is not real and keep on gambling

  3. Online Gambling Sites • Silver Oak Casino • BOVADA • Club World Casino • Slot Madness • Cool-Cat Casino • Casino Win Palace • Liberty Slots Casino • Planet 7 Casino • Lucky Red Casino • Ruby Slots

  4. Sign of problems • Gambling is all you’re thinking about all day long while doing other things • Starting to miss school or work • Spending a great amount of time online just for gambling • Starting to miss school or work • Do not get enough sleep • Debts piling up • Not being able to pay your bills • Placing bigger bet

  5. Negatively impacting on your finance • Gives you the desire to keep taking money from credit or online linked bank account • Max out your debt card • Using access number of credit cards • Being in debt • Your long time savings will be gone • Might lose your own property if can’t pay back your loans • Giving you bad credits • bankruptcy

  6. Negative impact on your health (mentally/physically) • Anxiety • Lack of sleep • Depression • Headache • Muscle pain • Lost/gain weight • Starting to use drugs and alcohols • Isolation • Lost of interest in usual activities • Suicidal thought

  7. Negative impact on your family • Can leads to physically and emotionally abuse • Children feel abandoned and forgotten • Scared • Angry • Betrayal • Losing trust • Separation between love ones

  8. Online gambling stats

  9. Online gambling addiction story #1 • Gambling Is Sucking The Life Out Of Me!!!!! • “I am addicted to online gambling. It has been a part of my life for the last 10 years. I have filed for bankruptcy had two failed relationships and continue to do it. • I am a single dad who has custody of my 10 year old daughter and also have a 3 year old who does not reside with me. • I was always a casual gambler but now I have become a loner and my entire days are consumed with it. I was laid off from my job of 15 years in May and have not moved from the computer. I am spending my all my cash on these sites and feel horrible about it but cannot seem to stop. • I am concerned with this economy I will be in serious trouble. I know i should not do it but I still continue to do it and still lose. It is a no win situation and it feels like it is taking my life away. I continue to blame everyone else while keep this gambling a secret. It is destroying me and the problem is I cannot stop. • I am not a bad person but do feel like the biggest piece of trash. What can I do to kick this habit before I lose everything.” • From Username: Ricko219 •

  10. Online gambling addiction story #2 • From Depression to Gambling and More Depression • “I am an online casino addict. I don't care about playing anything but slots. I've won many times but never cashed in because I didn't want to deal with the IRS. My mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2004 and died 6 months later in 2005. The week of her death, I won 65K dollars at an online casino. I won 7K and 15K later in 2005 and haven't won a penny since. I use to walk away and take a break when I start losing. But now I find myself "chasing the win". A major sign of an addict. When I find myself in the house alone and can't sleep at night, I start gambling. I've almost lost my home, my car, all of my savings are gone and I can't seem to stop myself. I've tried to find help centers in my area but have not found any. My account is always overdrawn because I can't stop spending money I don't have I ordered software to download on my laptop to block access to all gambling sites. It interfered with all of my Yahoo games and kept locking up my laptop, so I wiped my drive clean to get rid of it (it was the only way to get rid of it) and ended up gambling all over again. I've tried reading instead, shutting down the laptop when the urge hits, playing "for fun" without monies being involved, but I always end up spending my money gambling and falling short when it is time to pay bills. I stop for a week or two, then I go overboard once I give in and make that one bet. I am reasonably intelligent. I never thought I'd ever find myself in such a fix.” • From Username: use2beingalone •

  11. Recent news • Online Gambling, Casinos to ‘Sweep’ U.S. in 2012 • Authorities join forces against online gambling

  12. Take control ! • Block all gambling websites • Ask someone to help • Set your limits when surfing online • Not linking your bank account online • Get rids of all betting apps on phone • Go out and spend time with friends and family often • Make yourself busy doing other activities • Go online if only necessary STOP ONLINE GAMBLING YOU CAN DO IT!

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