crash record system connecticut version n.
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Crash Record System Connecticut Version PowerPoint Presentation
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Crash Record System Connecticut Version

Crash Record System Connecticut Version

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Crash Record System Connecticut Version

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  1. Crash Record SystemConnecticut Version JB Technology Inc.

  2. Introduction • This version of the Crash Record System (CRS) was designed specifically for the State of Connecticut and was developed by a traffic engineer. JB Technology Inc.

  3. Crash Record System • Features • Numerous reports • Determine High Crash Intersections • Determine High Crash Corridors • Graph Trends • Plot Intersection Crash Diagrams JB Technology Inc.

  4. Crash Record System • The following slide will list some of the the Crash Record System tasks. • Click on a task for a detailed explanation JB Technology Inc.

  5. Crash Record System • Entering Crash Records • Filtering Data • Working with Intersections • Browsing Crash Records • Creating a Street System • Creating Reports • Graphing Trends • JB Technology’s Services JB Technology Inc.

  6. Crash Record System • Entering Data • Data can be entered manually, and quickly. The next slide will show the Crash Record System’s manual data entry form. JB Technology Inc.

  7. Crash Record System The form closely resembles the Connecticut Uniform Police Accident Report form. Back JB Technology Inc.

  8. Crash Record System • Filtering Data • One of the most important feature of any database application is the filtering of data. The Crash Record System provides many ways of filtering data. • Appendix A of the manual provides a detailed explanation of filtering data with many examples. JB Technology Inc.

  9. Crash Record System The following slides will illustrate the five ways to filter the data.

  10. Crash Record System • Standard Filter • The most common way to filter data. Using drop down lists, database fields can be selected with valid options with minimal user input. JB Technology Inc.

  11. Crash Record System The above Standard Filter will display only Rear-End crashes. JB Technology Inc.

  12. Crash Record System This Standard Filter will display Rear End crashes that occurred after 5:00 pm in the afternoon. JB Technology Inc.

  13. Crash Record System • Quick Filter • Many times crash records are to be filtered by either the report number,date of the crash, or the case number. The Quick Filter provides the means to accomplish a quick filter. JB Technology Inc.

  14. Crash Record System Enter the data to be filtered in the appropriate box and click “Go”. The matching data records will be displayed. JB Technology Inc.

  15. Crash Record System • Intersection • The intersection filter is used when performing a detailed analysis of an intersection. Some crashes that occur a distance from an intersection are intersection related. JB Technology Inc.

  16. Crash Record System This example will find all the crashes at 30th Ave. and Ocean Beach Hwy and all crashes within 75 feet of the intersection. JB Technology Inc.

  17. Crash Record System • Saved • Filters can be saved and reused. To reuse a saved filter, the appropriate filter is selected from the list. JB Technology Inc.

  18. Crash Record System JB Technology Inc.

  19. Crash Record System • Advanced • The advance filter option is used for those who are familiar with SQL queries. Appendix A contains all the data field names and their valid values. JB Technology Inc.

  20. Crash Record System This example will display crash records that are Property Damage Only and occurred at dawn. Back JB Technology Inc.

  21. Crash Record System • Working with Intersections • City Traffic Engineer’s primary use of crash data is intersection analysis. The Main Menu contains a data grid that contains all the intersections that have a least on reported crash. JB Technology Inc.

  22. Crash Record System The following slides will illustrate the intersection related features. JB Technology Inc.

  23. Crash Record System The beginning and ending dates can be set by either the keyboard or a “pop up” calendar. JB Technology Inc.

  24. Crash Record System Double clicking on an intersection’s name will pop up this form. Intersection geometrics are required to plot a crash diagram. Entering ADTs are used in calculating crash rates. Traffic control and speed limits are commonly miscoded. JB Technology Inc.

  25. Crash Record System Clicking “Coordinates” allows GIS coordinates to be entered. Crashes can be exported from several reports in a format that can be easily imported into GIS programs. JB Technology Inc.

  26. Crash Record System Clicking “Quick Report” will display this form which gives a summary of the crashes for the highlighted intersection. JB Technology Inc.

  27. Crash Record System The Intersection Report will generate a tabular report, a summary report and five graphs. The next two slides will show a portion of a summary report and a graph. JB Technology Inc.

  28. Crash Record System JB Technology Inc.

  29. Crash Record System JB Technology Inc.

  30. Crash Record System Five different graphs can be generated, each displayed as a pie chart or a bar graph. The graphs can be printed, copied to the clipboard or saved as a graphic file. JB Technology Inc.

  31. Crash Record System A crash diagram of an intersection can be generated. The diagram can be copied into other applications and a report can be produced. Back JB Technology Inc.

  32. Crash Record System • Browsing Crash Records • Crash records can be filtered, viewed, reports generated, and exported. JB Technology Inc.

  33. Crash Record System The first step in browsing crash records is the filtering of data. JB Technology Inc.

  34. Crash Record System The following slides will illustrate the available options when browsing crash records. JB Technology Inc.

  35. Crash Record System The highlighted crash record can be edited by clicking “Edit”. All the displayed crash records can be edited by clicking “Edit All” JB Technology Inc.

  36. Crash Record System The crash records can be exported in a text format (csv) that can be imported directly into Excel. Assigning coordinates to the crash records will allow the exported records to be imported in many GIS programs. JB Technology Inc.

  37. Crash Record System The crash records can be re-filtered. The filter criteria can be saved for future use. JB Technology Inc.

  38. Crash Record System • The Crash Record System allows a scanned image of the crash record to be viewed. • A one page Detailed Report can be generated for the highlighted file. • A General Summary Report can be generated for all the UNCHECKED crash records. Back JB Technology Inc.

  39. Crash Record System • Creating a Street System • The backbone to the Crash Record System is a standardized street name list and corridors. • Street Names can be entered manually or imported from either an ASCII file or a Microsoft Access Database • Corridors are defined using the developed street list. JB Technology Inc.

  40. Crash Record System New street names can be manually entered. The Crash Record System will check the existing street name database table to ensure no duplicate names. JB Technology Inc.

  41. Crash Record System Street names can be imported from the Database – Import-Street Names menu option. Street names can be imported from either a Text file or a Microsoft Access database. JB Technology Inc.

  42. Crash Record System A corridor can be created by selecting the corridor street and selecting the intersecting streets. Back JB Technology Inc.

  43. Crash Data System • Creating Reports • One of the strengths of the Crash Record System is its reports. The program was designed by a traffic engineer. • Sample of the reports can be found in the PDF file, Reports • The following slides shows the reports that can be generated from the Report menu option. JB Technology Inc.

  44. Reports Corridor Report High Crash Location High Crash Corridor Statistical Report Warrants Report Crash Record System Back JB Technology Inc.

  45. Crash Record System • Corridor Report • A corridor report can be generated for any defined corridor. • Filters can be applied. • Example: Show only night time crashes JB Technology Inc.

  46. Crash Record System The limits of the corridor is defined by simply “checking” the beginning and ending points of the corridor. Filters can be applied by clicking the “Filter”. JB Technology Inc.

  47. Crash Record System All reports are displayed for preview. After review, the report can be printed. Back JB Technology Inc.

  48. Crash Record System • High Crash Location • This report is the most important report for Traffic Engineers when applying for federal funds. The intersections are ranked three ways: • Number of Crashes • Crash Rate • Societal Cost JB Technology Inc.

  49. Crash Record System A sample form illustrating the required data for processing JB Technology Inc.

  50. Crash Record System The following slides will describe the many available options JB Technology Inc.