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S E N I O R S. Class of 2009. Meet Your St. Cloud HS Administrators…. Ms. Tapley, Principal. Ms. Luttrell, Assistant Principal. Mr. Nieves, Assistant Principal. Your Counselor is:. MS. CROWELL. A-DO. MS. SMITH. DR-LEB. MS. SWAINE. LEE-RIN. MS. SHORT. RIO-Z.

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  1. S E N I O R S Class of 2009

  2. Meet Your St. Cloud HS Administrators… Ms. Tapley, Principal Ms. Luttrell, Assistant Principal Mr. Nieves, Assistant Principal


  4. Visit Our Guidance Staff to… Make an appointment ! Come in before school, during lunch, or after school to make an appointment to see your counselor. Walk-ins will still be seen during lunches, but… appointments are better for you! Ms. Buehler Ms. Lee Ms. Woodruff, Data Specialist See Ms. Barber in the College & Career Center

  5. 24 Credit Grad Requirements • GPA: Cumulative 2.0 • Pass: FCAT R&M • 24 Total Credits: • 4 – English 3 – Math (Algebra 1 or equivalent) 3 - Social Studies World History American History Econ/Am Government 3 – Science .5 – Health: LMS .5 – Personal Fitness .5 – Physical Education Elective .5 – Fine Art** .5 – Practical Art** 8.5 – Electives • ** - Or 1 full credit of either


  7. WORK • Do you have a professional looking resume? • Dress the part – Dress for Success. • See if they have tuition reimbursement. • Get hands on experience.

  8. Bombed the FCAT - Options • Walk with the class, receive a Certificate of Completion, and retake FCAT until you pass. • Take the SAT and ACT – qualifying scores. • Take the GED. • Attend a technical center for more training. • Take a job that does not require a HS diploma. • Go to Community College and get an AA Degree after passing the CPT – must have completed grad credit requirements AND have a 2.0 GPA.

  9. TECHNICAL SCHOOL • Check out local opportunities at TECO. Don’t forget Mid-Florida Tech, Westside Tech, Orlando Vo-Tech, or Winter Park Tech, or the NEW Avalon Technical Center in Orlando/Orange County! • Community Colleges have technical programs with certification and licensure. Check out their web site – • Bright Futures may be used at Technical Centers & Community Colleges!

  10. MILITARY • Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard • Lots of benefits, e.g., housing, uniforms, tech training, college funding, etc. • Check in Student Services for more information • See a recruiter

  11. V a l e n c i a • Complete Application online at www.valenciacc.netany time after January 1 – the earlier, the better! • VCC dual enrolled students do not reapply - send final transcript only! • Take the Computer Placement Test (CPT) in the spring at Valencia • Attend VCC registration and orientation in the late spring • Request a final transcript to be sent after graduation

  12. STATE UNIVERSITY • Complete an application (available in either hard copy or online). The state universities all prefer the online application. ALWAYS complete required and optional essays! • Submit a transcript request through Prep HQ (??? - See Ms. Barber in College & Career ) No fee for Florida public universities or Valencia CC. • Apply even if you do NOT have SAT or ACT scores yet. Scores can be sent later – don’t wait! • Important - submit OFFICIAL SAT and ACT scores from and/or • Algebra II and 2 consecutive years of the same foreign language are minimum requirements to attend a 4-year college or university. • Request a “final” transcript in May to be sent after graduation (Part of Senior Survey on Prep HQ).

  13. Private College or University In State or Out of State • Request and complete applications (available online) and submit by the due date. Visit the College and Career Center if you need internet services at school. The Common Application is available at • Request a transcript through Prep HQ (??? – see Ms. Barber). There is a $2 fee for private colleges and out of state schools. • Take mid-year reports, recommendation requests, & counselor sections to your guidance counselor at least 2 weeks before the due date. • Request a final transcript through Prep HQ in May (Senior Survey). • PLAN AHEAD – Check deadlines & complete applications early!

  14. Let’s talk about TRANSCRIPTS • Log in to Prep HQ and click on Transcript Request. • ADD Transcript Request. • Choose school in drop-down box or type in school if not listed. • NO FEE for transcripts sent to Florida public universities or Valencia Community College. • $2.00 fee for hard copy transcript to private universities (in-state or out-of-state) or out-of-state public universities or community colleges. • Plan Ahead – 24 hour delay to send ALL transcripts!

  15. Alphabet Soup CEEB: 101-485 • The ACT is given 6 times a year, the SAT 7 times a year. These are College Entrance Examinations. Check in Guidance or go to the web pages. • Check registration deadlines for the ACT and SAT. It costs more $ to register late and even more to stand by. On free or reduced lunch? See your counselor for a fee waiver (you may receive 2 ACT and 2 SAT fee waivers). • Universities & colleges will look at your best combined scores; however they do not integrate scores from the two tests. • Take a prep course & participate in a practice SAT or ACT before taking the test. It can make a huge difference! • ACT or SAT may also be used as an alternative to FCAT.

  16. More Alphabet Soup… • PSAT: Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test • SAT II: These are subject achievement tests use in some colleges and universities – usually used for placement in classes • CPT: College Placement Test – Required by Community Colleges • FCAT: Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. You must pass both Reading and Math to receive a standard high school diploma. • ASVAB: Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery • TOEFL: College Placement Test for Native speakers of a foreign language – check to make sure the college you are interested in will accept this test.

  17. What will college cost? • That depends – you must consider the cost of tuition, books, room, food, transportation, parking, clothing. • Average tuition and fees as follows: • 4-year Public Institution $4,081 • 2-year Public Institution $1,735 • 4-year Private Institution $18,273 • 2-year Private Institution $9,890 • Tuition at Stetson University is estimated as follows: Tuition & fees $28,780. Room and board $7,948. Books/Miscellaneous $2,620. • Tuition at University of Miami is estimated as follows: Tuition & fees $31,288. Room & board $9,333. Books/transortation $3,500.

  18. Scholarships & Financial Aid Sources of money – there are 3 • Family and your self • Scholarships based on exceptional talent: athletic, academic or artistic • Financial Aid: a. Based on family income b. Application: FAFSA on line. Plus individual college’s financial aid application. c. Based on parent’s 1040 IRS form d. How is it figured?: Cost of University – Family contributions = Financial Aid Types of Financial Aid: Loans: F.G.S.L; and P.L.U.S Grants: Pell Grant, S.E.O.G. College Work Study: C.W.S. University A: $7,500 Family Contribution - $8000 Financial Aid 0 University B: $19,000 Family Contribution 8,000 Financial Aid $11,000

  19. Recommendations… • Can come from Teachers or Counselors • Require a completed Brag Sheet or English class resume • Give plenty of time – 2 weeks • Scholarships, Private colleges, some Public universities • Provide stamped, addressed envelopes for all institutions • May need extra requests • Communication is the key – stay in touch

  20. Bright Futures • FAS: Florida Academic Scholarship • 3.5 GPA in selected subjects • 75 hours community service • 1270 SAT or 28 ACT • FMS*: Florida Medallion Scholarship • 3.0 GPA in selected subjects • 970 SAT or 20 ACT • GSVS • 3.0 in selected subjects • 3.5 in 3 vocational subjects • SAT – 880 • – 440 verbal, 440 math • ACT – 17 English • 18 Reading • 19 Math • CPT – 83 – Reading • 83 – Sentence Structure • 72 - Mathematics *REMEMBER – BF Florida Medallion (75%) will pay 100% to go to Valencia!

  21. Bright Futures • You may apply online at after December 1 of senior year. • Counselors & Ms. Barber will help you apply in the College and Career Center. • REMEMBER! These scholarships are good at any Florida state university or community college. GSV is also good at a technical school, community college, college or university. • BF may be used at a private Florida college or university, but BF will only pay what it would pay at a public college or university.

  22. Other Financial Aid Information • Federal aid: Remember to file your 2009 FAFSA after January 1 at . If you plan to attend college during summer following graduation, you must also file a 2008 FAFSA. • Prep HQ: Scholarship opportunities and links to applications are listed. Check routinely and get organized! • Attend Financial Aid Workshops • Scholarship news on the web: www.finaid.ord

  23. What it takes to get in: • Based on information on entering freshman class of 2006: • FSU: 3.4-4.1 GPA; SAT: minimum 1620; ACT: 25-28 • UF: 4.0 – 4.4; GPA. SAT: 1270-1300 (CR & M); ACT: 26-31 • Stetson: 3.69 Average GPA in a college prep curriculum; average SAT 1030-1240 (CR & M) or ACT 21-24 • Rollins: B+ average in college prep classes; average SAT 1180-1590 and average ACT 26-35

  24. University of Florida • When should I apply? • Deadlines: Apply between July 1 and November 1. • Applications received later then November 1 will be considered on a space available basis only. • Do not procrastinate!

  25. Admissions to FSU Freshman Requirements • Admissions Criteria • a "B+" average in all academic subjects (additional weight is assigned to Honors, Dual Enrollment, and AP coursework) 3.4 – 4.1 using only academic subjects. • 25-28 Composite ACT or minimum of a 1620 Combined Verbal, Math, & Writing SAT • Written essays • The following are also considered: • Quality of Course work and Curriculum • Class Rank • Educational Objectives • Community Service • Visual and performing artists and skilled athletes may receive additional consideration.

  26. NEXT Magazine • Important sections for Seniors • Bright Futures Scholarship Guide – middle of magazine • How to buy a car • Picking a College • College Planner • Financial Aid • Scholarships • Florida Colleges and Universities listed in the back

  27. College and Career Center • Available computers with internet access. You can… • Sign up for ACT and SAT! • Check scholarship opportunities on Prep HQ! • Work on college & scholarship applications & essays! Remember to update Prep HQ! • Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse! Log on at • Apply/update Bright Futures! • Pick up literature on colleges & universities! • See Ms Barber for help!

  28. Have a great Senior year! • Use Prep HQ & the Saint Cloud HS website,, to check important senior news. • Remember to see your counselor often senior year! • Submit recommendation requests (brag sheets) 2 weeks before needed. • Order hard copy transcripts at least 2 business days before needed – the $2.00 charge must be paid before printing. • Most scholarships require transcripts – BE PREPARED! • All “final” transcripts are ordered when the Senior Survey is available on Prep HQ (Spring ’09), but they are not sent to colleges until after school is out.

  29. ONE FINAL THOUGHT…YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE! • It is your responsibility to make up any work you missed today while attending this seminar!! • Have a remarkable senior year! It is what you make it!!

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