strategic job creation efforts by the university of wisconsin system n.
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Strategic Job Creation Efforts by The University of Wisconsin System PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategic Job Creation Efforts by The University of Wisconsin System

Strategic Job Creation Efforts by The University of Wisconsin System

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Strategic Job Creation Efforts by The University of Wisconsin System

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  1. Strategic Job Creation Efforts by The University of Wisconsin System Special Committee on Strategic Job Creations: August 25, 2010

  2. Growth Agenda for Wisconsin

  3. More Graduates for Wisconsin State Support Flexibility CORE GOAL More graduates CORE GOAL More jobs • By 2018, 61% of jobs in Wisconsin will require post-secondary education. • UW System is working to increase supply to meet demand Foundational Activity Competitive UW workforce

  4. More Graduates for Wisconsin • 80,000 more undergraduate degrees (cumulative total) by 2025 • 40,000 degrees per year by 2025 • A 30% increase over current rate • Increasing enrollments to almost 196,000 students by Fall 2015 • 9.2% increase over Fall 2009 enrollment

  5. More Jobs for Wisconsin State Support Flexibility CORE GOAL More graduates CORE GOAL More jobs • Transform academic research into well-paying, knowledge-based jobs • Help businesses work better and grow faster • Tailor education programs to meet local business needs Foundational Activity Competitive UW workforce

  6. Economic Value of Academic R&D • Academic research and development is a $1.1-billion industry in Wisconsin • This translates into more than 38,000 jobs • More important are the private-sector jobs created by university spin-offs • University research aligns closely with high-growth industry clusters - Wisconsin Technology Council

  7. Research to Jobs Task Force • Job Creation through Start-ups • Growing Mature Business • Communicating the Critical Role of UW Research

  8. The UW System is responsive • UW-Whitewater major in media arts and game development • UW Online Degree in Sustainable Management • UW-Platteville Collaborative Online Engineering Program • UW-Milwaukee Freshwater Sciences • UW-Whitewater Global Business Certificate

  9. Small Business Development Center • More than 1,300 entrepreneurs participated in business planning courses since 2003 • 500+ have started or expanded a business • Peer-to-peer learning groups for high growth companies. • Wisconsin Business AnswerLine provides free consulting

  10. Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Network • Provide seamless access to the statewide network of entrepreneurial resources and expertise to create new ventures • Help grow existing business • Move forward high potential entrepreneurs to enable Wisconsin to be competitive in a global economic environment.

  11. Questions?

  12. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: A Partner in Strategic Job Creation Wisconsin Legislative Council Special Committee August 25, 2010

  13. A Partner in Strategic Job Creation UW System Doctoral Cluster Mission A. Offer baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral degrees C. Conduct organized research programs F. Serve needs of women, minority, disadvantaged and nontraditional students; seek racial and ethnic diversification G. Support activities designed to promote economic development of Wisconsin

  14. A Partner in Strategic Job Creation Building Research Differently UW-Milwaukee, established in 1956 UW-Madison, established in 1848

  15. A Partner in Strategic Job Creation Biomedical Engineering GE Healthcare Sigma Aldrich Froedtert PhysioGenix Promentis MPP Group Cambridge Majors Labs Advanced Manufacturing Children’s Hospital Healthcare UWM Research Strengths MCW Rockwell Harley Davidson Cerner BloodCenter Johnson Controls Innovation Park* Aurora Health Care Nursing Synthesis & Drug Discovery Computation School of Public Health* Eaton Neurological Science Healthcare Informatics Astronautics Imaging Quad Graphics Biological Sciences Energy Information Sciences City of Milwaukee Health Dept. Health Science Sensors & Devices Atmospheric Science Red Prairie Environment Structures Generac Materials Computer Science We Energies Water ReGENco School of Freshwater Science* M7/Water Council Siemens Water/Energy/ Environment Veolia Pentair Baker Mfg. ITT MMSD ASA Analytics Advanced Chemical Systems Kohler A.O. Smith CH2MHill Badger

  16. A Partner in Strategic Job Creation Research Expenditures Up 218% $68.0M 70 60 50 40 $36.0M 30 $21.4M 20 10 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

  17. Commercialization Research Research Fellows Catalyst Grants Intellectual Property Mgmt. Corporate Partnering Startups A Partner in Strategic Job Creation Investment Jobs Equipment Research Fellows • Grants to attract and retain the best and brightest graduate students Talent Technology Research Catalyst Grants • Seed grants for research with high potential for commercialization • Supported by Rockwell and Bradley Corporate Partnering • Outreach to targeted corporations for sponsored research support • Helping develop centers for water and energy-related research Startups Bridging the Gap Between Research And Commercialization • Supporting faculty-based startup companies with licensing, SBIR grant writers and business planning coaching Intellectual Property • Managing patents and other intellectual property • Marketing and licensing of UWM technologies

  18. A Partner in Strategic Job Creation Catalyst Grants -- Highlights James Cook Novel Compounds for Treatment of Alcohol Addiction • License to MPP Group – local biotech startup company • MPP Group: SBIR grant application & grant from Wisconsin Dept. of Commerce • Two related patent applications • Multiple peer-reviewed papers • Additional funding from NIH Hao Zhang Retinal Imaging System Bradley Phase 1 Bradley Phase 1 • Built prototype device to demonstrate retinal imaging system in mouse model • More funding -- Juvenile Diabetes Association • Joint agreement with USC to protect and market technology • Four U.S. patent applications • Shaw Scientist Award Winner • Investor presentations & meetings

  19. A Partner in Strategic Job Creation Catalyst Grants -- Highlights Peter Geissinger Fiber Optic Sensing for Industrial Water Applications • Partnership and option agreement with Advanced Chemical Systems • ACS is developing business plan and exploring SBIR grants to further develop technology Vali Raicu Microscope for Protein Studies • Developed business plan with UWMRF and BizStarts Venture Track • UWMRF First Look investor forum and other investor presentations • Startup company formation and funding in process • U.S. patent application Bradley Phase 2 Bradley Phase 2

  20. A Partner in Strategic Job Creation Catalyst Grants -- Highlights Jorg Woehl Instrument for Genetic Profiling • A potentially transformational technology to enable a new method of genetic profiling • Technology creates an electric field to trap charged particles – may ultimately be able to distinguish variations in genetic sequences Ching-Hong Yang Innovative Antibiotics • Developing antibiotics that attack the virulence of pathogens without killing them – reducing the tendency to develop antibiotic resistance • Applications in plants moving forward – future potential applications in human and veterinary applications Bradley Phase 3 Bradley Phase 3

  21. A Partner in Strategic Job Creation Catalyst Grants -- Highlights Junhong Chen Nanotube Decoration Rockwell Phase 1 Rockwell Phase 3 • License completed with Dr. Chen’s startup company, NanoAffix Technologies • Over $500k in follow on funding from the National Science Foundation • Multiple U.S. patent applications based technology and applications Zhen He Biological Fuel Cells for Energy Production • Working to scale up technology that creates energy from wastewater • Other applications in desalination • New faculty member already establishing strong industry partnerships