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Get More Instagram Followers PowerPoint Presentation
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Get More Instagram Followers

Get More Instagram Followers

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Get More Instagram Followers

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  1. Instagram Followers

  2. A Novel Way to Increase Your Instagram Followers  • Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words, but you and I don't have that kind of time. • So let's start increasing your Instagram followers by attending to that morning ear-worm. • That would be thevsong that sticks in your head when you wake up.

  3. Today, as I write, I'm faced with Personality; the oldies tune which lists all the attributes of a specific lady. • She's got "walk, personality, talk, personality..." etc. And, therein lies the direction: go for a walk and take pictures. • Each picture represents your idea of personality.

  4. Next, take pictures of people talking; the more gesticulative or animated, the better. • Each snapshot has the potential to increase your Instagram followers because the more interesting the pictures, regardless of inspiration, the more your personality shines through! • This same technique can be applied to almost every piece of music in your repertoire, or even randomly from the radio.

  5. For example, Only The Lonely is the next offering from my radio. • Pictures that emit a feeling of being alone; such as a table set for one in an empty diner, should be included here. • Get that song out of your head, and onto your pages of Instagram and people will start asking you how you come up with such creative ideas for pictures.

  6. Lightning Striking Again has just come on to follow up the oldies channel. • I'm familiar with the tune but not the artist. • The second verse describes a chapel near a mine. • I think I'll go look for one of those to add to my own Instagram.