what makes one restaurant different from another n.
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What makes one restaurant different from another? PowerPoint Presentation
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What makes one restaurant different from another?

What makes one restaurant different from another?

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What makes one restaurant different from another?

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  1. What makes one restaurant different from another?

  2. Restaurant Concepts • The concept of a restaurant distinguishes it from another. • A restaurant concept is the whole idea of the restaurant or restaurant chain. • It includes theme, target market, location, décor, ambiance, and service style

  3. Theme • A theme is a specific idea around which something is organized • In a restaurant a theme organizes everything the restaurant does. • It is carried out through the décor of the restaurant, the uniforms the servers wear, the type of food it serves, and the look of the menu.

  4. The theme of Hard Rock Café is rock and roll music and musicians. Each Hard Rock Café plays rock and roll music and is decorated with memorabilia from rock and roll musicians, such as guitars from Jimi Hendrix, etc.

  5. Ambiance • Ambiance is the feeling or mood associated with a particular place, also called atmosphere. • Types: romantic, elegant, casual, homelike, fun, sports, etc. • The ambiance is created by the décor of the restaurant and menu, table setting, music, and lighting.

  6. Mexican Restaurants • Colorful plateware, uniforms, and Mariachi music to create a Mexican fiesta atmosphere.

  7. Barbeque restaurants often use red and white checked tablecloths to create a picnic like feeling. • Restaurants that want to create a romantic ambience often have candelit booths or tables for two.

  8. Market… • Restaurant concepts also include the types of customers that the restaurant wants to attract. • A market consists of all the people who could potentially buy what you are selling. • A market segment is a subgroup of a larger market that has similar needs and wants to what you are selling. • Your target market is the market segment that you choose to target and strive to meet their needs.

  9. What would be the target market for… • McDonalds • Cracker Barrel • Texas de Brazil • Italian Inn • Chuck E. Cheese • Chilis • Furr’s