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Minted - Moodle Integration with Enterprise Data PowerPoint Presentation
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Minted - Moodle Integration with Enterprise Data

Minted - Moodle Integration with Enterprise Data

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Minted - Moodle Integration with Enterprise Data

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  1. Minted - Moodle Integration with Enterprise Data A JISC funded demonstrator project in the Toolkits and Demonstrators strand Carol Shergold and Paolo Oprandi University of Sussex

  2. Background to the Minted project • Moodle already in use in our Life Science departments (LifeSci Interactive) • Planning an institution-wide roll out • Needed to link our enterprise database with Moodle to get accurate and updated information on courses, students, staff etc • Keen to use a standard data format for ease of portability etc

  3. IMS-Enterprise IMS Enterprise (IMS-E): • Person • Group • Membership IMS Enterprise Services (IMS-ES): • Support for creating, reading, updating and deleting information for person, group and membership • createGroup(groupid) The service implementations typically expose information held by a directory service (e.g. OpenLDAP) or an MIS application (e.g. a student records system)

  4. CETIS-ES Toolkit • Written by Scott Wilson • A toolkit to make it easier to write servers and clients that implement IMS Enterprise Services

  5. Aims • Demonstrator project for CETIS-ES SDK • Develop software of benefit to the community • To integrate our enterprise database with Moodle in a scalable and secure way

  6. Getting started with the toolkit Steep hill ahead!

  7. Getting started … • It took some time to get the “minimal example” running • The learning curve .. • Various versioning and application server issues • Original distribution didn’t have a sample client, so the only way to see what was happening was to use a TCP monitoring tool such as to inspect the messages • Results: • Great support from Scott, collaborative working with JoinIn • Blog and forum postings that would help potential new adopters • Enhanced documentation for installation • Scott worked on making toolkit run under Axis 1.3 • and on providing fuller installation examples

  8. Minted - test service

  9. REST-style approach

  10. Integrating Moodle Minted enrolment pluginIntroduction • Concurrent Enterprise data • which schools and departments exist • which courses are running • who are the teaching staff and the students • which courses are Moodle-ized • Standards available? IMS- E sig • IMS Enterprise enrolment plugin developed at UCL - Dan Stowell

  11. Integrating Moodle Minted enrolment pluginAdding new records

  12. Integrating Moodle Minted enrolment pluginUpdating existing records

  13. Scaling Moodle Minted enrolment pluginExample user

  14. Scaling Moodle Minted enrolment pluginExample course

  15. Scaling Moodle Minted profile pluginDefault course and user records

  16. Where we are now • Both plugins are in use in our live system and working well • In the process of getting the Minted plugins into core Moodle distribution • Batch process rather than live look up • Two way transaction - introducing XMarks

  17. XMarks background - the MLE A shot from our MLE showing the assessments for a given course - data from enterprise database. Contributory or non-contributory Staff use the MLE to enter marks and to progress assessments through the Exams System Students use the MLE to view their marks and overall Course and Programme results

  18. XMarks background - the LMS • Tutor sets up a new on-the-fly activity to provide formative feedback, e.g. MCQ • Details of this activity and its marks are only visible in the LMS, but students are used to seeing all their activities and marks in the MLE • Tutor sets up activity to implement an assessment that is already required for course • The activity is visible in both the MLE and the LMS, although details may differ as it has been created twice. • Marks are only visible in the LMS, until the tutor re-keys them into the MLE

  19. Summary • Potential for confusion and even inaccuracies in the presentation of activity and marks data to students • Duplication of effort by staff • Data transfer method is required • Hence Xmarks!

  20. A data model for Xmarks Is there an existing marks/assessment data model?

  21. Scaling Moodle Minted profile pluginUser defaults

  22. Scaling Moodle Minted profile pluginCourse defaults

  23. Key functions for an assessment service • getAssessmentList(courseid) • addAssessment(param) • editAssessment(param) • deleteAssessment(param)

  24. Key functions for a marks service (a) • getMarks(params) • Return all student marks for all assessments within given course • Return all student marks for given assessment • Return marks for given student on all assessments within given course • Etc • getMarkProcessStatus(params) • E.g. under-review, released-to-students, in-exam-system • The process status will alter the set of legal operations on the data

  25. Key functions for a marks service (b) • addMarks(params) • Add one or more student marks to existing mark set • Error if marks are added for student where they had already been supplied? • editMarks(params) • Change one or more student marks in existing mark set • Error if marks are supplied for updating where no record already exists? • deleteMarks(params) • Delete marks for all students for given assessment • Delete marks for specified students for given assessment • Error if marks do not already exist? • Error if marks are no longer in state where deletion is possible,e.g. committed to final mark within exam system?