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chapter 9 marketing communications using digital media channels n.
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Chapter 9 Marketing communications using digital media channels PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 9 Marketing communications using digital media channels

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Chapter 9 Marketing communications using digital media channels
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Chapter 9 Marketing communications using digital media channels

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  1. Chapter 9Marketing communicationsusing digital media channels

  2. Learning objectives • Distinguish between the different types of digital media channels • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each digital media channel for marketing communications • Assess the suitability of different types of digital media for different purposes

  3. Questions for marketers • Which digital communications media should we select for different types of campaign? • Which are the success factors which will make our campaigns more effective?

  4. Figure 9.1Average percentage of traffic from different sources referred to a website Source: Smart Insights, 2011a

  5. Figure 9.2Percentage who consider different information sources as important when researching or purchasing a product or service Source: Nielsen (2011)

  6. Figure 9.3Search engine results pages in Google ( illustrating the natural and paid listings Source: Reprinted by permission of Google, Inc. Google™ search engine is a trademark of Google, Inc.

  7. Figure 9.4Click-through rates depending on position in the natural search results Source: Optify (2011)

  8. On page optimisation: <title> tag = 4.9/5 Keyword frequency and density = 3.7/5 Keyword in headings = <h1> = 3.1, <h2> = 2.8 Keyword in document name = 2.8 Meta name description = 2/5 Meta name keywords = 1/5 Off-page optimisation: More backlinks (higher PageRank)= 4/5 Link anchor text contains keyword = 4.4/5 Page assessed as a hub = 3.5/5 Page assessed as an authority = 3.5/5 Link velocity (rate at which changes) = 3.5/5 Social media signals (newer ranking signal) Which SEO ranking factors should I focus on? See http: //

  9. Distribution of daily budget Amount bid (Max CPC). Clickthrough rate Creative quality including creative testing Campaign structure Match types especially negative matches Use of content network Time-of-day (day parting) Landing page quality Click fraud! * In Google AdWords, Live Search and Yahoo! Quality Score especially important Which factors affect returns from paid search?

  10. Online PR • What it? • ‘the management of reputation - the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics” The UK Institute of PR (IPR) • ‘the managed process of communication between one group and another … (it) is the method of defining messages and communicating them to target audiences in order to influence a desired response’.Public Relationships Consultants Association (PRCA)

  11. The key areas of online PR

  12. Figure 9.5Use of search engines for finding information related to product purchase Source: Performics (2010)

  13. Figure 9.6Stages involved in producing a search engine listing for the natural listings

  14. Figure 9.7Gatorade social media command centre video

  15. Figure 9.8Smart Insights blog ( showing content available from within a category of ‘social media marketing’

  16. Figure 9.9Popularity of social sharing services in France, Germany and the United Kingdom Source:, accessed October 2011

  17. Figure 9.10The affiliate marketing model (note that the tracking software and fee payment may be managed through an independent affiliate network manager)

  18. Figure 9.11Distribution of length of time against purchase Source: Prussakov (2011b)

  19. Figure 9.12Behavioural ad targeting process

  20. Figure 9.13Banner blog ( ad review site

  21. Figure 9.14Combination of touchpoints giving rise to sales Source: ecircle (2011)

  22. Figure 9.15E-mail response measures Source: GSI (2011) Whitepaper

  23. Figure 9.16E-mail service provider ( Source: SmartFOCUS DIGITAL

  24. Figure 9.17Sky spend by medium compared with market share of UK internet searches, June 05–March 06 Source: The Hitwise UK Media Impact Report, September 2006

  25. Table 9.4Summary of the strengths and weaknesses of different communications tools for promoting an online presence