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Worldlinks Advisors Creative Fund Raising May 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Worldlinks Advisors Creative Fund Raising May 2010

Worldlinks Advisors Creative Fund Raising May 2010

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Worldlinks Advisors Creative Fund Raising May 2010

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  1. Worldlinks Advisors Creative Fund Raising May 2010

  2. Contents • Welcome • Who are we • Our Vision • Our Mission • Our Process • Fund Raising • Industry Cover • Market Cover • Deal Flow • Contact Us

  3. Welcome • Worldlinks Advisors provide a handholding resource to companies seeking to develop their activities in jurisdictions where they were unfamiliar with the local business customs and would benefit from the support of a reputable local professional network.Worldlinks Advisors works hard to help your organization grow and develop. We bring years of experience in both the private and public sectors to bear in managing change within your organization. • Worldlinks Advisors contributes to your success with program management, project management, business engineering and engagement experience and skills.By engaging the services of Worldlinks Advisor's your international Business Partners, we will save you considerable time, frustration and money by providing you with all the necessary tools and guide you through the entire process of developing a successful business.    • We offer business consulting, partnership creation, business and concept evaluation as well as professional negotiation.

  4. Who are we • Worldlinks Advisors is a Bahrain registered Company with associated partners in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Worldlinks Advisors provides multi tier business and project development services to both clients and investors who wish to establish or to enhance their interests in the Middle East, Europe and beyond. Worldlinks Advisors is geared to deliver a unique blend of solutions in various sectors. • Worldlinks Advisors has considerable experience in the Middle East and can assist America, Europeans, and Asian companies to create strong partnerships and ensure success in this market. We are strongly represented in this region and we understand the business practices in the Middle East. We are capable of assisting you establish partnership with the right local groups, identify distribution channels and assist you to market your products or services in the region. • Worldlinks Advisors has a wide network in the Middle East markets. This includes governmental officials, investors, multinational consultancy firms and powerful local sponsors and investors who have close affinity to influential members of the ruling families in the region. • “Worldwide network with local knowledge”  

  5. Vision “To be a leading Fund Raising Firm a cross the Middle East and North Africa.”

  6. Mission To work with our clients as an interactive team to meet their special business planning, proposal preparation and business development needs through our unique business expertise and associate network. • To deliver practical solutions that client personnel really understand and that they can continue to apply after our inputs are completed; to achieve this we work together closely with the client's team to assure the timely completion of the project and to transfer the required know-how. • We can help you with your business plan preparation and strategy, proposal preparation, certifications, licensing and applications for Government & Commercial, business development, management and organizational structure, obtain funding, develop markets, expand into select domestic and international markets, create partnerships and alliances, and provide marketing and sales representation services. • We give you an unrivalled array of razor-sharp business processes for working swiftly and efficiently in an increasingly competitive marketplace.   taking you where you want to go

  7. Our Process The Worldlinks Advisors Process can double or triple your organization's budget quickly, efficiently, and without burdening your staff and volunteers.Our fundraising consultants follow a phase-wise systematic procedure to ensure an effective fundraising for the economic & community development. There are two major phases of the Worldlinks Advisors process: FIRST THINGS FIRST Feasibility Study (Prepare For and Ensure a Successful Campaign Launch) Worldlinks Advisors will... • Help you develop a multi-year Strategic Action Plan and implementation budget. • Conduct up to 100+ confidential, face-to-face interview with business and community • leaders. • Obtain input and feedback on your proposed Strategic Action Plan. • Fully assess the funding potential of your proposed Strategic Action Plan. • Start educating and cultivating prospective investors. • Indentify the right mix of potential campaign leaders. • Deliver a Worldlinks Advisors Findings Report guiding you on whether and how to • proceed with your campaign. • Build community-wide consensus for moving forward.

  8. Our Process - continue • THE MAIN EVENT Fundraising Campaign (Roll-Out and Launch Campaign) Worldlinks Advisors will... • Provide full-time, on-site comprehensive campaign management services. • Plan, organize, and implement a campaign to secure full funding for your new Strategic Action Plan. • Help you revise your Strategic Action Plan based on Feasibility Study feedback in order to optimize funding. • Recruit, engage, and coalesce top level community leadership around your cause. • Develop persuasive campaign collateral and marketing materials. • Document and demonstrate a powerful return-on-investment (ROI) analysis for your investors. • Make customized investment presentations and proposals to potential  corporate investors to secure substantial multi-year pledges. • Manage all campaign-related educational, public relations, marketing, communication, and media strategies. • Stage a highly visible public kick-off event to roll out your Strategic Action Plan and announce the campaign to the community-at-large. • Make hundreds of investment requests to broaden your investor base. • Stay on task until sufficient funding to fully implement your multi-year Strategic Action Plan is raised. • Provide a Worldlinks Advisors Wrap-Up Report containing a full accounting and investor relations and retention strategy. • Work with you throughout your multi-year program period to ensure effective pledge collection. • Make sure your organization is well-positioned for the next funding cycle

  9. Fund Raising Economic Development Fundraising: Worldlinks Advisors provides comprehensive fundraising management services to economic and community development organizations across the country. We can help your organization devise and capitalize a bold new program that will dramatically improve the impact of your organization on the future of your community. We have developed a PROVEN process and system responsible for raising hundreds of millions of dollars for organizations in communities both large and small. Worldlinks Advisors can help your organization: • Raise the bar vs. your competition • Improve and expand your program • Substantially increase your funding • Strengthen and build your volunteer leadership • Become more relevant, measurable and accountable • Increase both public and private sector support • Secure up to five years of funding within the next twelve months • Increase visibility, credibility, and approval within your community • Deliver measurable, return-on-investment (ROI) to your stakeholders • Propel your organization and community to new heights of prosperity

  10. Fund Raising Worldlinks Advisors has expertise with: • Large metro areas • Multi-county regional efforts • Public-private partnerships • Population centers as small as 15,000 • Building and facility campaigns • Joint organization campaigns • Establishing and capitalizing new organizations

  11. Industry Sectors • Chemicals • Energy (WIND, SOLAR, BIOENERGY) • Global Financial Services • Health Care • Technology • Oil & Gas

  12. Worldlinks Advisors Markets Cover • Saudi Arabia • Kuwait • Bahrain • United Arab Emirates • Qatar • Oman • MENA

  13. Underlying Investment Opportunity- Deal Flow Energy, Oil & Gas: • Wind Farm – Poland • Solar Energy - Italy Real Estate: • Australian Real Estate - Australia • UK Real Estate Distress Asset - England • German Real Estate - Germany Agriculture: • Global Agriculture Fund - Global Health Care: • Private Equity - USA

  14. Contacts Us Worldlinks Advisor P.O. Box : 26280 Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Mob. +973 39747 666 Tel. +973 17 811 644 Fax. +973 17 811 442 E-Fax: +973 17 910 109