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9 Growth Hacking Tools for Startups PowerPoint Presentation
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9 Growth Hacking Tools for Startups

9 Growth Hacking Tools for Startups

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9 Growth Hacking Tools for Startups

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  1. 9 Growth Hacking Tools for Startups

  2. Startup Marketing - Growth Growth Hacking is the term used to scale up your business by finding the most effective marketing channels and make use of them to interact with your audience and target customers. From paid campaigns to public relations, every marketer has incorporated growth hacking strategies in one way or another.

  3. Startup Growth Tools We know that startups are notorious for higher failure rate. Therefore, startup marketers need to be creative, assertive, careful and yet daring. They need to know the market inside out to increase conversion and lead to growth. The following list of growth tools are aimed at helping startup owners and marketers lead their business to success and growth.

  4. 1. Mopinion Mopinion is a tool that helps you collect online feedback to unfold valuable insights in real time. It comes with easy to use interface, designed to build and configure feedback forms tailored to your needs. Mopinion helps you collect feedback for a specific group of online visitors through event driven feedback technology. Pricing: Paid Website:

  5. 2. Consumer Barometer Consumer Barometer is largely used by marketers to get an overview of how people are using internet worldwide. The tool is designed mainly for ecommerce stores to acquire data and analyze such as device usage, buying behavior, internet usage and research behavior. Pricing: Free Website:

  6. 3. Survey Monkey Survey Monkey helps you conduct surveys for better and smarter decisions. It is an ideal tool to help you in startup product development. Through intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can easily create professional survey forms. It allows you to understand how to acquire the best talent and retain customer satisfaction. Pricing: Paid Website:

  7. 4. Crazy Egg Crazy Egg, a popular growth hacking tool provides visual website analytics and heatmaps. It offers various forms of heatmaps to analyze the visitor’s behavior including where they click, what they are looking for and what pages of your website gained user attention. Pricing: Paid Website:

  8. 5. LeadCrunch LeadCrunch helps you generate high quality leads through artificial intelligence. The tool helps you reveal companies or customers that are likely to buy from you. The benefits of using LeadCrunch includes lower customer acquisition costs, higher customer satisfaction and shorter sales cycle. Pricing: Paid Website:

  9. 6. Bounce Exchange Bounce Exchange is a growth hacking tool to offer webmasters and marketers behavioral automation technology. It helps you to lower the bounce rate on your website and increase engagement. It works on parented exit intent technology that trails how and when users left your website. Pricing: Paid Website:

  10. 7. HubSpot HubSpot is a popular inbound marketing and sales software for growth hackers and marketers. It is all in one program that helps you convert leads, create web presence and keep track of your marketing campaigns. You can use it for a range of activities like blogging, social media and email marketing. Pricing: Paid Website:

  11. 8. BuzzSumo Think about your presence online without social media platforms. BuzzSumo is an effective social media analytics and curation tool to analyze top shared and visited content in every niche. With a simple interface, it is easy to use and helps you understand the content and topics that users are much engaged with. Pricing: Paid Website:

  12. 9. Outbrain Outbrain is an effective tool to discover content that can help you drive insane traffic to your website, blog, article or any other content. Through content optimization, connect with your audience and establish long-term relationships with your readers. Pricing: Paid Website:

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