fast forward ten years into the life of dan ohrem n.
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Fast Forward Ten Years into the life of Dan Ohrem PowerPoint Presentation
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Fast Forward Ten Years into the life of Dan Ohrem

Fast Forward Ten Years into the life of Dan Ohrem

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Fast Forward Ten Years into the life of Dan Ohrem

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  1. Fast Forward Ten Years into the life of Dan Ohrem Presented by: Dan Ohrem Project number 9 Fast Forward ten years 5/26/11

  2. Where I will be living In ten years I see my self living in Denver. The reason I see myself living here is I would love to play for the Denver Out laws a Major League Lacrosse team, and I love skiing which there are a lot of mountains in Denver so skiing shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. Educational Background After graduating from high school, I will attend Hofstra University and receive a degree in Sports Finance. I want to do this so maybe one day I can ether own a sports team or be a big part of one.

  4. Career Background I will be working as a Major league lacrosse player earning a annual salary of $20,000 a year but that is not enough if I want to have a nice house and live some where nice so I will have a second job being a gym teacher. Being a gym teacher will bring money in for me and it will be fun at the same time. Denver Out Law highlight’s

  5. Family Life I am one of five family members I have a older brother Pat and I also have a older sister Sam, my dad Paul and my mom Melanie. I am the youngest one in the family. But we all have a lot in common one thing that all of us share is that we play lacrosse a lot, we are a huge lacrosse family I have been playing since I was in kindergarten and same with my brother and sister. We all play lacrosse year round, it never gets old.

  6. Hobbies and Interests In my free timeI usually stay active so I don’t get out off shape in the off season, you will find me at the local work out center lifting weights or running on the treadmill. When I am not working out I will be hanging with friends or just staying home and playing video games and watching tv.

  7. Travel Within the next ten years I would love to go to Canada so I can see all the nice views such as Niagara Falls and where the lacrosse world games were held. Another place I would love to go to would be the California, it has everything you need and want surfing, snowboarding and much more. This two places are something I really would love to do within the next ten years of my life.