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Ira Held

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Ira Held

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  1. Ira Held CEO of ROK Protective Technologies & ROK Water • Address • Phone Number • Email Address 2313 W. Sam Houston Parkway, Suite 105 Houston TX USA 77043 713-467-6999 • Fax Number 713-467-6943

  2. About Ira Held • Ira Held, CEO of ROK Protective Technologies and ROK Water. • Ira’s hard work has made these companied popular in the international market • Ira has played an instrumental and crucial role in the success of these companies. • Ira is an exceptional leader and is able to clearly communicate the vision of the company in order to inspire staff and customers.

  3. Ira Held, current CEO of ROK Protective Technologies and ROK Water, is a forward thinking man with a unique vision. Under his leadership and guidance, ROK Protective Technologies has proliferated into a company with mega potential. With complete expertise in his field, Ira Held embodies all the characteristics needed for a successful CEO.

  4. Ira Held has phenomenal business acumen and a superior understanding of the industry. He is also a caring human being who believes that he is in a position where he can make a difference in the lives of many people in world. Since water is the essence of life, Ira believes that what they are doing is very important. Statistics point that 6000 children die every day owing to a lack of safe drinking water, and their technology can help reduce that number. ROK Water Technologies uses state–of–the–art design with low-cost manufacturing techniques to produce clean, pure drinking water through an innovative and highly effective evaporation, condensation, and filtration process.

  5. Under the watchful eye of CEO Ira Held, the company has grown in leaps and bounds. They have already developed a plethora of protective devices and materials, and hope to become global leaders in the field.