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Standard VIII – Evaluation Completion and Placement PowerPoint Presentation
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Standard VIII – Evaluation Completion and Placement

Standard VIII – Evaluation Completion and Placement

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Standard VIII – Evaluation Completion and Placement

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  1. Standard VIII – EvaluationCompletion and Placement

  2. Standard VIII - Evaluation E.Completion and Placement:  • Written policies and procedures are followed that provide an effective means to regularly assess, document, and validate the quality of the education and training services provided relative to completion and placement rates, as applicable. • Completion: The number of participants who complete the programs and courses in which they enroll is consistent with the benchmarks established by the Accrediting Commission (67%).

  3. Standard VIII - Evaluation E. Completion and Placement (continued): • Placement: Institutions offering vocational programs provide job placement assistance to graduates and document the results to enhance the effectiveness of the training services provided. • The quality of such programs is validated by positive training-related outcomes consistent with the benchmarks established by the Accrediting Commission (70%).

  4. Key Points… • Vocational institutions must use Document 28.1 to track completion and placement for all programs. • ACCET Benchmarks:   • Completion = 67% • Placement = 70%

  5. Consider this…

  6. Understanding and Using ACCET Document 28.1 • Report all programs on separate 28.1s. This includes reporting full-time and part-time (and day / evening) programs, as well as IDL programs separately. • The compilation of completion and placement data must be tracked by the scheduled graduation date(month/year) as a cohort, not the start or placement date. • Transfers In/Out – If a student’s graduation date changes (LOA, course retake, etc.) they are transferred out of their original cohort and transferred in to the new expected graduation month cohort.

  7. Understanding and Using ACCET Document 28.1 • Completion: Column A vs. Column B • Waivers - A student may be counted as a placement waiver if they sign an attestation indicating why they are waiving placement. • Only 15% of those Column A graduates can be counted as waivers – Doc. 28.1 will note any adjustments. • Be prepared to discuss and/or document mitigating circumstances.

  8. Types of Placements Employment is considered “training-related” if it correlates to the programs’ stated vocational objectives. Non-training-related positions will be disallowed. • General/Full-time • Part-time • Temporary • Self-employed • Continuing Employment/Upgrade as a Placement  • Self-assessed Progress

  9. Minimum Information Required for Placement • Name of student • Completion date • Program name • Employment information: • Employment start date • Job title and/or description of placement • Name of employer, mailing address, telephone number and email address • Employer contact person • Documentation of self-employment, part-time employment, temporary employment, continuous employment

  10. What the on-site team will look for… • A team will verify that the students you report as completers have in fact met minimum attendance and academic requirements. If final transcripts/attendance records do NOT indicate such, these “completions” will be disallowed by the team. • The team will verify documentation of waivers. All waivers reported on the 28.1 must be documented, including student signature and date. • The team will verify placements by calling employers and/or students. The team may disallow placements, thereby adjusting the program’s placement rate for a cohort (and therefore for the entire year), based on any of the following: placements deemed by the team to be non-training-related; graduate not employed by the company for at least 30 days, lack of student attestation. • Use the “transfer in/transfer out” columns judiciously. And remember that a student who does not complete the program is a drop, not a “transfer out.”

  11. Let’s practice… • You are the owner/director of a vocational, Title-IV eligible school with a single main campus (no branches, no auxiliary classrooms). Your school offers only one program – Medical Assistant, a 720-hour (9 month) program. • Your school is scheduled for an on-site evaluation visit in February 2014; therefore, you will prepare Document 28.1 for the calendar year 2013. • Please complete Document 28.1 for two cohorts – the groups of students scheduled to graduate in September 2012 and the group of students scheduled to graduate in October 2012. Use the information on the next two pages.

  12. STUDENT INFOName Start Date Expected Grad Date Actual Grad Date Notes

  13. STUDENT INFOName Start Date Expected Grad Date Actual Grad Date Notes

  14. We are below benchmark… Now what?

  15. ACCET Standard VIII-ECompletion and Placement QUIZ • Document 28.1(s) must be submitted for each program at each campus on an annual basis. • True • False • Students identified as “column 5a completers” on Document 28.1 must meet the following criteria: • The institution’s minimum attendance requirements • The institution’s minimum academic requirements • Graduate within 150% of the published length of the program • All of the above • Students who drop out of the program but receive training-related employment should be classified on Document 28.1 as: • Column 5a completers • Column 5b completers • Waivers • Placements

  16. ACCET Standard VIII – ECompletion and Placement QUIZ 4. The maximum percentage of acceptable waivers per program is: • 20% • 15% • 10% • 100% 5. Students who plan to become self-employed after completing a program in which self-employment is a common vocational objective must acknowledge that fact in writing: • At the time of enrollment • Upon graduation • No sooner than 30 days following graduation • Answers B and C, as noted above • Answers A, B, and C, as noted above 6. The number of starts, completions, and placements should be recorded on Document 28.1, based upon: • The start date • The scheduled graduation date (month/year) • The placement date

  17. ACCET Standard VIII – E Completion and Placement QUIZ 7. Graduates recorded as placements on Document 28.1 must meet the following criteria: • Receive a position in a training-related field • Complete a minimum of 30 days of employment • Recite the institution’s mission • Answers A & B, as noted above 8. Graduates who continue employment at the same company must verify that they benefited from training by:   • Receiving a promotion • Receiving an increase in responsibility • Receiving a salary increase • Any one of the above 9. There are _(#?)_ types of placements: • Five • Six • Eight