crazy n.
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  2. Members:

  3. Jeff Stinco Jeff Stinco (Jean FrancoisStinco). He isthefirst guitar player.

  4. Sebastian Lefevbre He istheyoungestin the band, he isthesecondguitar. player

  5. Pierre Charles Bouvier He is the vocalist

  6. Charles-André "Chuck" Comeau DrumsPlayer

  7. David Philippe Desrosiers Bernier Bass player

  8. Albums:

  9. No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls 21/04/2003 1.I'd Do Anything2.The WorstDayEver3.You Don't Mean Anything4.I'm Just A Kid5.When I'mWithYou6.Meet YouThere7.Addicted8.My Alien9.God MustHate Me10.I Won't Be There11.One Day12.Perfect13.Grow Up

  10. Still Not Getting Any… • 28/02/2005 1.Shut Up2.Welcome To My Life3.Perfect World4.Thank You5.Me Against The World6.Crazy7.Jump8.Everytime9.Promise10.One11.Untitled

  11. Simple Plan • 12/02/2008 1.When I'm Gone2.Take My Hand3.The End4.Your Love Is A Lie5.Save You6.Generation7.Time To Say Goodbye8.I Can Wait Forever9.Holding On10.No Love11.What If

  12. Theystarted a fundation in honor the children and teenegarswithproblemssuch as poverty, addictions….

  13. Thesong… "Crazy" is the fourth single from Simple Plan's second studio album, Still Not Getting Any.... Performanced in 2004

  14. Thissongis so true. • Talkaboutthingsthatmostpeople in thisworld try tohideaway.

  15. About the video The video of the single starts out in black and white. As it reaches the end, it slowly changes to color, symbolizing that no matter how grim life is, it will get better.

  16. I guess things aren’t how they used to be There’s no more normal families Parents act like enemies Making kids feel like it’s World War 3 No one cares, no one’s there I guess we’re all just too damn busy And money’s our first priority It doesn’t make sense to me Is everybody going crazy Is everybody going crazy Tell me what’s wrong with society When everywhere I look I see Rich guys driving big SUV’s When kids are starving in the streets No one cares No one likes to share. CRAZY • Tell me what’s wrong with society When everywhere I look I see Young girls dying to be on TV Won’t stop till they’ve reached heir dreams Diet pills, surgery Photo shop pictures in magazines Telling them how they should be It doesn’t make sense to me • Is everybody going crazy Is anybody gonna save me Can anybody tell me what’s going on Tell me what’s going on If you open your eyes You’ll see that something is wrong

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