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Perth VMware User Group PowerPoint Presentation
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Perth VMware User Group

Perth VMware User Group

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Perth VMware User Group

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  1. Perth VMware User Group Thursday 21st May 2009 14:30-17:00-ish Simon Rivers (Bovine ) Leonard Holling (lholling ) Kim Wisniewski (kimono )

  2. Perth VMUG agenda • H&S • Introduction and introductions • What’s new • Sponsor presentation by IBM • Virtualisation Workshop • VMware quiz with real, actual prizes • Wrap up and drinks

  3. Introduction to us

  4. Introduction to you

  5. Latest VI full release VMware ESX 3.5 Update 4 • Latest Version: 3.5 Update 4 | 2009/03/30 | Build: 153875 VMware ESXi 3.5 Installable Update 4 • Latest Version: 3.5 Update 4 | 2009/03/30 | Build: 153875 VMware vCenter Server 2.5 • Latest Version: 2.5 Update 4 | 2009/02/23 | Build: 147633 VMware Consolidated Backup 1.5 • Latest Version: 1.5 | 7/25/2008 | Build: 102898 

  6. Latest VI full release VMware vCenter Converter • Latest Version: 4.0 | 2009/02/12 | Build: 146302 VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 1.0 • Latest Version: 1.0 Update 1 | 2008/12/04 | Build: 128004 VMware vCenter Lab Manager 3.0.2 • Latest Version: 3.0.2 | 2009/03/19 | Build: 56 VMware vCenter Stage Manager 1.0.1 • Latest Version: 1.0.1 | 2008/09/12 | Build: 1970  

  7. Latest VI (ESX) release - new Expanded Support for Enhanced vmxnet Adapter Enablement of Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter Driver Update Emulex Fibre Channel Adapter Driver Update LSI megaraid_sas and mptscsi Storage Controller Driver Update Newly Supported Guest Operating Systems Newly Supported Management Agents Newly Supported I/O Devices

  8. Latest VI (ESX) release - fix For ESX Server 3.5 Update 4, the default virtual NIC used for Solaris 10 32-bit and Solaris 9 32-bit has changed For specific guest operating systems, BusLogic SCSI Adapter is inaccurately listed as supported Prior to ESX Server 3.5 Update 4, for 64-bit SMP guests, certain multithreaded applications might experience instability PAE-enabled Windows 2000 virtual machines stop responding VMotion operation might freeze momentarily on RVI-enabled AMD hosts PXE booting a virtual machine fails when rebooting a guest configured to use an e1000 virtual device ESX Server host sensor information is not displayed in the VI Client UI

  9. Latest VI (ESX) release - fix The ESX Server 3.5 Update 3 Emulex driver is, in some cases, incompatible with the Emulex fibre channel adapters VMware ESX Server 3.5 Update 4 introduces an adaptive queue depth algorithm that adjusts the LUN queue depth in the VMkernel I/O stack During Storage VMotion, moving .vmx file might fail with "Insufficient disk space on datastore" error Guest Operating Systems and Storage Might Not Communicate Properly in RDM  ESX server host might stop responding when Emulex fibre channel adapters are used In ESX3.5 Update 3, vmkernel logs report a large number of reservation conflict errors Prior to ESX Server 3.5 Update 4, the installer stalls on systems using Intel Xeon processor 5500 series

  10. Latest VD full release VMware View Manager 3.0.1 Premier Edition Version: 3.0.1 | 2009/01/30 | Build: 142034 VMware View Manager 3.0.1 Enterprise Edition Version: 3.0.1 | 2009/01/30 | Build: 142034 VMware Workstation 6.5.2 for Windows/Linux • Latest Version: 6.5.2 | 2009/03/31 | Build: 156735 VMware Fusion 2.0.4 • Latest Version: 2.0.4 | 2009/04/10 | Build: 159196

  11. What’s the news..?

  12. What’s the news..? • If you are NEW to VMware • Attend the VMware vSphere 4: Install, Configure, Manage course OR attend the VMware vSphere 4: Fast Track • Take and pass the VCP on vSphere 4 exam • If you are currently a VCP on VMware Infrastructure 3 • Take and pass the VCP on vSphere 4 exam.  This option will only be available until December 31, 2009.  Beginning in 2010, VCPs on VI3 must attend the VMware vSphere 4: What’s New class in order to upgrade. • If you are currently a VCP on ESX 2.x • Take and pass the VCP on VMware Infrastructure 3 exam • Take and pass the VCP on vSphere 4 Exam. This option will only be available until December 31, 2009.  Beginning in 2010, VCPs on VI3 must attend the VMware vSphere 4: What’s New class in order to upgrade. • If you are not a VCP on VI3, but have attended one of the prerequisite classes (Install & Configure; Deploy Secure & Analyze; or Fast Track). • Take and pass the VCP on VMware Infrastructure 3 exam OR attend the VMware vSphere: What’s New course.Take and pass the VCP on vSphere 4 Exam.

  13. What’s the news..? • Having a WTF Moment - Oracle Buys Virtual Iron • Oracle announced the following: • Oracle has agreed to acquire Virtual Iron Software, Inc. (Virtual Iron), a provider of server virtualization management software that enables dynamic resource and capacity management in virtualized datacenters. • The combination of Virtual Iron’s technology and Oracle VM’s scalable, high performance and highly available server virtualization product is expected to provide more comprehensive and dynamic resource management across the full software stack. • Customers are expected to benefit from better capacity utilization, streamlined virtual server configuration, and improved visibility and control of their enterprise software. • The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close this summer. • Until the deal closes, each company will continue to operate independently. • Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

  14. What’s the news..?

  15. What’s the news..?

  16. What’s the news..?

  17. What’s the news..?

  18. What’s the news..?

  19. What’s the news..? Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 Release Candidate ready to download Free live migration Free HA MS: Rebuttal:

  20. What’s the news..? With Windows Server 2008 failover clustering, an administrator must store each virtual machine on an individual LUN. Because an administrator must provide all cluster nodes with access to the same shared storage by using the same drive letters,23 is the maximum number of virtual machines that can run in a failover cluster. Microsoft IT could work around this limitation by using mount points and virtual machine groupings, but it considers this configuration too complex to administer.Because of this limitation, Microsoft IT has adopted a standard of using only three nodes in a cluster, with the cluster configured to tolerate one node’s failure.

  21. What’s the news..? VMware Infrastructure Toolkit (for Windows) Latest Version: 1.5 | 2009/01/27 | Build: 142961 Quick Migration Report into MS Word Dynamic Resource Pool Calculator VMware Infrastructure Power Documenter ESX Automated Configuration Midwife VMware Health Check script Track Datastore Free Space List disk RDMS Find snapshots and send email to user/users with Setting Video Hardware Acceleration Level

  22. vSphere 4 Virtual Machines: 8xvCPUs & 256GB RAM Hot-add of memory/cpu Thinly-provisioned disks New Guest OS - including more legacy OSes Record & Replay - You now have a PVR for a VM! VMCI - VMs can communicate directly to each other without the use of a NIC! vApp - collections of VMs which like virtual appliances can be downloaded/uploaded to make suite of applications

  23. vSphere 4 ESX4:  64-bit Support for 512GB RAM 64 cores Native SATA support Service Console is a VM with a virtual disk vCenter4: Linked-Mode - Link 2 or more vCenters into a single management window Massively increase alarms/alerts - alarm to warn you about snapshot size! YEAH! No more license server - just license strings! Optional: vCenter Hearbeat Service (aka NeverFail) Optional: Mobile Access - manage VMs from your smartphone/pda

  24. vSphere 4 Networking: Native IPv6 support for the Management and VMkernel IP Stacks Distributed Virtual Switches - One switch to rule them all! Easy Migration from Standard vSwitches to the new DvSwitch Storage: Improved UI - Visability from virtual down to the physical Increase - IF LUNs are made bigger so can the VMFS Plugable Storage Array - Vendors like EMC add plug-ins to vCenter Organize datastores into folders - set permissions - folks put their VMs in the RIGHT location New UIs to handle multipathing New CLIs to handle VMFS resignaturing Access Control: New roles - “Datastore Consumer” and “Network Consumer”

  25. vSphere 4 Moving the VM: New simplier wizard - Change Host, Change Datastore, Change both Storage VMotion now integrated into the UI Linked with DvS and Port State Migration - zero packet loss on VMotions Distributed Power Management: Now fully supported Based on ILO authentication, rather than Wake-On-LAN Magic Packets Uptimes: Old Advanced HA Options - now available from the UI New advanced optionsHA to control memory and CPU alerts VMware Fault Tolerence (FT) - neverfail a VM even on death of an ESX host

  26. vSphere 4 Advanced Configuration Tools: All the main management tools get an upgrade - so new version of the RCLI, VIMA, PowerShell VMware Orchestrator - built-in to vCenter Host Profiles - Attach you configuration to an ESX host, and apply - the end of scripted builds??? Backup: On its way - a new version of VCB In Beta - The Data Recovery Appliance. A virtual appliance to backup VMs pitched at SMBs… VUM and Upgrade: Stage an ESX host - download all patches to it first, then later trigger the install process Collect baselines into baseline groups - and apply to ESX host/VMs Upgrading Baselines - Upgrade ESX and VMs using VUM

  27. Sponsor Presentation

  28. Virtualisation Workshop Production and DR site Connected by 3mbps circuit 20 production x86 servers Keep the cost as low as possible 

  29. It’s the Perth VMUG Quiz! So many, many prizes (vmugs)

  30. Question 1.  What are the 2 component of the VCB Framework ?1. Pre-backup Script2. vcbMounter3. hostd4. VMware Tools5. vLUN driver

  31. Question 2. What are the pros of VCB ? (choose 4)1. LAN-free backups2. No resource contention on ESX server3. Restore directly into the virtual disk4. Better performance5. backup to FC-attached tape drives

  32. Question 3. What are the prereqs for VMware HA ? (choose 2)1. Virtual Center up and running2. Correct DNS configuration3. Same amount of memory on ESX servers4. Access common resources (storage, network)5. Same brand of processor (Intel, AMD)

  33. Question 4. What advanced option can help you to specify a different isolation address ?

  34. Question 5. What is the default node isolation verification address ?1. IP of the Virtual Center2. IP of the Service Console3. The default gateway of the Service Console4. Randomly choice an IP of a Physical NIC

  35. Question 6. Isolation response is set by VM, which choice do you have ? choose 21. Migrate2. Reboot3. Power off4. Leave power on

  36. Question 7. The swap partition should have a mount point of /swap. 

  37. Question 8. How much memory is allocated to the service console of an ESX Server by default?1. 100MB2. 200MB3. 250MB4. 272MB5. 800MB

  38. Question 9. What command is used to generate a VMware ESX Support file?1. vmware-cmd -c vmsupport2. vmware-support3. vmsupport -e support@vmware.com4. vm-support5. esx-support

  39. Question 10. What name is given to the maximum amount of a resource that is granted to a given resource pool?1. Limit2. Reservation3. Shares

  40. Wrap up Next meeting Notices – I need a PowerShell expert to demo! A catchup over drinks?