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An electronic circuit is a structure that controls the electric current to perform various functions. Here are 4 types of electrical components used in an electrical and electronic project such as resistor, inductor, transformer, and capacitor.

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Brass Electrical Parts Manufacturer

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  1. Types of Electrical Components Used in Electrical and Electronic Projects If you ask a brass electrical parts manufacturer, you will come to know that there are several electrical components which are used in a variety of electrical and electronic peripherals. Electrical and electronic circuits cannot be imagined without these components. Whether it is a hard disk, video card, or motherboard, electrical components are everywhere. In this post, we will share few widely known electrical components which are widely used in electrical and electronic devices. 1.Resistor It is an electrical component which is designed to regulate or restrict the flow of current in the circuit. This is also to facilitate a particular amount of voltage to a transistor. Electrical energy’s absorption takes place when the current flows through the resistor. Thereafter, it is dissipated in the form of heat. Here a crucial calculation is that the current flowing through a resistor is directly proportional to the voltage across the terminals of the resistor.

  2. 2.Inductor Brass current terminal parts manufacturers say that an inductor can be understood as a two terminal passive electrical component which is designed to store electrical energy. It is also referred to as a coil or reactor. It stores electric energy in the form of magnetic energy. It also encapsulates a conductor and works on Faraday’s law of inductance. 3.Transformer Transformer is another crucial electrical component which is quite commonly used in a variety of peripherals. In a transformer two wire coils are linked by an iron core. Transformers are designed for a very important function of modifying voltage and current levels easily as and when needed. You can easily step up or down AC voltages by using a transformer. You must know that there are two types of transformers. One that has more number of turns on the secondary coil is known as a step-up transformer, while the one with more number of turns on primary coil is known as step-down transformer. DC voltages cannot be changed using transformers. For this very reason, the current we use in homes is AC current. Brass electrical parts manufacturers say that there is a wide array of transformers available in the market in different sizes. They vary in sizes. You can find a transformer as small as an inch long to bulky ones weighing more than hundreds of pounds. 4.Capacitor The function of a capacitor is to store electrical energy when an electric charge is forced on the electrical conductors or plates. It might interest you that a capacitor maintains the charge even after the power source is disconnected. Very often used with a resistor in timing circuit and as a filter blocking DC signals, capacitor is a very commonly used electrical component. Hope you found the post useful. For more information related to brass neutral links manufacturer or electrical components, feel free to write in to us. As a leading brass electrical switchgear parts manufacturer in India, we will answer all your queries. Contact Details: Visit: https://www.ishitabrass.com/

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