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The Moonstone

Unit13 Reading. The Moonstone. Wilkie Collins was born into an artist’s family in 1824 and died in 1889. In his lifetime, he wrote 25 novels, more than 50 short stories, at least 15 plays. Wilkie Collins was a close friend of Charles Dickens’. His detective.

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The Moonstone

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  1. Unit13 Reading The Moonstone

  2. Wilkie Collins was born into an artist’s family in 1824 and died in 1889. In his lifetime, he wrote 25 novels, more than 50 short stories, at least 15 plays. Wilkie Collins was a close friend of Charles Dickens’. His detective stories are famous for the unexpected suspense. His novel The Moonstone is considered as the first detective story in the history of England.

  3. Find the characters mentioned in the text and pay attention to the relationships between them Fast Reading An English man and his sister Franklin Rachel Verinder Godfrey Dr. candy The strange Indians The servants Sergeant Cuff ?

  4. Sergeant Cuff (A detective) Godfrey (A guest of the party) An Englishman (stole the Moonstone) admirer uncle Dr. Candy (A local doctor) Rachel appear at her party The strange Indians (entertain the guests) maid Childhood friend quarrel fond of him Rosanna Franklin

  5. Reading comprehension: 1.Why did the man who stole the Moonstone give it to his sister’s daughter? A.Because he wanted to help her. B.Because he had no other relatives C.Because he wanted to pass on his bad fortune to her D.The text didn’t tell us 2.Why did Franklin quit smoking? A.Because smoking damaged his health B.Because Rachel asked him to C.Because he wanted to please Rachel D.The servants asked him to C C

  6. 3.Why did Godfrey ask Rachel to marry him? A.Because he wanted to get the Moonstone because of his heavy debt B.Because he loved her C.Because he wanted to destroy her family 4.The word “vital”is closest in meaning to ____. A.deadly B.important C. curious D.clear 5.How many people saw Franklin move the Moonstone to his bedroom? A. 2 B.3 C. 4 D. No one 6.In your opinion, who might kill Godfrey? A. Franklin B. Dr Candy C. Rachel D. The Indians A B A D

  7. Main ideas of the three parts part Main idea Background of the story Part 1(para1) Part 2(para2-5) The lost of the Moonstone Part 3(para6-10) The investigation into the Moonstone

  8. Careful Reading Part 1 1.Where and when was the story set in? 2. Who gave Rachel the Moonstone? 3.Why did he give it to her?

  9. 1.Where and when was the story set in? 2. Who gave Rachel the Moonstone? 3. Why did he give it to her? The story was set in England in 1848. Rachel’s uncle . Because he wanted to revenge her mother for not speaking to him by passing on the Moonstone’s bad luck to Rachel.

  10. Part 2 Before the party During the party After the party Rachel and Franklin worked together on painting a door. proposed marriage to Rachel and was turned down 1.Godfrey 2.Franklin 3.Indian entertainers What happened argued with Dr Candy behaved strangely The Moonstone was gone

  11. Part 3 The detective suspected so many people. Who are they? And what are the reasons for suspicion? The Indians Godfrey Dr candy Franklin Rosanna Rachel

  12. Suspect Reason for suspicion The Indians They followed the Moonstone around the world waiting for an opportunity to take it back to India . He might have stolen the Moonstone as revenge for loss of face ,because Rachel turned down his proposal of marriage . Godfrey Dr Candy As with Godfrey, he lost face because of the quarrelling with Franklin.

  13. Reason for suspicion Suspect Rachel Perhaps she had debts that needed to be paid . Franklin He gave the detective assistance. His enthusiasm was the reason why he was suspected ,because it was not his business. Rosanna Once a thief and acting strangely. She also loved Franklin and may want to make trouble for Rachel.

  14. Summary The Moonstone is a huge yellow __________that was once part of a _________of the moon god inIndia.An Englishman __________three holy men,_______the diamond and brought it back to London.His sister was angry with him about his act. The man, in an act of _________left the Moonstone to his sister’s _________Rachel , a beautiful and __________young lady, intending to pass on his bad_________to her.And Rachel would receive the Moonstone on her ____________birthday. diamond statue murdered stole revenge daughter wealthy fortune eighteenth

  15. From the moment Rachel the diamond to her dress, many unhappy and strange things at the party. At the end of the party, all the guests left except and .The following morning Rachel found the was gone.Her mother the famous detective Sergeant Cuff to investigate the .As the story , the detective discovered some about the people in the house that night, and the why they might have stolen the diamond.He even Rachel and Franklin.Finally, however, he found a in the wet paint on the door of Rachel’s sitting room that was not there during the party. He thought it was a clue. fastened happened Franklin Godfrey diamond hired theft developed secrets reasons suspected smear vital

  16. Language points • The novel The Moonstone is set in England in 1848…(p112 para1) • 1) be set in 以……为背景(常用被动语态) • eg: The novel is set in the18th century in Paris. • Set • He set his hand on my shoulder. • Please set the table for dinner. • 3. Have you set the time for the meeting? • 4. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. put 放,置 摆桌子 arrange 安排,确定 go down below the horizon 落(下)

  17. 使……处于某种状态 seta new world record 5. set + O + adj/prep/doing set sb free These words set me thinking.这些话引起我的深思。 6. 创造新的世界纪录。 7. 树立榜样 8.开始,着手 9. 着手(开始)做 10. 动身,出发 11. 成立,建立 12. 点燃,燃烧 13.写下,记下 set an example to sb set out to do set about doing set off for set up set fire to sth= set sth on fire set down: write down

  18. 2.The diamond was cursed and the man lived a sad,lonely life without friends or family. (p112,para1) curse sb./sth for sth. 咀咒,咒骂 He cursed himself for his stupidity. be cursed with “因…而苦恼/而受害” He is cursed with his lazy son. Cursed with __________ his bad health, he couldn’t get the job.

  19. 3. When he died he left the Moonstone to his sister’s daughter, Rachel, in an act of revenge, passing on his bad fortune to her. ( para1) an act of revenge 报复行为 Actions speak louder than words. He was caught in the act of stealing . act [ C] 多指具体的,短暂的行为或行动 action [C,U] 多指抽象的行为、持续而复杂的行动 固定结构:an act of cruelty/ an act of war / an act of mercy残忍/战争/仁慈的行为 采取行为take action

  20. pass on … to …把……传给…… 看一看通知,然后传给其他同学。 pass: to give , to hand 直接传给…… pass on :传递信息,转手传给 Would you please pass the book ____ me? Thank you all the same,They have passed the information _____me. Read the notice and pass it on to the other students. to =pass me the book on to

  21. 4.Franklin,who is a smoker,is very considerate towards Rachel.(P112,para2) considerate adj. 考虑周到的, 体谅的,体贴的 be considerate towards /to sb. It is considerate of sb to do consider v. consideration n. take … into consideration考虑…,斟酌…, considerable adj. 相当多 (或大\重要) 的 considering prep.& conj. 考虑到,就…而言

  22. ①He is always polite and ___________towards his employees. ②It was_____________ of you not to play the piano while I was asleep. ③He bought his car at a ____________ expense. ④She is very active , ______________her age. ⑤When marking Dan’s exam papers, the teacher took his long illness into _____________. ⑥The award_______________a great honor. considerate considerate considerable considering consideration is considered

  23. 5.But from the moment Rachel fastens it to her dress , things start going wrong.但是从雷切尔把宝石系到衣服上的那一刻起,情况就开始变糟了。(Para.3) fasten …to : tie/attach …to 把……系在…… 我们去看她时她不在,我们只好写了张便条钉到门上。 go wrong. 出毛病,不对头 我的自行车出了点问题。 When we went to visit her, she was not in. We wrote a note and fastened it to the door. Something has gone wrong with my bike. go hungry/ mad/ wild Fish soon goes bad in hot weather.

  24. 6.Franklin’s reply that doctors just guess which drug they recommend, makes Dr Candy extremely angry.(Para 4) 弗兰克林回答说,医生无非是凭猜想来开处方的,这使坎迪医生极为恼火。 7. stay the night过夜 8. As the story develops, we discover some secrets about the people at the house that night, and the reasons why they might have stolen the diamond. (Para 5) As time went by ,he began to realize that he should have studied hard. 随着

  25. 像-----一样 As 其他用法: 1.He doesn’t like skating as much as he used to. 2.I have told the story just as it happened. 3.As you object, I will consider the plan . 4.Much as I like the book, I can’t afford to buy it. 照----方式 因为,既然 虽然 9、take sth from force of habit 惯偷 (p113 Para2)

  26. (同位语从句) 8. Rachel is stubborn in resisting his enquiries about the Moonstone to the degree that she makes it seem as if she does not want the mystery to be solved. (p113 Para3) 他应该立即来的建议被接受了。 我们不知道运动会何时召开。 The suggestion that he come at once has been adopted. We have no idea when the sports-meet will be held. 1.be stubborn in (doing) sth 倔强地做某事 2. to… degree 达到……程度

  27. to the degree to a certain degree to a considerable degree to what degree 达到那种程度 在某种程度上 在相当大的程度上 达到何种程度 ①Chinese fans love Yao Ming ________________ that they will try to watch any match that Yao Ming competes in. ②I agree with you_____________________. ③___________________ are you fond of botany? to the degree to a certain degree To what degree

  28. 9.Whoever is guilty must have a stain on his or her clothes. (p113 Para4 )不管谁是犯罪者,衣服上肯定有污点。 (主语从句)whoever ,whomever可引导名词性从句和状从;而no matter who只能引导状从; who ever中ever加强语气。 Give the book to ________ would like to read it. Give the book to ________you like. _____________________has done it ,he will be punished. ________has done it will be punished. _____________ has done? Please explain it to me. whoever whomever No matter who/Whoever Whoever Who ever

  29. 10.I wasconvincedthat she had taken her own diamond.(P115,para1) • convince vt. • 使确信,使信服; convince sb. (of sth.) / that • He convinced me of his innocence. • 他使我相信他是无辜的。 • I was convinced that he knew the truth. • 我确信他知道事实。 • 2. 说服=persuade • What convinced you to vote for them? • The doctor convinced me to stop smoking.

  30. Exercises: 1.The Chinese film,____ Tang Dynasty, is well received by many foreign viewers. A.is set in B.setting in C.set in D.be set in 2.It’s ____ of you not to smoke with guests present. A.considerable B.considerate C.considering D.considered C B

  31. C 3.__ no one has thought of this before. A. I astonish that B. I am astonishing C. It astonishes me that D. It is astonished that 4.I find it quite___ that none of you likes play. A.astonished B.astonishment C.astonishing D.astonish 5.__, it had completely disappeared. A.To my astonishment B.Astonishing C.Being astonished D.Astonished C A

  32. 6.It was hard to __ you that we could not afford a new car. A. persuade B. suggest C. convince D. advise 7.You’ve done very well, ___ the adverse circumstances. A. to consider B.considering C. considered D.having considered 8. I have been making some ___ about it. A.inquiry B.inquiries C.inquire D.enquire C B B

  33. 9.The meeting is beginning at 8 o’clock. ___let’s make some prepara- tions for it. A.At the same time B.Meanwhile C.While D.During B meanwhile=meantime/ in the meantime 在此期间 A 10.___from this point of view, the question will be of great importance. A.Considered B.Considering C.Consider D.To consider 如果从这个角度去考虑…

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