surah maryam for getting pregnant n.
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Surah Maryam For Getting Pregnant PowerPoint Presentation
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Surah Maryam For Getting Pregnant

Surah Maryam For Getting Pregnant

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Surah Maryam For Getting Pregnant

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  2. Shaitanitaqak can take over your child and hamper its growth. Such children are recorded to become disobedient and obstinate. They do not listen to their parents, elders or teachers. You receive complaints of such children from school, locality and anywhere they go. Call/Whatsapp On +91-9653873197

  3. There are many hurdles for you to become parent. This is devastating feeling in your life. You can see people around you who have become newly parent. You keep on thinking why this is happening with you. Also, you did your best to solve this problem. Call/Whatsapp On +91-9653873197

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  5. But nothing is working. Today, you should leave all this worry aside because your suffering is going to end. Do bismillah ka wazifa for aulad. It has made impossible thing possible for many people by giving them aulad when there was no hope. Call/Whatsapp On +91-9653873197

  6. Child plays an important role in parent’s life. People can take their family generation ahead by having child. Some people want to carry legacy and values of family through their child. It is matter of reputation of family. Some people would like to have child because they like babies. They would like to give unconditional love. Call/Whatsapp On +91-9653873197

  7. Call/Whatsapp On +91-9653873197

  8. It connects both husband and wife together. After giving birth to child, both husband and wife work together for their child’s upbringing. Some parents want to give their child chance to live and enjoy the world in same way they did. There are some parents who want to have child because of society pressure.  Call/Whatsapp On +91-9653873197

  9. After marriage, the pressure between husband and wife increases to give birth to child. They will get constant questions from their parents. Parents of husband and wife will start dreaming about becoming grandparents. They would like to spend last stage of their life with little child. Call/Whatsapp On +91-9653873197

  10. Call/Whatsapp On +91-9653873197

  11. Both husband and wife go through terrible pain when they cannot have aulad. It gives emotional and mental pressure on them. They have to face challenges from all end. Many issues start happening between husband and wife because of not having children. Call/Whatsapp On +91-9653873197

  12. Husband does not get much blame as wife gets. If she is main reason for not having child, she will have to hear lot of bad things. Her husband, in-laws and society will declare that she is curse to family. She will come into emotional trauma. There are few cases where husband choses to marry other woman to have child. Call/Whatsapp On +91-9653873197

  13. Call/Whatsapp On +91-9653873197

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