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An Online Environment Suitable for Interactive Teaching and Learning

An Online Environment Suitable for Interactive Teaching and Learning. Reporter : Junhao Ji Adviser : Zuyuan Wang Department of Physics Tongji University. Online Reading System. 1. Online Testing System. 2. Online Debate System. Online Communication. 3. 5. Online Homework Revision.

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An Online Environment Suitable for Interactive Teaching and Learning

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  1. An Online Environment Suitable for Interactive Teaching and Learning Reporter:JunhaoJi Adviser:Zuyuan Wang Department of Physics Tongji University

  2. Online Reading System 1 Online Testing System 2 Online Debate System Online Communication 3 5 Online Homework Revision 4 Outline

  3. Simulating Design of Online Reading System Even if students do not carry their textbooks, they can study through our “Online Reading System” whenever and wherever they can go online. Considering that we may insert bookmarks, add notations, and write reading notes for any paragraph or key content, we simulate these functions in the Online Reading System. Online Reading System

  4. Example [key points] (an icon of excalmatory mark) [bookmark] (an icon of bookmark) [reading notes] (an icon of paper and pen)

  5. The page of Online Reading Systemand the windows of reading notes

  6. Online Testing System Q-Database management Randomly generating test paper Study plan Functions Study history Automaticallyscoring Operation history Statistics evaluating

  7. Plan Correlation • When teachers edit the catalog of teaching material, the teaching platform will enquire whether there is quiz. If there is, students should finish it after they study this chapter. In this way, the system can control the sequence of quiz according to students’ study plan. The column of managing teaching material catalog

  8. Study Track • Considering that self-education is emphasized in network schools, we strengthen the module of study plan in this system. Means the task has not begun Means the task has not been accomplished Means the task has been accomplished

  9. Operation History • The system will track all the operations of teachers and students, log the learning time, and record whether students have used communicating tools, such as “MSN” and “QQ” in the quiz.

  10. 1 2 Online Discussion Online Debate Two Designs of the Online Discussion System

  11. Online Discussion • Online discussion is an important vehicle, in which teachers and students can work over problems.

  12. Online Debate • Online Debate System is more welcomed among students, because it accords with young students’ competitive characteristic. Affirmative side Negative side Neutral opinion

  13. Online Homework Revision • Utilizing OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) technology, the Online Homework Revision System of the platform provides the function of online editing of OFFICE documents.

  14. Online Communication The alternative communication mode The alternative expression mode Online Communication

  15. The alternative communication mode • One of the most significant purposes that students go online is to exchange. • Various communications in the process of study also play very important roles.

  16. The alternative expression mode • The platform for research and communication supports the functions of editing text, write formula and insert multimedia. • With the help of the function of drawing board, users can draw with their mouse and transmit the picture immediately.

  17. The Easy-to-spread Personal Design • In this system, all the words, figures, catalogs and even the rolling pictures on the first page can be modified and managed online by teachers.

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