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ISO 17025 Awareness and Auditor Training PowerPoint Presentation
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ISO 17025 Awareness and Auditor Training

ISO 17025 Awareness and Auditor Training

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ISO 17025 Awareness and Auditor Training

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  1. ISO/IEC17025-2005 LABORATORY ACCREDITATION AWARNESS and Auditor training presentation Product Code: C107 Price: 270 USD

  2. ISO17025 : 2005 - SCOPE The requirements are: • The competence to carry out tests and or calibration and sampling. • Applicable to all organization performing tests and or calibrations. • To develop management system for quality, administrative and technical operations • Applicable to all organisations

  3. OBJECTIVES OF ISO:17025-2005 The principles of good laboratory practice should be applied to all type of test laboratory having private or in house and in any manufacturing unit for testing To establish quality in testing and reliability To prevent risk To detect deviations To correct errors To improve efficiency

  4. MESSAGE FROM ISO 17025-2005 • Message in 5 lines for laboratories • Say what you do • Do what you say • Record what you do • Check the difference • Act on the difference Message in 1 line Do right thing, first time, every time to achieve consistent quality Message in 1 line Continual improvement is the way of life

  5. Technical requirements Following factors determine the correctness and reliability of tests and or calibrations : • Accommodation and environment conditions • Test and calibration methods and method validation • Equipment • Measurement traceability • Sampling • The handling of test and calibration Items

  6. BENEFITS OF ISO:17025 Establish confidence of management and customers on your test results as well as test reports and increase customer trust as well as market share. It will give better image of company as a Quality producer in Global market. Provide hot tips on analysis of data as well as measure uncertainty and perfect record keeping. Provide guideline for doing testing and measurement in detail. Provide guidelines and better control for maintenance of instruments, environment control, preservation of test records etc.

  7. CONTROL OF NONCONFORMING TESTING AND OR CALIBRATION WORK • The laboratory shall procedure for control of nonconforming testing and or calibration work which ensures that • The responsibilities and authorities for management of non conforming work • Significant evaluation of non conforming work • Customer is notified and work is recalled • The responsibilities for authorizing the resumption of work • The follow up of corrective action procedure if required

  8. Accommodation and environmental condition • The above facilities should be facilitate correct performance of the test and or calibrations • The technical requirement for accommodation and environmental condition shall be documented • Environmental condition shall be monitored, controlled and recorded • Following shall be considered Biological sterility, dust, electromagnetic disturbance, radiation, humidity, electrical supply, temperature and sound and vibration levels as appropriate

  9. Handling of test and calibration items The laboratory shall have the procedure for the • Transportation, • Receipt, • Handling, • Protection, • Storage, • Retention and or disposal of test and calibration items • Protection of the test or calibration items

  10. Equipment • Use appropriate equipment • Authorised personnel operate • Instructions available • Unique identification, inventory • Equipment calibration • Applies to outside equipment