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  1. Title of Presentation Subtitle/otherinformation EU-ASEAN S&T cooperation to jointly tackle societal challenges

  2. Key features one programme integrating FP, CIP and EIT objectives based on Europe 2020 & Innovation Union closer linking research & innovation ‘from research to retail’ strong bottom-up support for excellent science top-down focus on societal challenges (impact!) single set of rules, less schemes (simplification)

  3. Three pillar structure

  4. 1. Excellent Science

  5. 2. Industrial Leadership • Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies (ICT, nanotechnologies, materials, biotechnology, manufacturing, space) • ‘Fast Track to Innovation’ • Access to risk finance leveraging private finance and venture capital for research and innovation • Innovation in SME fostering all forms of innovation in all types of SME

  6. 3. Societal Challenges

  7. Adoption Horizon 2020

  8. Draft structure of NCP network National NCP Coordinator Legal and Financial aspects SMEs Access to Finance European Research Council Future and Emerging Technologies Marie Curie actions on skills, training and career development European research infrastructures (including einfrastructures) Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Nanotechnologies, advanced materials and advancedmanufacturing and processing

  9. Draft structure of NCP network - 2 Biotechnology Space Health, demographic change and wellbeing Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research and the bio-economy Secure, clean and efficient energy Smart, green and integrated transport Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials Inclusive, innovative and secure societies Security Euratom Joint Research Centre

  10. Main principles of the NCP network • Horizon 2020 web portal by the relevant national authority. • The NCP service should be accessible by email and phone. • NCPs should be knowledgeable about all aspects of H2020, beyond their specialist area. • Where practicable, for the NCPs in third countries, aggregated evaluation data (and selected data on proposals) will be provided. • NCPs must be free from conflicts of interest between their NCPs activities and the rest of their professional activities. They will not be appointed as proposal evaluators in H2020. • Confidentiality – a written declaration from the relevant national authority will be required by the Commission, confirming that necessary measures are in place with regard to the handling of any confidential information.

  11. Information events for NCP’s on H2020 • October 2013NCP coordinators and Legal&FinancialNCPs only • November 2013Info events for each challenge and funding instrument

  12. Search foryour National Contact Points