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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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  1. Table of Contents

  2. At the Beginning of Class • You line up at the door along the lockers. You wait patiently and quietly until I welcome you at the door and tell you to come in. • When you come in, your voice level is at 0. Un-stack chairs (if applicable) and make sure that every table has a chair. • Write in your planner the day’s agenda, homework and start the Para Empezaron the board in your notebook.

  3. Para Empezar • Para Empezar are warm ups of the class. All students will required to keep their notes in warm ups in a notebook. They will be graded 3 times a quarter. Keeping your warm ups notes will help you keep track of the class and can be used on the final assessment.

  4. At the End of Class • All materials that were used for the day are put away in the appropriate place in the room. • Tables are put back in their original place and chairs push in. • All papers, trash etc… make it to the garbage and recycle receptors. • Stack chairs (if applicable).

  5. Class Set Up • There are 30 desks that set up as reflecting “E”s . You will notice that there are tape on the floors, cords, and desks. DO NOT REMOVE, MOVE etc… THE TAPE! It keeps the classroom accessible for everyone. • The LCD projector and anything place upon it is OFF LIMITS. Don’t touch it (it can led to a referral) • There is also a student table, homework tower, pencil sharpener, calendar, and material towers.

  6. Materials • You are required to bring the following daily: • Pencil • Notebook for this class only • A pocket folder for this class only • A whiteboard marker • Planner • Other materials upon request

  7. Class Rules: The MANN 5

  8. Grades Tests/Projects Quizzes Class work/ Homework Participation • Grades will be posted once a week. You may check them during the following: • During grade check time • After you completed the Warm Up • As you leave the classroom. • You can find out your grades by: • Back of the room by the door. • Student Connect on Zangle • Coming in on your time to ask…not class time.

  9. Tests/Projects • Projects can be anything that helps you compare what you are learning in class to the outside world. Some examples are: family tree, cultural reports, creating your language. • Tests are cumulative assessments. You will have tests mid quarter and at the end. Tests will vary from acting out sentences, to writing. • Expectations during Quiz/Test

  10. Expectations During Tests/Quizzes • Voice Level is at ZERO during the entire time. NO TALKING! • There is no looking on other peoples’ paper. • That you cover your answers so no one can cheat off of you. • When you are done, turn over your paper and draw a cool Halloween picture. • If you are caught not following the rules: • You receive a ZERO • I rip up your paper • You call your parents in the middle of class. • Possible referral.

  11. Quizzes • Quizzes are usually unannounced. The reason that will not announce a quiz is that cramming for a quiz the night before does not produce long term memory. Since I want you to know all of the material at all times, quizzes can include all of the material we have learned, not just the current vocabulary list or topic.

  12. Homework/Class work • Typically I assign homework once a week. Unless otherwise stated, homework will be due two days later. (Example: Homework was assigned Monday it will be due Wednesday) Homework is practice, not a test. Even if you aren’t sure you’re doing right…do it! You earn credit for having homework assignments done to the best of your ability and on time. Points will be taken off for late work. • You turn in assignments into the Homework Tower. DO NOT TURN ANYTHING IN ON MY DESK!

  13. Participation: • Remember the 2 Rules: • Act engaged. • What are some examples? • Answer Spanish questions in Spanish. • Or raise your hand if you need to speak English • All students begin with a 100-point nine-week participation grade.

  14. Págames (Pay me) • Rule violations cause a student to lose 5 points. • This is your Págame • When you have a violation I will tell you, “Pagame”. And keep track of it on a sheet. • You can make up the points! 

  15. Makeups • Students get 4 free makeups • First 2 are made up by making me a card. • The card can say anything and be in English or Spanish. • Write something nice about the class, or me. • The second makeup is by giving me a handshake. • After the four free ones, students make up págames by writing 100-word essays in Spanish. Each essay makes up one págame. • Maximum two págames per day. On the 3rdpágame, the student can get a referral, go to the office or/and sits in the hall.

  16. The “Day Off” • Students are able to take a “day off” and work on homework etc… • This costs 2 págames for the first day off and the following for each subsequent day off: • 2nd day off: 3 págames • 3rd day off: 4 págames • 4th day off: 5 págames • 5th day off: 6 págames • 6th day off: 7 págames • 7th day off: 8 págames • 8th day off: 9 págames • YOU MUST NOTIFY ME AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS & YOU MUST HAVE A “B” OR BETTER!

  17. Late Work Policy: • Any work received after the due date is considered late work. • Exceptions: • If you were absent the day it was due, and were here when it was assigned, then you must turn it in the first day you are back in class. If it is not turn in at that time then it is late. • If you are absent for a several days, then you will have a reasonable amount of timeto turn your work. 1 to 1 ½ weeks NOT 3 weeks! • Any late work will receive 80% credit of their score. Example: Your homework score was 10/10 (100%) x .80= 80%.

  18. Redo Policy • If you have a 79% or lower on any homework, quiz or test, you can retake it. • If you want to retake a quiz or test I require that you set up a time with me to come in and go over the quiz/test so we can see how you can do better. • There will date posted when I will no longer accept any retakes or missing work. It will be your responsibility to keep track of your grade and missing assignments. • Times for coming in and redoing or making up work will be posted weekly on the class’ “Sign Up” clipboard by the door. It will be the students’ responsibility to sign up.

  19. Missing Work Policy: • If you have an excused absence: • You have that many days that you were absent for to make up that work and turn it in. Example: Sally was absent for two school days. Thus Sally has two school days to get work made up. • If you have an unexcused absence: • You can turn in any work and make-up tests but any work turned in will be considered late.

  20. Extra Credit Policy • Typically the only extra credit that I give is a bonus question on a test of quiz. But for whatever reason wants/needs to bring up their grade (letter or citizenship), one can bring in following: • 1 box of Kleenex • 1 box of pencils • 1 package of lined paper • 1 box of colored pencils/markers • 1 box of whiteboard markers • 5 days of the weekday comics of the Gazette.

  21. Help Sign Up • Help Sign Up gives you the opportunity to come in for help, make up work etc. Since I can’t keep track of 150 students and their schedules, the sign up let’s me know that I need to be somewhere. • TIPS: • Make sure you check the schedule first to see if I’m available. • If you sign up don’t forget. Students who sign up and forget to come in will get a referral. • If you are signing up to come in before or after school, make sure your ride knows.

  22. Emergency Procedures • Fire Drill • Tornado Drill • Lockdown • Shelter in Place

  23. Fire Drill • Voice Level 0 during the entire drill • Stay Calm • Stand and Push in chair • Line up • Walk single file out the 8th grade doors, to the chain-link fence. The class line should make a “T” with the fence. • Say, “Here” when your name is called. • Wait for the ALL CLEAR. Walk single file back to the room.

  24. Tornado Drill • Voice Level 0 during the entire drill • Stay Calm • Stand and Push in chair • Line up • Walk single file out class door, to between rooms 24 and 26. • Sit down with your back against the lockers covering your head and neck. • Wait for the ALL CLEAR. Walk single file back to the room.

  25. Lockdown • A lockdown is when there is a concern in area. • Close and lock doors and windows • Stay Calm • Continue on with class as normal until ALL CLEAR is given.

  26. Shelter in Place • A shelter in place is when there is a concern in the building(s). • Voice Level 0 • Stay Calm • Close and lock doors and windows. Turn off lights. • All students will stand up and sit down along north side of the classroom starting at the pencil sharpener. • Remain seated and quiet until ALL CLEAR is given.

  27. Student Responsibilities: • Your main responsibility is to learn. Meaning: • Raise your hand if you have a question, clarification, need help etc… • Answer when called upon. No, “I don’t know”, shoulder shrugs etc… • Being prepared for class. • Turn in your work when told to do so. • Find out what you miss in class if you are gone. • Come in and make up any work that you missed. • To be a positive influence in the classroom.

  28. Teacher Responsibilities: • My main responsibility is to teach you. Meaning: • Being prepared for you. • Having grades and my schedule posted on a weekly basis. • To keep a safe learning environment. • Assess you, and grades you assignments in a timely manner. • Giving you help when asked.

  29. Hall Pass/Sign Out • There are no restroom privileges during the first and last 10 minutes of class or during direct instruction. • If you are leaving the class for bathroom, locker etc… you need: • To sign out on the door • Take the hall pass • I have only one hall pass. So only one person can leave the classroom at a time. Make sure you are prepared, gone to the bathroom before you come to class. • What if I have to go to the office, nurse, counselor?

  30. To the Office, Nurse, Counselor • Ask permission • I must write you a pass.

  31. Attendance • While you are doing the warm up, one of the many things that I’m doing is taking attendance. If you are not in your assigned seat when I do attendance you will be marked absent/tardy.

  32. Tardy Policy • If you come in late you must have a pass/note from a teacher/ adminstrator in order to be excused. • You get 1 freebie then it is a referral. • I come in half way through class? • Talk to the person next to you in a .5 voice level to find out what you are missing OR ask me.

  33. I need to throw something away or need a tissue • THROW SOMETHING AWAY: Raise your hand and wait to be called upon. OR If you need to throw something away you can throw it out as you leave class or during clean up time. • TISSUE: Raise your hand and point to your nose. The student is to stand and walk quietly (voice level at 0) to the student table, take a tissue, blow their nose, dispose of the tissue, and sit down.

  34. I didn’t bring my materials  • I run a community supply area on the student table. Students donate pencils, paper etc… (and they receive extra credit). • If there any materials there, they are free to use. • Put any excess materials (especially pencils) back in the area. • Once the materials are gone…they are gone. • DO NOT take things off my desk!

  35. I know that Ms. Arthur Needs my Attention: • When she counts down from 4,3,2,1 • Clase voice level is at _______. • All above are at a voice level 3.

  36. I need to speak, have a question etc… • Raise your hand • Speak in a level 3 voice clearly. • Use, “May I….?”

  37. What Do I Expect From Your Work? • Heading: Mann Heading • Turning in Work: • Homework: last thing you do during the Warm UP • Classwork, Quizzes, & Tests usually I will announce a side of the class to turn in papers. • Pencils are recommended on most assignments; REQUIRED on Quizzes/Tests. • If you need to write on the back of a sheet, make an  • Neatness: if I can’t read it, I can’t grade it (that means a 0 for you ) • If you turn in incomplete work , it is graded “as is”.

  38. If there is a Guest teacher/ presenter or observer in class… • Guest Teachers are in class when: • I’m sick. • I’m in a district meeting, conference etc. that requires me to be out of the class. • To enrich the curriculum or to help out. • You should treat the Guest Teacher: • With more respect than you show me. • Do what they ask you to do, even though, it may be stupid. • Any names left for me will get a referral. • Classes with good report get to pick their reward.

  39. Intercom or Announcements • The voice level is at ZERO during Announcements and when the intercom is on. • This also includes when the phone rings or someone is on the phone.

  40. Pencil Sharpener: • When: • At the beginning of the class. • At the end of class. • Or by permission of the teacher. • 3 options: • Pencil that is 5 inches or longer: the electric pencil sharpener (aka. Big Bertha) • Pencil that is 5 inches or smaller: the hand crank sharpener. • Your own personal hand sharpener.

  41. Questions & Suggestions • Suggestions by previous students: • “…don’t get on her bad side or waste time.” • “Pay attention, sit down, and shut up.” • “study more and concentrate during class” • “PAY ATTENTION!!” • “Try your best, do as much as you can, pay attention, don’t sit next to friends, don’t cheat, study, and you’ll pass. Good Luck!”