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  1. HOMESTEAD APARTMENTS Homestead Apartments 421 East 8th Street Homestead, PA 15120 - 240 Units - Partners: Allegheny County Housing Authority (ACHA) TREK Development Group Community LIFE University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Braddock Senior Service Program

  2. BACKGROUND Homestead Apartments was only affordable housing in neighborhood Needed to improve services to elderly Plan was to create Assisted Living Facility Pennsylvania does not allow for Medicaid Waivers at this time Received HOPE VI grant of $2.5 million in 1998 HOMESTEAD APARTMENTS ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PA

  3. DESIGN / STAFFING Amenities: Communal space and laundry facilities (All floors) Libraries and Community Rooms (All towers) Wellness Center 14,000 Square Foot Community LIFE Center Services: Kitchen and dining area, personal hygiene and laundry room and a beauty salon/barber shop * Some units are accessible and all are visitable; To date, one tower has been completed. HOMESTEAD APARTMENTS ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PA

  4. PROCESS Originally, only one of the four towers would be converted to an ALF Improvements were to be made to all units in that tower Residents strongly supported the redevelopment TREK Development Group was selected to be the developer ACHA and TREK partnered to form Homestead Housing Development Partnership, LLC HOMESTEAD APARTMENTS ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PA

  5. PROCESS (Continued) ALF could not be developed because Pennsylvania does not have an appropriate Medicaid waiver The 350 units will be renovated, resulting in 240 rehabbed units Only three of four towers are using HOPE VI funds ACHA/TREK contracted with Community LIFE Center to provide enhanced supportive services to the elderly HOMESTEAD APARTMENTS ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PA

  6. PROCESS (Continued) $112,102 per unit - Four towers will be renovated (Three using HOPE VI) HOMESTEAD APARTMENTS ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PA

  7. MANAGEMENT / MARKETING ACHA manages Homestead Apartments Staff of two and a half Enhanced services are provided by outside service providers The units are being re-occupied by original residents No marketing campaign is necessary HOMESTEAD APARTMENTS ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PA

  8. CHALLENGES/FAILURES/LESSONS LEARNED Many residents choose not to access services Residents are reluctant to switch primary care physician Some residents see services as leading to nursing home Need to include enrollment requirements in lease Another challenge is providing services to immigrants HOMESTEAD APARTMENTS ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PA

  9. ACCOMPLISHMENTS/SUCCESSES/HIGHLIGHTS Major success is in provision of supportive services Two quality service providers are under contract Community LIFE provides acute and long-term care services in a day care setting for frail elders Pennsylvania pays Community LIFE for PACE services under Medicaid Participants must meet criteria for services The Community LIFE Center uses a “one stop shop” model HOMESTEAD APARTMENTS ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PA

  10. ACCOMPLISHMENTS/SUCCESSES/HIGHLIGHTS University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Braddock Senior Service Program Nurses provides enhanced services for the elderly At full capacity, up to 150 will be able to be enrolled Social workers are on site two days a week and plan activities Nurses are available for routine monitoring UPMC will staff the Wellness Center UPMC receives approximately 300-500 resident visits HOMESTEAD APARTMENTS ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PA

  11. SUMMATION Comprehensive, affordable services are available outside of ALF Importance of partnering with elderly, established service providers Funding includes HOPE VI, capital funds, CDBG and Pennsylvania Housing Finance HOMESTEAD APARTMENTS ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PA