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  1. Introduction IT in Education: Foundation Lee Fong-Lok,

  2. IT Education in Hong Kong

  3. 高級程度 : 職前培訓 中上程度 1至2人 中級程度 25% 75% 100% 基本程度 100% : 在職教師 2000-01 2002-03 教師培訓及支援 資 訊 科 技 能 力 水 平

  4. 中 級 程 度 Intermediate Level • 在授課和備課時,懂得運用一些資訊科技工具, • 應用互聯網及內聯網上的教學資源。 • 須接受約30小時訓練;

  5. 中等程度課程30小時 • Word Processing II • Presentation Software II • Multimedia Production I • Web Page Design I • Internet/Intranet Applications • Courseware Evaluation • Chinese Character Input (Optional) • Database I (Optional) • Spreadsheet Operation I (Optional) 三選二

  6. Internet/Intranet Applications • Internet, Extranet, Intranet and WWW • Discussion Group, Newsgroup and ICQ • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) • Internet Filtering

  7. WWW and Internet TechnologyBasic Concepts in Computer Networks Personal Computer (PC)

  8. WWW and Internet TechnologyBasic Concepts in Computer Networks Computer Network A group of two or more computers linked together.

  9. WWW and Internet TechnologyBasic Concepts in Computer Networks Local Area Network (LAN) A computer network where the computers are geographically close together (that is, in the same building).

  10. WWW and Internet TechnologyBasic Concepts in Computer Networks Sino Building 614 M1, Ho Tim Building Web Server mailserv ftp server Wide Area Network (WAN) A computer network that spans a relatively large geographical area. Typically, a WAN consists of two or more LAN.

  11. WWW and Internet TechnologyBasic Concepts in Computer Networks CUHK Internet • Internet • A global network connecting millions of computers. • INTERnational NETwork

  12. World Wide Web • WWW or the Web. • consists of a network of computers which provide Web pages to Internet users. • These pages consist of hypertext which includes text (and pictures) to provide information along with links to other Web pages. • Users access these pages using a browser which uses the addresses of the links to connect to and download the pages.

  13. WWW and Internet Technology Internet Access You Internet Access from a LAN You can access the Internet if you are connected to a LAN, which is connected to the Internet.

  14. WWW and Internet TechnologyInternet Services – Web Browsing Use HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) Supported by the Web Server Client needs a Web-browser to access the web pages Web page Web Server Web Client (via browser)

  15. WWW and Internet TechnologyInternet Services - Webpage • A Web page may contain text, images (.gif, .jpg format), audio, video objects as well as hyperlinks • A hyperlink links to another Internet object, which is specified by a URL (Unique Resource Locator) • There are two types of hyperlink: • Text based hyperlink • Image based hyperlink • A URL is the address of a particular Internet object Directory name Protocol Server name File name

  16. The HTTP Protocols • The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the set of rules for exchanging files (text, graphic images, sound, video, and other multimedia files) on the World Wide Web • It is the default protocol used in the web browsers

  17. WWW and Internet TechnologyInternet Services – File Download • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) – an Internet Protocol used to exchange files between computers on the Internet • Let’s try the followings: • •

  18. The File Transfer Protocols • The File Transfer Protocols (FTP) is a kind of protocol used in file transfer between two computers. It is commonly used: • When you have created some web pages and want to transfer it to the Web Server • When you download files from some FTP sites on the Internet

  19. Using FTP to upload and download File download upload Web Server Other users To publish a webpage, you need to upload the corresponding files to the web server. Your PC

  20. Upload the web pages usingWS_FTP (an FTP software) • Start WS_FTP • Click on the WSFTP logo • Or 開始 -> 程式集 -> Internet Tools -> WS_FTP • Create a new FTP profile: Click to create a new profile The name of the server Your account ID Your password

  21. Using FTP iHome: Login: sxxxxxx Password: xxxxxx Learning Community: ftp:/ Login and Password: to be assigned by the system.

  22. Upload the web pages usingWS_FTP (an FTP software) Transfer your local files to the server: The files are uploaded to the server using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Files in your local hard disk Files on the server under your own directory Click on the arrow to upload the files

  23. Internet/Intranet ApplicationsIntranet • Intranet • An internal parts of a company’s web pages • Private, can only access within the organization • Contains information and services which can only access by the staff and employees/students within an organization • Security is important • Use firewalls to restrict access from outside network • Sometimes need login

  24. Internet/Intranet ApplicationsIntranet • Example: • • Only students/staffs from CUHK can access to the above link (CU intranet) • Only computers that are directly connected to the CU network can access to the server hosting these information information • Example: • • You cannot access the “For HKU Staff Only” session

  25. Internet/Intranet ApplicationsIntranet • Only computers which are “behind” the firewall can access to the Intranet Web Server Intranet Web Server Internet Web Server Firewall (block external traffic) Internet Organization LAN/WAN

  26. Extranet • An extension of a company's Intranet out onto the Internet. • Allows the sharing of a company's data and/or operations with partners, customers, suppliers, and vendors.

  27. Internet/Intranet ApplicationsNewsgroups and Discussion Forums • Purpose: a place for exchanging information within a group of people • Web based vs. non-web based • Discussion groups: Web based • Newsgroups: Non-web based news:// • For newsgroups (non-web based), newsgroup client software is needed. You also need to subscribe to the newsgroup first • (compare with hotmail and mailserv)

  28. ICQ (I seek you) • ICQ ("I seek you"), • the popular instant-messaging program that lets you communicate with friends and colleagues in real time. • To seek out a friend on the ICQ network, simply enter his or her ICQ number, name, nickname, or email address. • Once your contact list is set up, you'll be notified when your friends are online so that you can chat; send instant messages, files, and URLs; play games; or just hang out. • Download the system at andfollow the instructions to install and register. • See if you can find my ICQ number and ICQ me.

  29. Internet Filtering • There are very little control (or no control at all) over the contents that post in the Internet • Not all are suitable for students/children • Requires Internet filtering software to block unwanted sites

  30. References • • • • CUHK • • • •