lord of the flies chapter 1 n.
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LORD OF THE FLIES ~ Chapter 1 ~ PowerPoint Presentation
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LORD OF THE FLIES ~ Chapter 1 ~

LORD OF THE FLIES ~ Chapter 1 ~

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LORD OF THE FLIES ~ Chapter 1 ~

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  1. LORD OF THE FLIES~ Chapter 1 ~

  2. A fair-haired boy comes across a fat boy who wears glasses. The fair-haired boy introduces himself as Ralph but he isn’t curious about who the fat boy is.

  3. Suddenly, the fat boy starts to breathe hard and then he mentions his illness which is called asthma. Because of his asthma, he can’t run or swim. They have a short conversation about where they are.

  4. Ralph wants to make a list of people so he wants to know what the fat boy’s name is. Piggy wants Ralph not to call him as his friends called him at school: Piggy! Ralph bursts out laughing and starts to call him Piggy.

  5. After they meet, Piggy mentions his family. His father, who is a commander in the Navy, is dead and he is used to live with his aunt who has a candy store. They start to discover the island. Ralph realises that the sea water is warmer than his blood.

  6. Piggy finds a sea shell. It was really expensive and hard to find. He convinces Ralph to blow through the shell to find the other boys

  7. They meet another group led by Merridew (Jack) who wears black gowns.

  8. Jack and the twins (Sam and Eric) start making fun of Piggy’s appearance and nickname.

  9. They decide to vote for a chief.

  10. LORD OF THE FLIES~ Chapter 2 ~

  11. By the afternoon, the choir gathers and Ralph starts to make his speech. He explains they’re on an uninhabited island. There are only pigs on the island.

  12. They all decided to kill animals when they need something to eat, and Jack is responsible for hunting. During the meetings, the conch shell will be used to determine the boy who has the right to speak or make comments.

  13. A six-year-old boy says that he saw a beastie in the darkness. Other boys make fun of him by saying the little boy was dreaming.

  14. Jack decided to look for snakes too as they were hunting. A boy mentioned his father who was in the Navy. They have to make a fire.

  15. They start to pick up woods to do it. Jack volunteers his group of hunters to be responsible for keeping the signal fire going.