eb1704hb wifi 4 always makes the installing easier n.
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EB1704HB WiFi-4 Always makes the installing easier PowerPoint Presentation
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EB1704HB WiFi-4 Always makes the installing easier

EB1704HB WiFi-4 Always makes the installing easier

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EB1704HB WiFi-4 Always makes the installing easier

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  1. EB1704HB WIFI SERIES EB1704HB WiFi-4 Always makes the installing easier

  2. EB1704HB WiFi-4 Series • Instant Video – Simply Power On! • No Need for Complex IP configurations! • Four Wireless IP Cameras Included! • Advanced Hacker-Proof Encryption!

  3. EB1704HB DVD WIFI- Features Multiplex 3G mobile phone Viewer Backup to DVD-RW or pen drive Hybrid function ( support IP/Analog camera) Multiplex Central Monitor System Auto Time Correction via Internet Analog & IP PTZ supported Four Audio Inputs

  4. Hybrid Functions • Support 4CH Analog/IP WIFI Cameras • 4CH Analog/IP Hard Coded camera display on server side and remote side. • Both video from Analog/IP camera could be recorded • Both audio from Analog/IP camera could be recorded • Various combinations with Analog/IP camera. (4 IP Wifi,3 IP+1 Analog,2 IP+2 Analog, 1 Analog+ 3IP,4 Analog camera)

  5. Hybrid Functions (cont) • IP camera • Support M-JPEG and MPEG4 IP Cam. • Save cost for buying an extra router • Widely IP camera support list- Axis(210/214),Vivotek(IP21x2/IP31x2/IP61x7/FD61x2/PZ61x2),Sony(SNC- P5/SNC-RZ5),Panasonic(BB-HCM100),ACTi(ACM1310),D-Link(DCS-6620), and other IP cameras are supported by request.

  6. PTZ Camera • Supports 4 channel PTZ cameras • Support 15-16 different camera manufacturers.

  7. Auto Time Correction & Day Light Saving • Supports 2 NTP servers (User defined server will be supported later). • System will automatically change DVR time from network • Daily time adjustment to avoid system time delay • Day Light Saving setting

  8. Central Monitoring System • CM3000: a powerful central monitoring system • Enables to monitor up to 1000+ DVR servers via internet. • Connect to AverMedia EB and NV Series DVR • Automatically records and displays video when an event has occurred on the remote side of DVR server. • Playback video files locally or download from a remote DVR server . • Supports up to four monitor displays

  9. System Upgrades • Easy for installer to upgrade the DVR system for end customer via Internet • Save your time and money to upgrade the DVR system via Internet. • You could also upgrade system from pen drive Easy and convenient Internet

  10. Backup • Easy to archive the video clips via DVD-RW/Pen Drive • Support upgrade system via Pen Drive • Built-in video file player- User only need to bring DVD or pen drive without any other software to police office

  11. Enhanced DVD-RW Function Player • Large backup size on DVD • Multi-channels playback Play 4CH from DVD synchronously Only play 1CH from DVD Only 41 files 4.2G EB1704HB-DVD EB1704HB-DVD AV XXXX company AV XXXX company • Built-in player Converting… AV XXXX company EB1704HB-DVD

  12. PDA/Mobile Phone Viewer • Easy to achieve 4CH MPEG4 video • Live display video with audio

  13. iEnhance / iStable • iEnhance video processing software for better video quality. • iStable to avoid shaking impact (ex: the shaking from PTZ camera) on video

  14. Product Description WHAT HOW • Pre-setting router value • before ship out • Given IP address for four • IP cameras • Secure the IP cameras • contents to avoid hacking. • No extra installation effort • EB1704 HYBRID • Built-in wireless router • Bundle four IP cameras • Support SATA removable • HDD bay

  15. Easy to install Waste Money & Time! Easy to install! Easy Installation with EB1704HB WiFi Traditional Installation

  16. No extra effort on setting IP camera Spend time to setup IP camera? Perfect setting with EB1704HB WiFi during production

  17. Default router setting Worry about the complicated router setting? It is finished in the factory. All user need to do is plug the power and then see the video.

  18. Easy to secure Unique encryption Unique encryption Unique encryption makes the system easy to secure. Do not need to worry about the safety.

  19. Specifications • Support Wireless IP Cam connection • Support 4 Channel Audio Record • MPEG-4 compression • Multiple clients and dynamic IP supported • Motion detection recoding • Support Central Monitor System • Support audio recording via internet • Synchronized video and audio • Built-in SATA HDD in the removable HDD bay • Support Pen drive backup

  20. Specifications • Display on TV or VGA. • Real Time display - 120/100 fps • Real Time play back - up to 120/100 fps (CIF mode) & 60/50 fps (D1 mode) • On Screen Display with multi-lingual • Easy to use with remote control • HDD bad sector skip mechanism • Support Day Light Saving Setting • Support Auto Correct Time