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Session C-19

Session C-19

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Session C-19

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  1. Session C-19 NSLDS Update Ron Bennett Valerie Sherrer U.S. Department of Education

  2. Agenda • NSLDS Enhancements • Coming Soon • NSLDS Access and Security • FFELP Data Standards Initiative • Customer Service Reminders

  3. NSLDS Enhancements • College Cost Reduction Access Act (CCRAA) • MR Deferment Type • Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant • TEACH Loan - “D8” for Direct Unsubsidized Loans • TEACH Overpayment • TEACH Org Contact

  4. Military Reserve Deferment

  5. TEACH Grant to Loan NSLDS displays a loan symbol to identify a TEACH Grant that has converted to a loan. The Grant and Loan share the same Award ID. Click the loan symbol to navigate to loan detail.

  6. The Direct Unsubsidized Loans (TEACH) row is dynamic and will only display in a borrower’s Loan History if they have any D8 loan types.

  7. NSLDS Enhancements • Perkins Loans • Technical Update PK-2008-02 Detailed Perkins Loan data be reported as separate award year loans Effective July 1, 2008 • Technical Update PK-2008-04 Relaxed edits for Student’s Academic Level (Field Code 270)until October 1, 2008

  8. NSLDS Enhancements • Ensuring Continued Access to Student Loans Act (ECASLA) • Increased Aggregate Limits to accommodate increased unsubsidized loan limits effective 7/1/08 • Established reporting by ED Servicer for Loans under the Loan Purchase Program • FEMA link for students to

  9. Coming Soon • TEACH Grant and Direct Unsubsidized (TEACH) Loan, D8 • Will be included on 2009-2010 ISIRs • Will be included for Transfer Student Monitoring alerts beginning January 1, 2009 • Transfer Student Monitoring Web Enhancements • School will be able to customize the period of time for NSLDS monitoring • School User will be able to “repopulate” Transfer Monitoring List

  10. Coming Soon • Security Training • Required of all NSLDS Users Annually • Rules of Behavior • Commitment required at sign-on daily

  11. Coming Soon • ECASLA Changes to accommodate • Loan Limits in all functions • PLUS Loans Deferments - PD • PLUS 6-month post-enrollment period

  12. Coming Soon • NSLDSFAP • Display the “P” for unsub loan for which there was a PLUS Denial reported or assumed

  13. NSLDS Access and Security Gen 05-06 - Access To and Use of NSLDS Information NSLDS Users must: • Use their access properly • Protect the sensitive data • Not share User IDs and Passwords

  14. NSLDS Access and Security NSLDS Newsletter #18 Outlines the rules and responsibilities of users granted on-line access to NSLDS. This information should be reviewed by all users of NSLDS.

  15. Establishing Relationships Guidelines in determining when a relationship between a student and a school exists: • Currently enrolled students at the school • Students who have applied for admission at the school • The student has applied for financial aid at the school • Previously enrolled students

  16. Acceptable uses of NSLDS NSLDS is to be used to perform Title IV aid eligibility requirements including: • Determining a student’s Title IV eligibility for aid • Determining loan eligibility including resolving loan aggregates • Reporting overpayments • Submitting student enrollment information • Transfer student monitoring activities • Exit counseling

  17. Privacy Act Reminder

  18. Keeping NSLDS Data and Access Secure • Masking SSNs • Additional Monitoring of Access • Email alert notifications to Primary Destination Point Administrator (PDPA) • New reports to assist the PDPA’s monitoring process

  19. SSN Masking • Web Pages • Display vs. Data Entry of SSN • New reports • New reports delivered (viewable) on website

  20. SSN Masking- Web pages

  21. Web pages: Masked & Not Masked

  22. Reports- SSN Masking • New reports delivered (viewable) on website will mask SSNs • New reports delivered via SAIG will show full SSN with no masking

  23. Security Monitoring Enhancements Email Alert Notifications to PDPA • Monitoring Activity/Usage • Does not suspend user access • Questionable Activity • Suspends user access • Could lead to deactivation of Online Services at fsawebenroll

  24. Email Alerts to PDPA- Monitoring Activity/Usage User can continue accessing NSLDSFAP (PDPA should investigate) • PDPA’s own user ID close to being turned off for 365 days of non-use • Organization has no relationship with borrower

  25. Email Alerts to PDPA- Questionable Activity User is suspended from NSLDSFAP • Log on an excessive number of times per day • Attempt to log on from more than one computer simultaneously an excessive number of times • Log on to NSLDS from several locations in same day • Fails Human Interface Verification (CAPTCHA) while logging on

  26. Email Alerts to PDPA- Email Text • Emails include online user’s: • Name • TG# • NSLDS ID • Organization Code • Organization Name • Suspension Date • Reason for Suspension

  27. Resending Emails • PDPA should keep warning emails for reference • For a duplicate, PDPA can contact NSLDS Customer Service • Ph: 800-999-8219 • Email:

  28. Security Monitoring Enhancements New reports to assist the PDPA’s monitoring process

  29. New Web Reports- PDPA user

  30. FFEL Business Process and Data Standardization Goals: • Eliminate duplicative reporting through collection of the right data from the right data provider at the right time • Collect data based on business needs • Establish in the XML Registry and Repository (XML R&R) a common definition for data attributes that Federal Student Aid and the FFEL Community exchange

  31. Benefits to Students and Parents • Single integrated view of student information • Improved default prevention by predictive modeling to identify at-risk borrowers and early intervention to assist those borrowers

  32. Benefits to Students and Parents • Reduced data entry burden through pre-population of information (e.g., consolidation application) • Improved security of individual information through reduced reliance on the Social Security Number • Information quality

  33. Data Requirements Gathering • Phase 1: • Internal Analysis with Business Owners • Phase 2: • External Analysis • with FFEL • Community • Phase 3: • PESC CCB FFEL Data Standards Phased Approach The FFEL Data Standards project consists of 3 phases: • Phase I - Internal Analysis with Federal Student Aid and Department of Education Business Owners • Phase II – External Analysis with the FFEL Community of Interest • Phase III – Modify/Add Data Standards through Postsecondary Education Standards Council (PESC) Change Control Board

  34. Project Communication • Updates on project progress provided through a link on the Financial Partners Portal, • NCHELP, NASFAA and COHEAO provided the monthly communication to their respective listserves • A dedicated email address for community comments and questions -

  35. NSLDS Reminders ORG Contact Information It is important to keep your Org contacts up to date on the NSLDS ORG Contacts List Page NSLDS uses Contacts from this page for important notifications 37

  36. NSLDS Reminders • NEVER Share your NSLDS User ID and Password • Protect the Privacy Act Data in NSLDS

  37. Contact Information We appreciate your feedback and comments. We can be reached at: Phone: 800-999-8219 Fax: 785-838-2154 Web: Email: