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Ship Recruitment

Ship Recruitment

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Ship Recruitment

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  1. Ship Recruitment PMO-III, 23-24 March 2006, Hamburg, Germany. Julie Fletcher Manager Marine Observations, NZ Chair, VOS Panel

  2. Ship Recruitment - Outline • What is Ship Recruitment? • What do we mean when we recruit a ship? • Definition of Ship Recruitment • Practices to Avoid • NMS/PMO Responsibilities • How to target ships Understanding Ship Recruitment will help to standardise international practices resulting in uniformity across the Global VOS

  3. What is Ship Recruitment? Solas Reg 4, Chapter V states that “The Contacting Governments undertake to encourage the collection of meteorological data by ships at sea and to arrange for their examination, dissemination and exchange in the manner most suitable for the purposes of aiding navigation” • Recruitment is getting a ship to JOIN the VOS • Recruitment is the process by which a ship becomes part of a National VOS programme

  4. What Recruitment Means • When a ship joins a National VOS there are responsibilities on both parties • The ship agrees to look after the instruments and to make regular Obs • PMO/NMS installs the instruments, provides training,records the metadata • The ship is then part of the National VOS and NMS/PMO monitors the Obs and provides QC feedback to the ship Ship Recruitment is the Total Package

  5. Definition of Recruitment • Ship agrees to join VOS • PMO checks ship is not already a VOS of another country • PMO installs calibrated NMS instruments • PMO documents metadata • Ship commences regular Obs • NMS/PMO monitors data and provides feedback • PMO visits to encourage, thank and ensure Obs are maintained

  6. Practices to Avoid Recruitment is NOT just giving a ship a logbook and saying they are recruited. • This is inadequate because it lacks support, training and follow up • It may be a duplicate recruitment if pre-checks are not made • The quality of the ship’s instruments may be poor & resultant data dubious

  7. NMS Responsibilities When a ship is recruited to a National VOS it is answerable to the NMS and the NMS is responsible for the following: ensuring there are no dual recruitments collecting and collating the metadata providing stationery & calibrated instruments for the Obs programme monitoring Obs quality & providing feedback & training to ship ensuring that the ship gets the best service while ship is part of their VOS

  8. Use Pub 47 to identify VOS/non VOS Pub 47 has to be up to date to be effective Liaise with other PMOs if uncertain about a ship Ideally use of Pub 47 should avoid duplicate recruitment, duplicate metadata, & differing instructions to ships (duplicate list provided by Liz Kent) The aim is to have a ship answerable only to one country, and the NMS of that country to provide the metadata, monitoring and QC for that ship Targeting Ships to Recruit

  9. Multi-Recruited Ships • Liz Kent advised that using December 2005 Pub 47 data, 67 ships were listed as ‘multi-recruited’ • For example: • 16 ships on Canada VOS also listed by other countries • 14 ships on Kenya VOS list also on Tanzania VOS list • 31 ships on USA VOS also listed by other countries • MeteoFrance to update the multi-recruit tool on 9th of each month

  10. VOS Transfer Proposal - Example

  11. VOS Transfer Acceptance - Example

  12. If we standardise on the way we do Ship Recruitment we should eliminate duplicate recruitment and duplicate sets of metadata, and should improve on data monitoring and quality control feedback to ships. Any Questions ?