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Arbonne Spa Party

Arbonne Spa Party

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Arbonne Spa Party

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  1. Arbonne Spa Party

  2. Arbonne Spa Party: Guest arrival As guests arrive, take them individually to the sink to do a hand wash as well as Steps 1 -3 of the Facial. Re9 Products used primarily HOWEVER for younger groups (20-30) feel free to use CALM and/or FC5 along with NEW CELL SCRUB) and mention Re9 Line briefly, Fc5 and Calm will be more budget friendly for a younger audience, also great for older clients with tight budget and using non-Arbonne products. Wash face with CALM Cleanser using disposable wash cloth Cleanse face with RE9 Smoothing Facial Cleanser Apply FC5 Exfoliating New Cell Scrub Say… Gently smooth on the scrub with moistened fingers Avoid the eye area, removing eye make up is optional. Do not massage in. Leave on a couple minutes How do you know _______ (the host)? CONVERSATION WITH GUESTHave you heard of Arbonne or used the products before? What do you do for a living? ***MAGIC WAND QUESTION *** WHILE GUESTS ARE WAITING – Use Time Wisely Fill Out Client Care ~ Taste Fizz, Tea or Shake ~ View Before & After Pictures
  3. Arbonne Spa Party I. Thank the hostess II. Ask Hostess to briefly share her favorite product Begin presentation… III. Say 1. Thank you to______________ (host name) for inviting me to share Arbonne’s Pure, Safe and Beneficial products with all of you tonight. 2. My name is______________________ and I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant. 1-2 Minute Share (Very Short) 3. Share the first part of your ‘I STORY’ “V E R Y B R I E F” Why/When I started this business _____________________________ Before I heard about Arbonne _______________________________ Why I’m excited about what I do _____________________________
  4. Arbonne Spa Party MY GOAL FOR TODAY… Give you an “educational “pampering experience” Teach you tips on how to look and feel your best and shop wisely..personal consultation for everyone at the end Our hostess program is second to none Average Hostess…$500 Example ($300 for $50) As a guest you get to shop at a discount today My job as your consultant is to help you spend your money wisely, SAVE money or even help you EARN money!!! Laugh with your guests!!! Have fun and keep it light!!!
  5. Arbonne Spa Party Getting to know each other…share name, how you know the hostess and tell us… If time and money were not an issue, where would you be and what would you be doing in your life right now? Open catalogue… Preview Catalog Categories – over 400 Products Skin Care (Basket to Casket) ~ Cosmetics – Detox Spa – Nutritionals And More… Use client care form for your “wish list”
  6. Arbonne Spa Party Demo Re9 Ultra Soft Set Say…This is Anti-Aging for the Body Show Picture of Feet and Arm Talk about PWP, $150 purchase, Ultra Soft Set is $25 Share Cracker – Mineral Oil Visual Who had never heard of Arbonne before being invited? ONLY 1% of Brand Awareness (why? not enough consultants per our CEO) 34 Year Old Company experiencing Double Digit Growth Needless to say this is a “google” opportunity. How many of you wish you would have bought stock in Apple or a McDonalds franchise 15 years ago?? Now is an awesome time to consider joining Arbonne, as mentioned earlier. We are in Canada, UK, Australia, expanding into Poland this year and Taiwan next year. Business is booming in Arbonne.
  7. Alarming Statistics Arbonne Spa Party How many chemicals do you think the average person puts on their body before leaving the house in the morning? Pass around “toxic burden article” According to a UK Study ~ The average woman puts 515 chemicals a day on her body. Our goal is to educate you and help you get rid of the cosmetic graveyard that is lurking in your bathroom. How fast can those toxins enter our bloodstream? 26 Seconds! Things you eat get filtered by your liver and kidneys. Thing that go through your skin go right into your bloodstream - some expects say in as little as 26 seconds. In the past 30 years Europe has banned over 1100 chemicals & ingredients in skincare and cosmetics, in North America we banned just under 20! Arbonne formulates to European standards! Pure ~ Safe ~ Beneficial
  8. Why is Arbonne Unique Arbonne Spa Party Botanically Based :The majority of the ingredients are plant extracts Formulated without Mineral Oil 96% of all skin and body care products contain mineral oil. Mineral oil is occlusive, like saran wrap on your skin not allowing the body to get rid of toxins. Mineral oil is a petroleum derivative. It goes from crude oil to gasoline, to petrolatum (Vaseline) and then to mineral oil. Remember the cracker in the baby oil? Vegan Certified and Cruelty Free: Arbonne has never tested on animals AND contains NO animal products or by-products. 97% of all skin care; make-up and body care products contain animal fats and are tested on animals. Just a few more differences… 97% of all skin care, makeup & body care products contain animal fats and are tested on animals. Formulated without dyes or chemical fragrances which are the #1 & #2 irritants. Our products are pH Correct not just pH Balanced. This means that the skin can absorb moisture more readily and protects against infection/bacteria. This also means our products do not disrupt the acid mantle or destroy natural oils. Plus our products are Hypoallergenic. We test to zero irritancy, higher than industry requires Dermatologist Tested—not just recommended, used by professionals in the skin care field PURE, SAFE & BENEFICIAL FROM HEAD TO TOE!
  9. Product Experience Arbonne Spa Party I. Say… We are going to be using the Mercedes of our skincare Line – Re9 Anti-Aging. If you decide to join Arbonne, you could drive a Mercedes, our company car. II. Mention and pass around Jessie’s Eye on Arbonne Every model in the catalogue is an Arbonne Consultant - doctors, professional athlete’s, nutritionists, actresses, stay at home Mom’s. Of all Network Marketing companies Arbonne has the highest level of educations among consultants. III. Pass laminated clinical studies We voluntarily participate in clinical trials 100% of people who tried the Re9 line would use them and recommend them to others!! Dr. Peter Matravers, our senior VP of product development, said that in all of his years this has never happened before.
  10. Re9 Steps Arbonne Spa Party Let me review the products that we used at the sink. CLEANSING: It is highly recommended by all Estheticians’ that you do a double cleanse at night. The First Cleanser, CALM is from our line for extremely sensitive skin. Cleanse one removes the makeup, dirt & pollution. The second cleanse cleans the pores. We used the RE9 Smoothing Facial Cleanser which promotes collagen. EXFOLIATING – FC5 Exfoliating Scrub The beauty of this product is that it is 3 in one! 1- Manual Scrub— with moistened fingers,we gently moved the product on our face in an upward circular motion so the jojoba beads can break lose the bond between the dead cells and your skin 2- Chemical Exfoliant- the Enzyme Papain breaks loose and digests the dead skin cells 3- Mask—for oily skin great to leave on – also a great spot treatment for acne.
  11. Re9 Steps Look at the person across from you, what do you notice about their skin? Feel your skin, do you feel the difference? LET’S COMPLETE OUR FACIAL… RE9 REGENERATING TONER: Spritz client 2 times with Toner. PH Corrector, closes pores, filled with vitamins A,C,E, no ALCOHOL and contains sea buckthorn oil which help to build collagen. OPTIONAL TREATMENT STEP INSTANT LIFT GEL “Model in a Bottle” 6-8 hr face lift. Say.. Apply in upward motion to ½ face to compare or entire face. Let dry for 1-2 min. Say… Arbonneis about RESULTS!!! We want to take your skin all the way to wow! THIS PRODUCT IS FREE WHEN YOU ORDER THE RE9 SET
  12. Anti-Aging Product Continued Arbonne Anti-Aging Spa Party RE9 Intensive Renewal Serum: Give each person a pump size. Say… vitamin cocktail for the skin. Feeds skin nutrients, reduces fine lines, scars, discoloration. Collagen supporting and visibly firms and lifts skin. Also excellent for Acne clients along with Clear Adv. Line. RE9 Corrective Eye Crème : Give each person a Tic Tac pump size on ring finger Say… reduces puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Eye area has no oil glands and is thinnest skin on face ~ 1st place to show aging. RE9 Restorative Day Crème or Night crème: Give guest a pea size amount. Say… Apply smooth layer over entire face avoiding eye area. During the day we protect with SPF 20 and at night we protect. As time permits, demo Neck Cream – Body Firming Cream
  13. Treatment Products – Ultimate & Genius Facial Arbonne Spa Party Let me tell you about two other types of facials I offer… ULTIMATE FACIAL Done in salons for $100-$150, designed by a 40 year Master Esthetician. Cellular Renewal Masque : Our secret weapon, natural alternative to a costly chemical peel, can be used twice weekly. Pineapple and fruit e enzymes remove fine lines. Intense Hydration Masque : Moisturization Treatment – Can use daily, also great to put on feet, put socks over top over night.GENUIS EXPRESS FACIAL Genius; Miracle in a bottle.- this is a great alternative to costly Dr.’s appointments, painful laser treatments. It works with any of Arbonne's skin care systems and can be Used on anyone 12 years and up. Improves the overall look and feel of skin texture to restore a healthy, radiant glow to dull skin Brightens skin and reduces the look of dark spots and Hyper-pigmentation Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Provides the appearance of smooth, even-toned skin texture Shows significant improvement in skin clarity and blotchiness Helps to reverse acne and the red marks it leaves behind Make a purchase today and I will treat you and a friend to an ultimate or a genius express facial Become a Pref. Client with a $150 order, get 20% off your order and a free gift. Host a party for you and 3-5 friends and get 80%off as a host. Remember that wish list you made, get the opportunity to have those items by hosting.
  14. FINISHING PRODUCTSBeauty with Benefits Virtual Illusion Makeup Primer Great under our liquid foundation or mineral powder Fills in large pores and fine linesand lifts the skin Gives skin flawless finish. Absorbs oil throughout the day, keeping makeup fresh into the evening. Pass around for everyone to apply on their face or feel on the back of their hand CC Cream…4 SHADES Multi-tasking 10-in-1 Complexion Control Cream nurturing botanicals soothe and hydrate to protect skin’s moisture barrier, creating a healthier, dewy-looking complexion. Lightweight coverage builds to conceal blemish and dark spots and minimizes the appears of pores. Offer to color match at checkout. Liquid Foundation – Breathable foundation 15 shades, feels like second skin Beauty plus benefits. Samples at checkout for matching, do this individually at checkout. SCHEDULE A SPA PARTY AND I’LL GIFT YOU A PRIMER OR CC CREAM The first person to select a date on my calendar within the next 2 weeks I will gift with a FREE Primer or CC Cream the night of your party. Note to consultant: Giving a primer is optional, or offer it at your cost. NOTE: Customize your offer of a gift to get early bookings, it is your business and you get to decide how to use incentives. Ask your sponsor to guide you.
  15. Pure TransformationOptimize immune system, increase energy, lose weight Arbonne Spa Party We have a PURE TRANSFORMATION WELLNESS PLAN This is a “wellness” plan based on detoxing, eating whole foods, eliminating toxic and allergenic foods. It’s about wellness not weight loss but most people lose weight, everyone feels GREAT! Do you remember the Protein Shake you tried earlier? Pass around small cups of chilled shake if time allows Made from brown rice, cranberries, yellow peas. Great for meal replacement or recovery after workout. 180 Calories, 20 g of Protein Consider Hosting a Healthy Happy Hour Tasting Party with Pure Transformation Presentation
  16. Depending on time, highlight several or all of these products Arbonne Anti-Aging Spa Party Digestion Plus – Prebiotics, Probiotics and Enzymes – 70% of your immune system is in your gut. Gut is called “second brain” 80% of all serotonin (feel good chemical) in your body comes from the gut. When your gut is unhappy so are YOU! Fizz Sticks – A variety of herbs and vitamins to enhance energy, control appetite and enhance mood. Vitamin Spray - unique spray supplement delivers vitamins B12 and D to support energy, immunity, calcium absorption and more with a tasty Tropical Splash flavor. Formulated to help counter vitamin D deficiencies that may come from simple actions such as an inadequate diet, wearing sunscreen regularly or not getting enough sunlight, and vitamin B12 deficiencies that may come from maintaining a vegetarian diet.
  17. Healthy Living Arbonne Anti-Aging Spa Party Omega-3 Plus – Our bodies do not make it’s own omega 3 fats so we need to supplement. NO FISH OIL – We use plant oils – no fishy after taste. Omega-3 is good for every system in our body. Take 2-4 per day 7-Day Body Cleanse – Total body cleanse, reset your body, detoxify, no fasting required.
  18. Four Ways To Work With Arbonne/Compensation Arbonne Spa Party I. Hand out the Laminated 4 Ways to Win With Arbonne and Compensation CLIENT: There is no cost to become a client, PLUS, you get excellent personal service and a full 45 day money back guarantee. PREFERRED CLIENT: If you become a PC, you can save 20% and more on all purchases, plus earn future reward dollars. There are no strings attached—order when you want and renew each year for only $15. With a purchase of $150, you also get a free$50 gift. HOSTESS: Who do you know that needs a spa day? Or, would you like to invite a few girlfriends to a Genius Express or Ultimate facial? CONSULTANT: I don’t know where I caught you today, but if you are looking for an opportunity to earn an extra $300 or even $3000 a month, then you need to know what this business can do for you. FLIP OVER COMPENSATION PLAN.
  19. 4 Square Close Options I. Hand out laminated 4 Square and discuss the Hostess killer deal reward on Back. II. Say… Thank you for your attention, I would like to respect everyone’s time and help you all individually. I’m here to give each one of you a personal consultation, I can help you select products to address your concerns and within your budget. Who needs to go first? TAKE CALENDAR OVER TO CHECK OUT.
  20. CHECK OUT STATION SETUP Arbonne Anti-Aging Spa Party THE TRIPLE CLOSE 1. SALES STACK: In the 4 Ways to Win where do you see yourself? (Host Pack) 2. SCHEDULING STACK: Display your calendar or open date card with the open date card on it and hand it or hold it up to her. (Inquire about Genius Complimentary Facial) 3.PROSPECTING STACK: I have a gift for you. Hold up the Opportunity Brochure tied with a ribbon. Would you be willing to hear a little bit more about Arbonne’s income? If she says yes Release the brochure to her, ask to get together with her in a few days to go over the material.