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Amazon Alexa App - ITBA ALexa

Find out the best option you have with the Amazon Alexa App & for with the device you can use this. We also support you to install the app on your mobile, tablet and <br>PC. Call Now 1-844-260-1666 !

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Amazon Alexa App - ITBA ALexa

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  1. ITBA ALEXA www.itbalexa.com

  2. Introduction • WhyGrowthofIntelligentSpeaker? Agenda • How itsWorks? • AlexaSkillsKit(ASK) • Applications ofAlexa • Competitors • Conclusion • References

  3. Introduction • Alexa is the voice service that powers Echo device, or skills, that enable customers to interact withdevicesinamoreintuitivewayusingvoice. • Examples of these skills include the ability to play music, provide information, deliver news and sportsscores,tellyoutheweatherinformation. • Alexaisbuiltinthecloud,soitisalwaysgettingsmarter.

  4. What is AmazonEcho? • Amazon Echo is a Hands-free speaker controlled with your voice. It features a personal assistant called Alexa , who will perform various tasks.

  5. WhyGrowthofIntelligentSpeaker? • Thepastdecadehasbeendominatedbytouchscreendevices,but a new revolution is brewing voice-controlled systems powered by ArtificialIntelligence. • Instead of controlling everything via apps, we’ll be talking to virtual assistants to control everything from our computers to our homelighting.

  6. How itsWorks?

  7. Alexa Skills Kit ( ASK) • ASKisacollectionofself-serviceAPIs,tools,documentation,and code samples that makes it fast and easy for you to add skills to Alexa. • Amazon allows developers to build and publish skills for Alexa usingtheAlexaSkillsKit.

  8. Alexa SkillType • Smart HomeSkills • Built-ininteractionmodel. • Alexa,turnonroom’slight. • Alexaneed permissions toretrievedeviceinformationand controldevice. • YouneedacloudservicetomanagecustomerssmartdevicesskillmustuseAWSLambdafunction.

  9. Alexa SkillType • CustomSkills • BuildaskillwithacustomInteractionModel.Thisisacalledcustom skill. • Customer need to remember interaction name orinvocationphrase.

  10. Alexa SkillType Flash BriefingSkills • A flash briefingskillistheonlywaythatyou can provide contentforacustomer’sflashbriefing. • Pre-recordedaudioclipsandtext-to-speech. • Thishelpsacustomerchooseyourskillintheskillstore.

  11. Alexa SpeechDetection

  12. Examples • "Alexa,wakemeupat7inthemorning“ • "Alexa,what'sonmycalendartoday?“ • "Alexa,what'sinthenews?“ • "Alexa,turnonallthelights“ • "Alexa,playmyFavouritesplaylist“ • "Alexa,what'stheweatherinLondon?“ • "Alexa,setthebedroomto20degrees"

  13. Applications ofAlexa

  14. Competitors Siri GoogleAssistant Cortana

  15. Conclusion • Amazon Echo is a big step forward when it comes to voice control technology.It’salwaysonmicrophonesandintegrationwiththird-party apps means that there really are a ton of things that you can do using just yourvoice. • Asthetechnologycontinuestoimprove,sowillthenumberofthings youcandowithAlexa!

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