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Essential Tips On Ecommerce Business PowerPoint Presentation
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Essential Tips On Ecommerce Business

Essential Tips On Ecommerce Business

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Essential Tips On Ecommerce Business

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  1. Essential Tips On Ecommerce Business Created By ITcrocBlog

  2. Fast Response, Fast Sales: I don’t know if it’s only me or others also feel bothered if not been replied soon. Let me tell you what happened a day before. I needed to order a birthday cake and I had only 2 days in hand. So I visited a website where everything was looking great and even had great reviews. But as soon as I tried to chat with them via website, I got the first reply after 3 hours. Then it took another 12 hours to explain the whole thing. Finally, I was patient and was ready to make the order. So I asked, can we talk for clarifying my requirements? I got the reply “Yes, sure” after a whole day. By that time I had no interest and so I ordered from another website. So, even if you have Facebook page or other way to communicate make sure your response rate is very very high.

  3. Rate Makes It Great: To me review is another important factor. Review helps customer to distinguish services or products. A good point about review is, there is hardly an option to remove the bad reviews. Hence, customers can be sure. So after viewing your products make sure the review section is visible to your customers. Furthermore, you should always ask your customers to provide review and suggestion. Taking feedback from customers is part of strategic planning for any business. Another fact is, when you request your customer to provide a review, you will find most of them very modest and rate you a minimum of 4 or even 5 if they are somewhat satisfied.

  4. Free Delivery For All: Try to offer free delivery to your customer. If you really need that delivery charge then include it in your main price but asking for a delivery fee is bit disturbing to customers. “Free delivery all over the country,” sounds exciting, right? Let me bring the example of the birthday cake again. So I asked them, would you delivery? They said, “Yes, we deliver but you have to pay the charge.” I felt little bad and then said, okay I will send someone to collect it. So this bad feeling might hurt your business sometimes. So go for no delivery charge instead. For example,Mpire is a online clothing brand that provides free delivery all over Bangladesh.

  5. Return: So what happens if what you deliver wasn’t what the customer wanted? Ask your customer, to send it right away. That’s right, it might cost you but it’s good for business. For my clothing store, I had to add full return policy. I calculated and found out that return amount was moderate, so what I could do is, add some serge amount with the product sold which can balance the return cost. Because, it’s quite hard to get exactly what customer wants by checking product online. You can also offer exchange instead of a full refund.

  6. Physical Store Before Door-to-Door: I face this question every single day when a customer orders over the phone, “Do you have a store so that I can look up close?” So you can realize the importance of a physical store. There are some ecommerce site, who has employees working in 3 quarter of a place while the remaining quarter is there for product showcase to those interested customers. At least, this one is better than having no store at all. Yes, some of the customers might come and see, without taking your product but that will save your delivery and return cost. So if possible, open up a physical store for your customers to check the product or service you are offering.

  7. Remember Me? You should always save your customers contact number and address and if possible date of birth. So that you can contact them and keep the connection. Trust me, this happens, that a customer bought a product from you long ago and totally forgot your brand name but would like to order again sometimes. So, you can always contact during promotion or send a birthday wishing to keep a good relationship with your customers. But, please do not overdo it. I receive message from one online store almost 3 times a week it’s very annoying made me regret for ordering from them. Don’t be shy to ask your customers to know if they are satisfied after delivering the product or service within a week of delivery.

  8. Show That You Care: There is a huge difference between, “How may I help you” and “How may I help you, sir?” Customers like to be treated well. It’s much easier to be courteous over chat or phone than in person. So make sure that your stuff are very courteous and well-mannered towards the customers. A little disrespect can really be a big blow to your business as ecommerce business has one of the toughest competition.

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