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Review: Pandaoo U8 Smart Watch PowerPoint Presentation
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Review: Pandaoo U8 Smart Watch

Review: Pandaoo U8 Smart Watch

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Review: Pandaoo U8 Smart Watch

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  1. Review: Pandaoo Smart Watch (U8)

  2. Features of Pandaoo U8 watch -Phonebook -Pedometer -Sleep monitor -BTmusic -Stopwatch -Alarm clock -BTcamera

  3. Features of Pandaoo U8 watch (Cont.) -BTnotice -Vibration -Antilost as you open the box you will get these items with watch, - a user guide -an USB for charging.

  4. Price • It’s not so much expensive like Samsung’s or iPhone’s one,it’s only $27.

  5. Detailed description & Advantages - The watch can be charged via the USB port. I must say the battery lasts quite long, one and a half day for sure. -The power button, is on the other side of the watch. Pressing upon it will turn on/off and greets welcome and bade goodbye. -You will get notifications if there is any, on the top of the screen or you can check all your notifications from the notification menu on the watch. -This watch doesn’t support sim card or anything rather uses the phone’s one. - you will be able to read text and see what texts you sent. - Phonebook works fine. You can receive calls, dial number from phonebook or from dial pad. Checking missed call, dialed call or incoming call option is there as well.

  6. Disadvantages of this smartwatch • Tiny camera: you will see a tiny screen on your watch which will show what your phone’s camera sees. • No message sending option. • Touch is okay, not very smooth, navigation buttons are bit slow. • Sometimes some operation might fail ( this is due to the bug on the application not because of the watch) • Finally you might not see caller’s name even though it’s in your contact list.

  7. Conclusion To sum up, I can say that, this watch is not expensive and will not give the feeling of expensive stuff either. But it will help you especially when you are traveling, riding on public transport or even in the crowdy place.

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