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Top 10 Tutorial Sites For Programmers PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 10 Tutorial Sites For Programmers

Top 10 Tutorial Sites For Programmers

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Top 10 Tutorial Sites For Programmers

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  1. Top 10 Tutorial Sites For Programmers By ITcrocBlog

  2. Introduction There are lots of sites offering tutorial or learning course on programming and other courses. In this pre you get to know about them.Well some of the sites in this list are placed in the bottom as I have given more priority to the free tutorial sites over the paid ones. If they were not paid then they would definitely be on the top here. So let’s have a look at the top tutorial sites in the current world of web.

  3. W3School: The site is for learning and training along with basic understanding of topics. You can learn very easily about javascript, HTML, css, PHP, web building and many more. The best part is all of these are for free. Not only you learn about these topics but also you get to learn what it actually is, tips and how to use your code efficiently. the site gets 45 million visitors per month. URL:

  4. Khan Academy: This is not only for students but also for teachers. There are several sections, coding is just one of the sections. The best part is, you can practice and learn all these for free. URL:

  5. edX: This is another great site for learning which started its journey in 2012. There are not enough courses on coding but you can learn Java, sql based application optimization, programming with C# and any more. The courses are free, but to get a verified certificate you have to make some payment. URL:

  6. Udacity: This is another amazing site. To attract more students, they have some full free courses built by Google! There are lots of topics and course. The brand is as strong as it seems, powered by Silicon Valley.1 on 1 mentorship can really help any students to solve their problems. This sight is really great as you get access to cutting edge courses. URL:

  7. Codeacadmy: This one is also free and offers Javascript, jQuery, HTML & CSS and several more. This site not only teaches you the topic but also works like a school or academy. For example, if you go to HTML and CSS section, you will find 15 projects, 6 quiz tests and one final project, just like a learning course. Though that feature is for pro users or paid users. You can perform tasks right from the website to boost up your learning. URL:

  8. Coursera: Coursera started it’s journey in 2012. Although in the free version, the main purpose of which is to give the students idea about the course and what’s in it rather than teaching the course. So you need to upgrade your account to get full access. However, the course fee is not very high and you really get to learn a lot. URL:

  9. A great tutorial site specially for photographers, business people, designers, web developers and software developers. Each of these sections contain detailed topics. The site offers certificate after completing a course. has been working for past 20 years (now part of LinkedIn) and has some high profiled instructors which can be very beneficial for you. URL:

  10. Udemy: Udemy is a great site for the learners. Although almost all of the courses are paid, yet the price is very low and gives value for money. You will get a certificate of completion of course and get anytime access just in case you need to study the whole thing again. So you can choose any topic you are having problem with and solve it by purchasing the course. URL:

  11. Treehouse: This site offers learning, practicing, and tests. Instead of certificates you will earn badges which indicates your skills. The courses are on Java, HTML, PHP, WordPress and other programming related courses. Although all the plans they have offers free trial, after that you must purchase a plan to proceed that is to learn courses you need to subscribe to paid plans. URL:

  12. Code for geek: This is another fantastic website from where you can learn so much about programming. The tutorials are very effective and presented with details view so that you can understand each steps. Here you can learn a lot about nodes js, angular js, Mysql and many more. URL:

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