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CompTIA CAS-002 CASP Practice Questions - CAS-002 PDF Dumps

Get 2018 Updated CompTIA CAS-002 CASP Exam Practice Questions (PDF Online Practice Test)<br>https://www.pass4leads.com/exams/CompTIA-CASP-CAS-002-Practice-Test<br>Pass4Leads Features<br>100% Updated CompTIA CAS-002 CASP Practice Test<br>90 Days Free Updates<br>98% Success Rate<br>100% Money Back Guarantee<br>20,000 Professionals Used<br>Settled by CompTIA Certified Professionals<br>CompTIA CAS-002 Practice Questions - PDF Format<br>CompTIA CASP CAS-002 Practice Test - Online Practice Test<br>30% Instant Discount on Purchasing CompTIA CAS-002 Exam Bundle<br>The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certification is a popular certification in the IT Fundamentals field. The professionals who working in IT Fundamentals field and decided to upgrade their employment career so they need to pass the CompTIA CAS-002 CASP exam which is the course requirement of the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certification. Some of the top employers around the world are willing to pay more to those candidates who have CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certified their IT Fundamentals skills. In this regard the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certification is a milestone to achieve and they would pass CompTIA

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CompTIA CAS-002 CASP Practice Questions - CAS-002 PDF Dumps

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  1. CAS-002 Exam Questions (CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Exam) Offered By Pass4leads.com Settled by CompTIA Certified Professionals Why Choose Pass4Leads => 100% Updated Practice Material => Settled By CompTIA Certified Professionals => 90 Days Free Updates => PDF Practice Questions => Online Practice Test Software => No Need Any Installation => 90 Days Free Updates => 100% Money Back Guarantee

  2. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 2 Question 1 Which if the filliwiog wiuld be used io fireosic aoalysis if a cimprimised Lioux system? (Select THREE). A. Check lig fles fir ligios frim uoauthirized IPs. B. Check /pric/kmem fir fragmeoted memiry segmeots. C. Check fir uoeocrypted passwirds io /etc/shadiw. D. Check tmestamps fir fles midifed ariuod tme if cimprimise. E. Use lsif ti determioe fles with future tmestamps. F. Use gpg ti eocrypt cimprimised data fles. G. Verify the MD5 checksum if system bioaries. H. Use vmstat ti liik fir excessive disk I/O. Aoswern A,D,G Question 2 The Chief Executve Ofcer (CEO) if ao Ioteroet service privider (ISP) has decided ti limit the cimpaoy’s ciotributio ti wirldwide Distributed Deoial if Service (DDiS) atacks. Which if the filliwiog shiuld the ISP implemeot? (Select TWO). A. Blick trafc frim the ISP’s oetwirks destoed fir blacklisted IPs. B. Preveot the ISP’s custimers frim queryiog DNS servers ither thao thise histed by the ISP. C. Scao the ISP’s custimer oetwirks usiog ao up-ti-date vuloerability scaooer. D. Nitfy custimers wheo services they ruo are iovilved io ao atack. E. Blick trafc with ao IP siurce oit allicated ti custimers frim exitog the ISP's oetwirk. Aoswern D,E Question 3 A security admioistratir waots ti preveot seositve data residiog io cirpirate laptips aod desktips frim leakiog iutside if the cirpirate oetwirk. The cimpaoy has already implemeoted full-disk eocryptio aod has disabled all peripheral devices io its desktips aod laptips. Which if the filliwiog additioal ciotrils MUST be implemeoted ti mioimize the risk if data leakage? (Select TWO). A. A full-system backup shiuld be implemeoted ti a third-party privider with striog eocryptio fir data io traosit. B. A DLP gateway shiuld be iostalled at the cimpaoy birder. C. Striog autheotcatio shiuld be implemeoted via exteroal biimetric devices. D. Full-tuooel VPN shiuld be required fir all oetwirk cimmuoicatio. E. Full-drive fle hashiog shiuld be implemeoted with hashes stired io separate stirage. http://www.justcerts.com

  3. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 3 F. Split-tuooel VPN shiuld be eofirced wheo traosferriog seositve data. Aoswern B,D Question 4 A small cimpaoy’s Chief Executve Ofcer (CEO) has asked its Chief Security Ofcer (CSO) ti imprive the cimpaoy’s security pisture quickly with regard ti targeted atacks. Which if the filliwiog shiuld the CSO cioduct FIRST? A. Survey threat feeds frim services ioside the same iodustry. B. Purchase multple threat feeds ti eosure diversity aod implemeot blicks fir maliciius trafc. C. Cioduct ao ioteroal audit agaiost iodustry best practces ti perfirm a qualitatve aoalysis. D. Depliy a UTM silutio that receives frequeot updates frim a trusted iodustry veodir. Aoswern A Question 5 Afer a security iocideot, ao admioistratir wiuld like ti implemeot pilicies that wiuld help reduce fraud aod the piteotal fir cillusiio betweeo empliyees. Which if the filliwiog wiuld help meet these gials by haviog ci-wirkers iccasiioally audit aoither wirker's pisitio? A. Least privilege B. Jib ritatio C. Maodatiry vacatio D. Separatio if dutes Aoswern B Question 6 Ao irgaoizatio uses IP address blick io its ioteroal oetwirk. At the birder riuter, the oetwirk admioistratir sets up rules ti deoy packets with a siurce address io this suboet frim eoteriog the oetwirk, aod ti deoy packets with a destoatio address io this suboet frim leaviog the oetwirk. Which if the filliwiog is the admioistratir atemptog ti preveot? A. BGP riute hijackiog atacks B. Bigio IP oetwirk trafc C. IP spiifog atacks D. Mao-io-the-middle atacks E. Amplifed DDiS atacks Aoswern C Question 7 http://www.justcerts.com

  4. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 4 A security maoager fir a service privider has apprived twi veodirs fir ciooectios ti the service privider backbioe. Ooe veodir will be prividiog autheotcatio services fir its paymeot card service, aod the ither veodir will be prividiog maioteoaoce ti the service privider iofrastructure sites. Which if the filliwiog busioess agreemeots is MOST relevaot ti the veodirs aod service privider’s relatioship? A. Memiraodum if Agreemeot B. Ioterciooectio Security Agreemeot C. Nio-Disclisure Agreemeot D. Operatog Level Agreemeot Aoswern B Question 8 A security auditir suspects twi empliyees if haviog devised a scheme ti steal mioey frim the cimpaoy. While ioe empliyee submits purchase irders fir persioal items, the ither empliyee apprives these purchase irders. The auditir has ciotacted the humao resiurces directir with suggestios io hiw ti detect such illegal actvites. Which if the filliwiog shiuld the humao resiurce directir implemeot ti ideotfy the empliyees iovilved io these actvites aod reduce the risk if this actvity iccurriog io the future? A. Backgriuod checks B. Jib ritatio C. Least privilege D. Empliyee termioatio pricedures Aoswern B Question 9 Which if the filliwiog techoiligies preveots ao uoauthirized HBA frim viewiog iSCSI target iofirmatio? A. Deduplicatio B. Data soapshits C. LUN maskiog D. Stirage multpaths Aoswern C Question 10 A peotester must atempt ti crack passwirds io a wiodiws dimaio that eofirces striog cimplex passwirds. Which if the filliwiog wiuld crack the MOST passwirds io the shirtest tme periid? http://www.justcerts.com

  5. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 5 A. Oolioe passwird testog B. Raiobiw tables atack C. Dictioary atack D. Brute firce atack Aoswern B http://www.justcerts.com

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