there are two basic ways of building a website n.
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Custom Website Design Vs. Website Templates PowerPoint Presentation
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Custom Website Design Vs. Website Templates

Custom Website Design Vs. Website Templates

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Custom Website Design Vs. Website Templates

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  1. There are two basic ways of building a website : ✓ By using a Website Templates. ✓ By hiring Someone to create a Custom Website Design. There are pluses and minuses to each method, and it’s important to understand them so you can choose the option that’s going to best meet your business’s needs and budget. When it comes to creating an online presence for your business, we always prefer Custom Website Design rather than Website Templates .Most of the web design work we do is in WordPress and it is a common question , “What is the difference between a Website Templates and a Custom Website Design?” What Is Custom Website Design ? A Custom-Website-Design is developed from scratch as per design font of view — the information architecture or navigational structure, graphics, functions, and all designed based on your unique specifications. What Is Website Templates? A Website Templates is a website whose layout and coding is already done. it will provide you some different layout, you have to customize your website content using those layout. How do I know if a Custom Website Design is right for me? ✓ Strict expectations for brand Value. ✓ Goal is a truly unique experience.

  2. ✓ Willing to pay for attention and support ✓ Require a good deal of customization. ✓ Ready to spend the extra time to get it right. ✓You don’t want to deal with templates or the restrictions they impose ✓ You want your own the website and move it or manipulate it in the future When should i use Website Templates ? ✓ A limited budget. ✓ You want to move quickly. ✓ Willing to give up some flexibility. ✓You understand there may be limitations as you grow and that doesn’t bother you. ✓ You have an in house designer ✓ Customization is not a big focus Therefore Custom Website Design is not for everyone. As a result even though the founder was interested in working with us, our custom approach did not match up with his size or budget. So, before you want process make sure about your choice. View Our Custom Website Design Portfolio .