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Microsoft Passport passport PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft Passport passport

Microsoft Passport passport

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Microsoft Passport passport

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  1. Microsoft Waldemar Swiercz

  2. Microsoft Passport • OnLine service that allows secure access to participating Web sites or services • Uses your e-mail address as sign name • Uses one password to all Web sites • Allows to make faster, more secure online purchases

  3. Microsoft Passport • The information you register with Passport is stored securely in the database • When you sign in to any participating Web sites you use your Passport: login and password • During the Internet session you can sign in to the other Web sites by clicking

  4. Participating Web Sites

  5. Sharing Information • Microsoft does not share the personal information in your Passport profile with other companies without your consent. • If you have a Passport wallet, your wallet information is never shared with participating sites at sign in.

  6. Sharing Information • You can choose how much information you want to share with participating Web sites • Sharing lets the sites speed your registration and offer you personalized services

  7. Passport Wallet • You store your credit cards information and your shipping and billing addresses in a secure on line location • Only you have the access to this information • You can store multiple cards and addresses in your wallet

  8. Passport Wallet

  9. Passport Wallet • When you are ready to make a purchase on participating Web site click • You can choose which credit card to use in this purchase • Passport shares only piece of wallet information with the merchant

  10. Passport Security • Never reveals your password to participating sites • Uses industry-standard security technologies to encrypt information transmitted over the Internet • Few minutes to use wallet, then you have to retype your password • After several unsuccessful attempts to sign-in Passport temporarily blocks an access

  11. Passport Security • Passport uses “cookies” to enable your access to other Web sites • All Passport’s cookies are encrypted • When you sign-out all cookies are deleted from your computer

  12. Kids Passport • Allows children to have their own Passports • Parents supervise Kids Passport • When child makes request, parent reviews it and can grant or deny consent • Kids Passport is not a Web filter

  13. Passport for Businesses • Microsoft Passport is a suite of e-business services that make using the Web and making online purchases easier, faster, and more secure. • Your business can implement one or all Passport services on your site

  14. Passport for Businesses • Single sign-in (SSI) service lets users create one name and password to access all Web sites participating in the Passport service • Express purchase (EP) service lets users make fast, secure online purchases using information they have pre-stored in their Passport. • Kids Passport, an optional feature of the SSI service.Kids Passport helps to comply with the requirements of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

  15. Benefits for Business • Lower costs by outsourcing the authentication process. • You can focus on expanding your business instead of worrying about redesigning your database or authentication system. • Increase traffic by simplifying sign-in and registration. • More than 130 million Passport accounts and over 220 participating companies

  16. Benefits for Business • Passport express purchase provides easy checkout on your site • Passport single sign-in service lets you identify users and target ads to them personally • Passport express purchase uses powerful encryption technology, establishing secure data storage systems by a strict privacy policy

  17. Fees • Passport intends to charge a nominal annual license fee to service operators. • Microsoft is currently waiving fees

  18. Implementation • Registration - complete registration form and provide information about your company and authorized contacts. • Download the documentation and software for the Passport services you want to implement from Developer Info area. • Development and implementation - refer to the Microsoft Passport Communications Guidelines to help ensure your site's compliance with Passport communications standards. • Final checklist - complete and submit a short checklist to make sure that everything is in order.

  19. Implementation

  20. Implementation • Sites that offer the Passport service must display their own privacy statements and are bound by rules that require them to disclose how they use Passport information

  21. Passport SSI Architecture • A secure central database that contains users' authentication credentials • The registration and sign-in/sign-out pages, which Passport participating sites can cobrand.

  22. Passport SSI Data Flow

  23. Passport and Mobile Devices • Allowing users to use their mobile phone numbers and numeric PINs to sign in. • Automatically keeping users signed in across browser sessions. • Current Passport users can avoid typing “” or “” to sign in

  24. Software Requirements • Web server capable of handling HTTP GET and POST requests • Support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) • Microsoft® Windows NT® Server version 4.0 with Service Pack 4.0 or later or Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server • Microsoft® Internet Information Server (IIS) version 4.0 or later • Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 4.01 with Service Pack 2 or Internet Explorer 5.01 or later