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In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) | Jindal IVF Chandigarh

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In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) | Jindal IVF Chandigarh

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  1. IVF • Meaning • Every 15 day batch • 1st visit to discuss plan • 2nd visit to see all reports • 3rd visit for special test of IVF Trial ET- No need of fasting (Rs. 1000) -Partially full bladder - Cost of procedure is separate from IVF package -in case of cyst aspisation call four hrs fasting

  2. IUI – SUSG 800/-IUI 1000 or 2000 day • Meaning • How • When • Need of Husband • Result • Check the card before patient leaves the hospital next visit • D1 – EB (Rs. 2650/-) • D2-Baseline ,cycle planning

  3. Contd... • Trial swim-up , SST (Rs.600) • C/S = Rs.150 • Husband is required to give sample • Time - to be given before 2 pm • Not more than 3-4 trials in a day • Booking – 10,000/- • File making + consent

  4. IV visit for Down regulation • Started before onset of menses. • 1. Daily D/R for 10 days before stimulation – S/C, (Rs. 500 -1000) • 2. Depot – 20 days before stimulation IM. (Rs. 3500- 8000)

  5. 5th visit- stimulation started • USG done before stimulation • 3-4 injections IM/SC , given daily • Rs.3000-5200 per day for 10-12 days. • Inj D/R to be continued . • Rs.40000 for IVF to be deposited. • Now onwards patient is supposed to came every 3rd or 4th day (total 2-3 visit) • Pt can take injection at home or can keep their injections in fridge at hospital. • Preferably at same time [day time]. • Husband is required to came to give cryo sample (Rs. 1000)

  6. Ovum Pick-up Up • Injection HCG given 34 hour before OPU (in night) Special care in case of donor (not to recipient ) • Husband also has to came to give sample. • Fasting next night. • No jewellary, no perfume, no nail polish • come hospital at 7.00 am on day of OPU • Procedure under GA • Half day hospital stay till 3 pm • Quality of egg- Dr Jindal, Mrs. Manisha • Pt orally allowed after 4 hour • Injection strone 5o mg (Rs. 45) 100mg (Rs70) from day of OPU for 16 days

  7. EmbryoTransfer • Call between 9AM-11AM • No need of fasting • Partially full bladder • No perfume • Full day stay • Continue injection Strone and pregnyl • Embryo freezing ( Rs. 15000) if needed

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